Henan 1065 villages included in the national focus on poverty alleviation of rural tourism village – Henan Channel – people.com.cn reporter Wei Guojian "in 2015, the per capita net income of farmers in our east village is 18 thousand and 500 yuan, higher than the county average of 30% above." Yesterday (October 13th) morning, held in Zhengzhou to promote the province’s rural tourism and tourism poverty alleviation work conference, from the national 5A level scenic spots Laojieling at the foot of the Xixia County Taiping Town Ping village Party branch secretary Lv Zhenhua, on rural tourism and tourism with deep feeling, now the village of Anhui Villa farmhouse ornament, unique flavor, people walk in the painting, painting in the mind to stay, to the village to eat rice farmers, live in farm house, farm activities, see the farm scene of tourists in a continuous line, was named "Chinese rural tourism model village". Songxian county Party Secretary Xu Xin, Lushi County Deputy Secretary Qiao Jianhou, Linzhou mayor Wang Baoyu and other representatives said in his speech, often in poor areas is rich in tourism resources area, tourism industry is one of the most direct and effective way to get rid of poverty, is the "beautiful scenery" into "the best way to jinshanyinshan. Attended the meeting, vice governor Zhang Guangzhi said, rural tourism has become the highlight of the development of tourism industry in Henan Province, tourism in Henan province has become the backbone force for poverty alleviation and. He suggested that the development of rural tourism and poverty alleviation, the countryside should be simple customs into standardization of tourism management services, allowing visitors to experience the local customs and practices to the local and evocative nostalgia. Attend the meeting of the provincial tourism bureau director Kou Wujiang believes that the development of tourism is not only beneficial to the protection of "beautiful scenery", but also from a certain extent, promote the restoration of ecological environment and promotion. In addition, tourism poverty alleviation is a kind of equal and dignified way out of poverty. In the development of the tourism industry, the poor people gradually get rid of poverty, but also enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance. Kou Wujiang introduction, rural tourism has become the main position of tourism, tourism has become a new force of poverty alleviation and development. 2015, the national rural tourism more than 2 billion tourists, tourism revenue of $440 billion, driven by more than 70 million farmers benefit. According to the National Tourism Administration, the national development and Reform Commission and other 12 departments recently jointly issued the "rural tourism poverty alleviation project action plan", "13th Five-Year" period, through the implementation of poverty alleviation of rural tourism projects, the national 10 thousand key poverty alleviation of rural tourism village tourism revenue reached 1 million yuan, annual per capita income of tourism poverty population reached more than 10 thousand yuan. Among them, 1065 villages in Henan province was included in the national list of key rural tourism poverty alleviation. The proposed scheme, the relevant departments in the formulation of policy, planning, allocation of funds, project arrangement, should be tilted to the 1065 participatory poverty village, the formation of tourism poverty alleviation and development together. The issue of rural tourism and tourism to promote the work of the conference on "Henan Province Tourism poverty alleviation five year action plan (2016~2020)" (Draft), according to the 4 million 600 thousand poverty-stricken population is mainly distributed in the Dabie Mountain, Taihang Mountain and the Yellow River district (hereinafter referred to as "three Shan Beach")).相关的主题文章: