Heilongjiang water pollution prevention and control work of the next five years to determine the target   good water reducing water and social stability — Heilongjiang channel — people.com.cn original title: good water and poor water stability on 29 of the provincial government held a provincial water pollution prevention action plan to promote the implementation of television and telephone conference, summed up the implementation of "stage in Heilongjiang province pollution prevention and control work plan", put forward to the central second Environmental Protection Inspectorate of water pollution in our province to make arrangements for rectification of the problem. Vice governor Wang Aiwen attended the meeting and delivered a speech. It is understood that the "12th Five-Year" since, our province river I – III water quality is relatively "11th Five-Year" period increased by 17.8 percentage points, to reduce the proportion of inferior grade V 6.3 percentage points; the Songhua River water quality by "light pollution" to "good", most of the aquatic water River population increasing, water environmental protection the benefit of the people. In the aspect of environmental infrastructure construction, built 133 sewage treatment plants, treatment capacity of 4 million 330 thousand tons of new, city sewage treatment rate reached 84.4%, 27.7 percentage points higher than the "11th Five-Year" at the end, above the county city sewage treatment facilities to achieve full coverage, in pollution reduction play a major role. However, water pollution prevention situation is still very grim. One is the main responsibility for the implementation of water pollution prevention and control is not in place, facing the difficulties of water pollution prevention and control, research is not much, not enough, lack of supervision. Two water quality is still greater pressure to improve the quality of the province’s total water quality of the 4 major rivers are still mild pollution, water quality improvement of individual tributaries greater pressure. Three is the degradation of water ecological environment can not be ignored. The meeting on the province to implement the water ten comprehensively promote water pollution prevention and control work, to improve the quality of the water environment as the core, to promote the implementation of key tasks. In the next five years, water pollution prevention and control work, can be summarized as "good water, poor water, maintaining stability and reduction". Good water, good water quality of water: the proportion increased from 50% in 2014 to more than 59.7%; reducing the difference of water, basically eliminate inferior class V water is the province, municipal city built black smelly water area reduced to less than 10%; to maintain stability, which is stable in drinking water and groundwater quality that the city (compared with the base year of 2014). Meeting requirements, the main leaders at all levels of government is to implement the first person responsible for improving the quality of water environment, the implementation of ineffective work, hard indicators fail or cause serious consequences, will be held liable for the relevant responsible person. All localities must fully implement the party with responsibility, a pair of environmental protection, more research, to the environmental protection work deployment, timely coordinate and solve problems. Water pollution prevention and control work involving a total of 46 central and provincial units, in terms of organization, policy, security and other elements, to cooperate closely together; to strengthen supervision. The provincial government has signed letters of responsibility for water pollution control targets and municipalities, and every year around the strict examination, examination pass, will interview the relevant government and relevant departments responsible person, shall be held accountable for the relevant units and personnel duty, implementation of construction projects to the relevant regions and enterprises of the EIA approved limit. At the same time, the provincial government will be through government supervision and environmental protection supervision)相关的主题文章: