He is the "dragon" cast a sequel of Sino US co production released in 2018 – Sohu entertainment "he was the Dragon 2" concept map "he is hand-painted dragon 2" concept map "is the dragon he painted 2" hand-painted concept map [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news the day before, he is the "dragon" Russia party signed a contract with Confucianism Italian film, "he is a dragon in the sequel will be 2", the movie is expected to meet with the audience during the summer of 2018. Film side is also the first exposure of a group of "he is the Dragon 2" hand drawn concept map. Russian Fantasy love movie he is "dragon" in the domestic release after the capture of thousands of young girls, not only the mouth overflowing, is made of 60 million at the box office. In the introduction of Russian film box office ranked second, second only to the 2014 Stalingrad. Team building, walk up to! He is the "dragon" by the Russian supermodel. Lakoff – Maria Potts, Eve starring actor. Lakoff – called "walking hormones". Has endorsed Cerruti, Gucci, Dior, Thom Browne and other international brands. In the sequel to "2" he is a dragon, he will continue to play a long Arman, it seems still yen value is one of the highlights of this sequel! In addition to the main guards yen worth expecting one, beautiful fantasy movie screen is also essential. To create this movie behind the Russian marysue expert, I must mention that Bazelevs Productions’s boss Timur Bekmambetov. Russian domestic movie box office TOP10 list, there are 4 works by their participation in the production or directing. Timur is also one of a Hollywood movie shooting style of the Russian director, he directed the works of "warrant", "vampire hunter Lincoln", "Binnn" etc.. The only 38 year old director Indar Dzhendubaev, who had served as the "Christmas tree", "vampire hunter Lincoln", "virtual objects" and other films of the art guide, can be seen in its art foundation is very deep. "He is the Dragon 2", the director will continue the fantasy film style. Chinese dragon VS Russian dragon, China elements added cited expectations as the Sino Russian cooperation film, "he is the Dragon 2" in addition to a continuation of the picture and high value of Yan exquisite beyond compare starring lineup, will also join the China elements. The viewfinder extension area to Chinese, there will be added to the Chinese actor starring lineup to. At present, the sequel is still in the preparatory stage, the cast has not been confirmed, which also makes people look forward to what the Chinese actor will appear in the new sequel story. When it comes to the entry of Chinese elements, people have to think of the image of "dragon" advocated by ancient Chinese legends and the traditional Chinese culture represented by this. There is the traditional China Russian films elements in the "collision Chinese dragon" and "dragon Russia" will wipe out what kind of spark, it is probably only in the summer of 2018 to the audience announced. Test, temptation, betrayal, who love "is the Dragon 2" he decide on what path to follow.相关的主题文章: