Hangzhou Saturday weekend in the tourist season scenic urban traffic control over 17:02 yesterday, WeChat users HZJJWX made a circle of friends: Hangzhou is the most beautiful season, released traffic organization measures. Times reporter Zheng Weiying correspondent Xie Xiaoying: Hangzhou will usher in the Kim fragrance autumn tourism season, Hangzhou police issued the relevant measures of the traffic organization scheme. September 24th (Saturday) to November 27th (Sunday) during the weekend, the daily 8:30 to 17, North Road, Nanshan Road, Lake Road, yanggongdi ban high emission vehicles; during the autumn tourism season weekend, West Lake scenic area road to implement small motor car danshuanghao the limit line measures. The weekend day 8:30 to 21, Nanshan Road (jade mountain mouth to yanggongdi junction) of the motor vehicle from the east to the west, the tiger run away (Yang Gongdi one-way traffic intersection to nine Yao mountain tunnel section) of the motor vehicle from north to South one-way traffic; mountain tunnel, Lotus Peak Road for nine Yao from west to East Motor one-way traffic. The weekend day at 8:30 am to 18 PM, three mountain (tiger run away to Longjing to implement the motor vehicle road) north to South one-way traffic; Mei Ling Road (Ji Qingshan tunnel to Longjing junction) the implementation of West to East one-way traffic; Yan Guan Xiang ban vehicles from east to West (except the bus pass and along the unit vehicle). During the weekend, Lingyin Road, Beishan Street East to Xidan to pass the implementation measures (white Lingyin branch to le Qiao Lingxi Road West to east section) the implementation of one-way traffic measures; Lingxi tunnel (Lingyin branch intersection to Xixi junction) of the motor vehicle from the south to the north of one-way traffic, prohibit motor vehicles (except buses, bus, taxi outside traffic from north to South). In addition, visitors can also choose the wansongling parking lot to tiger jade road public transportation line. The urban area, traffic police will depend on the situation in the weekend during the daily 14 PM to 22 PM, 18 PM to 22 pm on weekdays, and take control measures on roads around the lake district. No motor vehicles Qingchun Road, Yanan Road, Jiefang Road, Lake Road in the encircled area (excluding the border road). The residents, the unit of motor vehicles under the premise of ensuring safety is allowed to pass, but not the sea level in the east slope of the road, traveling within the encircled area. In addition, sea level crossing, Sha River Junction condition to prohibit motor vehicles passage; Yanan Road (Qingchun Road to Liberation Road) as appropriate, prohibit motorized vehicles. Depending on the situation of labor Road (Gaoyin street to West Lake Avenue South to North Section) the implementation of one-way traffic measures; depending on the situation of Qing Tai Jie (Jianguo Road to overpass Qingtai mouth section) east to Xidan to take measures to pass, passing vehicles detour overpass Qingtai widening bridge from Jinya Zhuang conditionbased turntable; the measures taken in Wenhui Road, East Road, prohibit motor vehicles from north to south from the East Road in Zhongshan North Road. When a traffic jam occurs on an elevated road, the situation will be closed on the upper ramp. In addition, the traffic organization measures taken, some areas still occur when the vehicle block, the traffic management department of the public security organs will be taken as other traffic organization measures.相关的主题文章: