Hangzhou is a suite of 2 months up to 40 of people buy the wrong room earn less 1 million 500 thousand (Figure) Hangzhou is a suite of 2 months up to 40 of people buy the wrong room earn less 1 million 500 thousand good friends, whether it is education, and began to talk to gossip or delicacy, finally, almost all will become Miami in the world to discuss problems in the house…… There is a white-collar workers in Hangzhou, two months of a house rose 400 thousand; someone, but because there is no house to buy Olympic plates, regrets, a missed 1 million 500 thousand…… Just bought a house of anxiety: why my house rose faster than others? There are more than two houses in the hands of people are anxious: how to optimize the assets of several houses on hand? Hangzhou in September 19th after the resumption of the purchase, but also suitable for investment in the property market? Without getting more confused: missed before the market, this market also should buy? We interviewed several representative. The heart is the house owner unwilling I bought a big house but not more livable up early and bought not far from the city center, now there is also very convenient and spacious, looking at this year’s market is also good, so the sales experience, the landlord let the feelings of pleasure? Unexpectedly, the program two years ago, has all sorts of taste on the heart, her exaggeration to say: "sometimes can not wait for the knife, to punish yourself not step on time to buy, not to choose real estate." The first half of 2014, a small marine child, originally living in Shangcheng District of Longhua Xiang district that set of 60 square meters of the house suddenly seemed cramped up, the decision to quickly change a big house in any case. The couple to examine the target delineation in the east of the city area. According to the actual situation of the family, identified several requirements to buy a house after they began non-stop showings. During the recommendation of a friend in the Olympic plates lemon waterside spring, when the opening price at around 18 thousand yuan per square meter, taking into account the house is the forward delivery housing to two years after delivery, and then the couple did not buy, finally gave up. Finally, they saw a real estate east of a second-hand housing: more than and 150 square meters, 4 rooms made quite spacious; the area surrounding rich educational resources; and the landlord is a senior intellectuals, refined decoration style. 2014, May and June, the Hangzhou property market is still in the history of the most stringent restriction of the loan period. After several years of price Yindie at the lowest point, but at that time the house transaction tax cost is very high, a real estate East this 3 million 200 thousand yuan of the house, because it is a non ordinary housing more than 140 square meters, according to the policy, business tax, deed tax, etc. add up to pay about 200000 yuan. Mortgage policy is counted as two suites, down payment of up to 7, loan interest rates go up by 20%. Unexpectedly, after July 2014, Hangzhou has gradually relaxed the restriction of credit policy. If the turnover of the house a few months later you can apply for the loan fund. This is a lot of difference in the course of contacts, interest. But the sea, the most regret is not wrong when buying a house.相关的主题文章: