Hangzhou 77 year old deaf cobbler good low price 30 years smile to people around the "dumb" grandfather chapter renhuan correspondent for a few days before, Zhang Lu Shan Street in Hangzhou District of Fuyang City, the shoes are worn out, standing in the street is very anxious, he has not own shoes, but usually the repairman here the old chapter disappeared. Why is the old chapter so popular? The old chapter, Jeonna Akihito Huan, 77 years old, deaf, he in the street shoe has been for 30 years, he is very familiar to everyone and love, if a few days did not see him on the street, people could not help but miss. Reporter correspondent Xu Shisong Yu Liying reporter Lu Lixiang he had a few days not Chutan, residents like lack of what Mr. Zhang in the old chapter where the shoe has been 13 years, he said, in his impression, chapter renhuan morning usually riding a tricycle to the streets of the town put stall shoe repair, pack up and go home at the end of the day, a few years continuously. "The first half of this year, didn’t see the old chapter, thought what happened to him, then he was to help others mend shoes, no more thought, and not a few days ago I saw him just a pair of shoes to fill, so began to worry." In Zhang et al inquiries, Lushan Street staff went to the old chapter house. Old Zhang Jiang Village, more than 500 meters away from the street office. Go to the corner, the old chapter appeared in front of everyone. See the old chapter, you can rest assured, still wondering why he "disappeared" for a few days, Zhang Ren Huan to the sky by hand gestures, mean the rain did not go now, the sun came out, he has the tools ready, ready to go. He trimmed the toolbox on the tricycle, tied up with string. Then, he took a bottle of cola, tap to pick up the water, ready to use the knife. Good price, welcome to the "dumb" grandpa in front of deer Hill Street Community Health Service Center, the old chapter in a parked car, put the tools away, come up with a pair of glasses, knee cap bib. The old chapter first picked up a female customer high heels, bottom nail file lines, use the pliers to pull out, then a new one up, and put around the sharp place down to 5 minutes, a pair of shoes will be repaired. Next to an old man from Guizhou looked at Zhang Huan shoes, can not help but admire his craft. "My daughter-in-law here had several shoes, think the technology is good, the price is cheap, it is not blowing." The old man said, strangers to mend shoes, the old chapter will put out a finger, represents a piece of money, if the customer give, he will catch up, hand gestures to find the money to others. "Old Zhang is very dedicated, spend more effort to help customers to fix the shoes, the locals call him ‘dumb’, this is not discrimination, but really very kind of call." In an interview with reporters, is very familiar with the old chapter, and very cordial, "dumb grandpa not far away in our unit door, as long as the weather is good every day to see it, the day before yesterday to mend shoes, a pair of shoes to fill the other 10 pieces, he received only 3 dollars, it is the price of conscience." A"相关的主题文章: