Hainan designated ecological protection red   land ecological protection area of 11 thousand and 500 square kilometers, people.com.cn environmental protection — the original title: Hainan delineation of ecological protection red land ecological protection area of 11 thousand and 500 square kilometers of the Hainan provincial government recently issued a "notice" on the delineation of ecological protection of Hainan Province red line, designated ecological protection red land total area of 11535 square kilometers, accounting for land area of 33.5%, coastal waters designated ecological protection red a total area of 8316.6 square kilometers, accounting for 35.1% of the total area in the coastal waters of Hainan Island. Notice clearly, in addition to legally approved by the national and provincial major infrastructure, major livelihood projects, ecological protection and restoration projects and construction of rural residents, agricultural (Forestry) field Department (team) and residents working and living facilities renovation in two cases without expanding the scale under the premise of external use class I, red ecological protection areas prohibit the construction of various types of development activities. In the area of ecological protection, the development of industrial and mineral resources, commercial housing construction, large-scale farming and other ecological and environmental pollution. If it is necessary to carry out development and construction activities within the class II red line area, it shall conform to the overall planning of the province and the city and county. Previously, the Xinhua News Agency reporters along the coast of Hainan Island for the closed-loop research, will destroy coastal chaos and the importance of the cause of social concern and reflect the relevant departments, the Hainan provincial government subsequently issued "on the province’s coastal protection and development problems remediation to" look back "supervision work notice" and sent 6 coastal protection with the development of the special inspection group again "look back" Inspector, seriously investigate the responsibility of the responsible person, the establishment of a long-term mechanism to promote the protection and development of coastal zone management. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: