Haikou residents pay 4 fillings to write 7 family members questioned the standard fee had 4 teeth filled contributions showing 7 What are the families questioned: exceed the standard fee for the convenience of the doctor refused to pay the response: to write 7 Zhang show payment of medical single. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Hongxu photo Southern Metropolis Daily News September 15th (reporter Wang Hongxu) the morning of September 9th, the public Zhang Haikou with 66 year old mother to the Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital (Xiuying District) Department of Stomatology doctor, check after the old man had 4 teeth filled, the treatment fee on the application. But the number of display 7. To this end, Mr. Zhang questioned the hospital over standard fees, and refused to pay medical expenses. Zhang said, 9 at 8 in the morning, he and his mother arrived at the Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, do a medical card to hang the Department of Stomatology, deputy director of the physician, Dr. Chen’s number, on the clinic building, waiting for a visit to the 3 floor. At that time there was a small episode, Dr. Chen is just not, after a while came a female doctor, after sitting on the seat of the doctor’s eyes to see the doctor, give the old man to see the teeth, while also giving treatment advice. But I listen to the people around said that Chen has not come, I asked the woman to know that she is not a doctor, but Doctor Chen assistant." Zhang said that the number of doctors who hang on which to find a doctor, then suspended inspection. Then the doctor said that the old man Chen, need to fill 3 teeth, 1 teeth pulled out. At that time, Mr. Zhang proposed to do one-time extraction and filling, but the doctor said no, not technically not to, but not so much time, other patients are waiting. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang decided to give the elderly fillings, later extraction. In the filling process, the doctor found a tooth is empty, so a total of 4 teeth repair." Mr. Zhang said, before filling, Doctor Chen say every tooth was 200 yuan, a total pay 800 yuan; but the bill to pay when he saw the treatment on the application form, application content for front teeth cosmetic repair, number 7. "Originally had 4 teeth filled, why pay treatment but is showing 7?" Mr. Zhang feel strange, so he refused to pay the medical expenses, when Doctor Chen said dental medical service price for many years has not changed, a tooth repair service price standard is low, the price department also did not approve the new price, need to write 7 teeth in order to reach the level of charges 800 yuan. For Dr. Chen’s explanation, Mr. Zhang is even more puzzled, questioned its price department does not require fees, charges and charges are not standardized, then the provincial government hotline 12345 complaints. In this regard, Dr. Chen responded, if in accordance with the repair of anterior teeth of each specific charge, can also be a list of charges, is almost the same, at that time, Mr. Zhang told the agreed, in order to facilitate to write 7. "In accordance with the details of each of the charges, but also to achieve the charges. This charge does have a place in question, you go to reflect, I also hope to get (Department) very clear statement to tell me how, I don’t want to each patient to explain the charges, I am also very depressed." Dr. Chen said, because there is no very detailed to.相关的主题文章: