Guizhou Zhenyuan County Changsha guest enjoy Millennium ancient Miao style will promote the wonderful theatrical performances. Landscape data map. Zhenyuan County landscape map. Zhenyuan County for the beautiful snow, and the folk songs, with Miao girl in the hands of the wine bar, a pleasing ethnic customs. In the afternoon of September 22nd, Zhenyuan, Guizhou, Changsha province tourism promotion, invited Changsha citizens to appreciate the charm of the ancient city of the millennium. The seminar on "Miao and Dong villages feeling · beauty of Qiandongnan — in the heart where · free Zhenyuan" as the theme. The promotion site overlooking the Yu Miao style: the door put up a wine bar, dressed in beautiful costumes of the Miao girls singing "toast song", which makes the arrival of the guests to open the self timer mode is unable to restrain the emotions. The ancient city of Zhenyuan lies in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and southeast of Guizhou. It has a long history of more than 2200 years. The ancient streets and alleys Qujingtongyou, stone walls well-proportioned, water mist posture 11000, spring fishing poetry, there are magnificent exotic, the famous national key cultural relics protection units Qinglong hole of ancient buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient houses, ancient roadway, ancient pier, ancient city wall is more than 160, with high ornamental value and scientific research value. Zhenyuan county is the main city of Zhenyuan, Yang River, Qinglong hole cliff paste type of ancient buildings, the peaceful village site, the ancient city wall of Zhenyuan, Iron River area, high river and national intangible cultural heritage dragon boat race, the newspaper Beijing "March three" and other well-known tourist products. Meeting revealed that Zhenyuan county is currently around the town of the ancient city and the ancient city of scenic spots, and joint Tongren Fanjing mountains, Qiandongnan Xijiang Miao village, the world natural heritage – Shibing Yuntai Mountain and other scenic spots, covering the city launched leisure tours, cruise tours, large-scale live performance, natural sightseeing, canyon rafting swim, farmhouse, Miao and Dong villages experience four boutique tourist routes travel and tourism projects. In the ancient town of leisure city is the core of the four boutique tourist routes 2 day tour "(the ancient city of ancient houses, ancient roadway) + Qinglong Cave Scenic Spot (national treasure with cliff ancient buildings (Zhenyuan) + ancient epic (performance) city water upstream of the night by the ancient city of night + Yang River Scenic Area (National) natural scenic area) + iron Creek National Rural Tourism Demonstration Area in the town of the ancient city as the core, the natural scenery and the rafting experience 3 day tour supplement (summer) of ancient Zhenyuan (ancient dwellings, ancient roadway) + Qinglong Cave Scenic Spot (national treasure cliff paste of ancient buildings in Zhenyuan (+) ancient epic performance) the ancient water upstream (boat ride in the ancient city of night) + Yang River Scenic Area (National Natural Scenic Area) + iron Creek scenery + high river rafting (fantasy rafting experience and beautiful natural scenery) With other regional attractions combination products: 3 style tour the ancient city of the ancient town (+ epic performance) the ancient water upstream (boat ride in the ancient city of night) + Yang River Scenic Area (National Natural Scenic Area) + in Xijiang Miao village in the East "Shuiyun" boutique tour the ancient city of the ancient 4 + (large the ancient water on the epic performances))

贵州镇远县来长沙邀客 领略千年古城的苗家风情  推介会现场精彩的文艺表演。  风景资料图。镇远县供图  风景资料图。镇远县供图  靓丽的银装,嘹亮的山歌,配上苗家姑娘手中的拦门酒,一阵赏心悦目的民族风情。9月22日下午,贵州省镇远县在长沙进行旅游推介,邀请长沙的市民前往领略这座千年古城的魅力。  本次推介会以“苗乡侗寨情·大美黔东南——心居何处·自在镇远”为主题。推介会现场苗族风情尽览无余:门口摆起拦门酒,身着苗族漂亮服饰的姑娘们唱着《敬酒歌》,这让到来的嘉宾们情不自禁的开启自拍模式。  镇远古城位于长江水系上游和贵州东南部,拥有2200多年悠久的历史。城内古街古巷曲径通幽,石桥城垣错落有致,碧水晨雾姿态万千,春江渔火诗意盎然,有雄伟奇特、蜚声中外的国家级重点文物保护单位青龙洞古建筑群和明清古民居、古巷道、古码头、古城垣等160余处,观赏价值与科考价值俱高。  镇远县境内目前主要有镇远古城、 阳河、青龙洞贴崖式古建筑群、“和平村”旧址、镇远古城墙、铁溪景区、高过河以及国家级非物质文化遗产赛龙舟、报京“三月三”等知名旅游产品。  推介会上透露,镇远县目前正围绕镇远古城及古城周边景区景点,并联合铜仁梵净山、黔东南州西江千户苗寨、世界自然遗产地——施秉云台山等景区景点,推出了涵盖古城休闲游、游船观光游、大型实景演出、自然观光游、峡谷漂流、苗乡侗寨游、农家乐体验游等旅游项目的四条精品旅游线路。  附:四条精品旅游线路  以镇远古城为核心的休闲2日  游镇远古城(古民居、古巷道)+青龙洞景区(国宝级贴崖古建筑群)+古韵镇远(大型史诗演出) 古城水上游(乘船夜游古城夜景)+ 阳河景区(国家级自然风景名胜区)+铁溪全国农家乐旅游示范区  以镇远古城为核心,自然风光和漂流体验为辅的3日游(夏季)  镇远古城(古民居、古巷道)+青龙洞景区(国宝级贴崖古建筑群)+古韵镇远(大型史诗演出) 古城水上游(乘船夜游古城夜景)+ 阳河景区(国家级自然风景名胜区)+铁溪自然风光+高过河漂流(奇幻的漂流体验和绝美的自然风光)  与其他区域景点组合产品:黔东南风情3日游  镇远古城+古韵镇远(大型史诗演出) 古城水上游(乘船夜游古城夜景)+ 阳河景区(国家级自然风景名胜区)+西江千户苗寨  贵州东线“水云间”特色精品4日游  镇远古城+古韵镇远(大型史诗演出) 古城水上游(乘船夜游古城夜景)+ 阳河景区(国家级自然风景名胜区)+施秉云台山(世界自然遗产地)+西江千户苗寨+梵净山景区(戴科)相关的主题文章: