Guizhou Qianxi Prefecture Zhenfeng Rongsheng gas explosion in a coal mine killed 7 people – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, according to the work safety administration website news, Guizhou province Safety Supervision Bureau, Guizhou coal Supervision Bureau report: October 13th 13 PM, Guizhou Qianxi Prefecture Zhenfeng County Wan Lan Xiang Rong Sheng coal mine gas explosion occurred. Preliminary verification, well into the 18 people on duty, the accident caused 7 deaths, 11 people Masui (2 of them seriously, no danger). After receiving the accident report, the National Security Supervision Bureau attaches great importance to the general Party Secretary Yang Huanning, Party members, deputy director and director of the Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau of Comrade Huang Yuzhi to immediately deploy, one is required to Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau and the relevant departments of Guizhou province Safety Supervision Bureau, Guizhou coal Supervision Bureau in the unified leadership of the local government, do a good job of handling the wounded treatment of accident. Two is to further verify the relevant circumstances of the accident, identify the cause of the accident, according to the law severely punished. The three is the warning information to the requirements of the country, deep draw lessons from the accident, to strengthen the management of coal mine safety, strict implementation of security measures to prevent such accidents. Accident investigation and rehabilitation work has been carried out in an orderly manner. State Administration of the State Council earnestly implement the important instructions of the State Council leaders, guiding local efforts to do a good job in the aftermath of the accident investigation.相关的主题文章: