Guangxi: military training instructors are reluctant to do push ups punctured eardrum kicks in Yulin City testis recently, first occupation school, part-time instructors Liang for education to do pushups student A Xian, actually he kicks the left testis, penetrated his eardrum. Relatives: that their children will have sequela "this instructor start too hard, I will give my son’s sequelae." November 8th morning, Yulin First People’s Hospital inpatient, student A Xian (a pseudonym) lying on the bed for treatment. His mother, Ms. Gan sat on the bed, looked at his son’s cheek, eyes moist, "the son is naughty, but how can the other side to fight the dead?" ^ o have been injured after being treated in hospital. Chen said his father, a 16 year old Yin, just entered the first vocational school in Yulin. The morning of November 3rd, when the new military training, because the action is not standardized, the instructor was beaten, resulting in the child’s left testicular rupture and eardrum perforation. He and his wife received the notice of the school, immediately put down the work, from Guangdong overnight back. Injured: instructors on the hospital issued a statement on the condition of the book shows, a good left testicular rupture, scrotal congestion, left eardrum perforation. "The disease to spend a few million to cure, there is no sequela, at present do not dare to say." O the doctor said, the external force is likely to cause testicular and eardrum injury. The patient’s injury is not caused by instructors beaten only forensic can prove. Now ah Xian testis have been patched and fixed to the eardrum, after two days to repair. O why to do push ups, so that by the instructors beating, here is the truth. Last year, a friend with a friend riding an electric car, on the road there was a car accident, resulting in his leg fracture, the legs of the plate has not been taken out. "I have told the instructor, with a thigh injury has not been recovered, but he will punish me to do one thousand push ups." O the left ear almost hear the sound, but he is still hard to the South China Morning Post reporter tells what happened: when the class is divided into several rows, are practicing goosestep. His platoon, because the action is not standardized by the instructors, pull out alone to practice, he first called out by the instructors, do one thousand push ups. He is not willing to do, and the other instructors excuse, slap up, then knee into his genitals, "fortunately, the next class instructors stop, or I will be playing more." Instructor: Department of part-time, crying admit a mistake after being hit, I feel very uncomfortable, there is no continuation of training, choose to return to the dormitory to rest. However, the lunch break after getting up, he felt the left ear buzzing sound, it’s hard to hear the sound, genitals more and more pain. So, he told the situation to the teacher, and then sent to hospital for treatment. "Now I want to cure the son of the disease, to determine the responsibility of things later." Mr. Chen said, he has reported the matter to the police station. Since the son did not move the surgery, the police have not yet filed. Chen said that his son was invited to school instructors wounded, and now the cost of treatment should be borne by the school. The same day相关的主题文章: