"Grand track" creative each other for a Wu Yifan’s worst pollution – William Chan’s entertainment Sohu "grand track" the Sohu "video creative appeared away! Love beans "show" grand track "creative show laughs   Wu Yifan and Chen Xuedong love at [Click to view photos] review:" grand track "cast away"! Love beans "entertainment Sohu (anti Hu Xuan Ying map Amoy Hamai paper clip) September 30th," grand track "directed by Guo Jingming, starring Wu Yifan," Qi "dust" zero "Chen Xuedong," the end of the day you spend, "Lin Yun Aarif Lee", "neon" pale juvenile Wang source, "paint" Wang Duo the video appeared Sohu away "! Love beans "recorded live. A few creative jokes constantly, mutual black from black chat awfully. Wu Yifan gave the expression of unruly day, Wu Yifan braved the highlights "Granny grey" tide, a black jacket with black baggy pants and reckless uninhibited. He said in the play as "the seven Baron" is a few words and good-looking man, the character of raisin. "The surface looks relatively cold, the heart is a very hot person. Like my life."         TFBOYS Wang is like a full of good students, wearing a white shirt printed, shy smile. Wang Yuan describes his pale young corner is subversive, will give you a sense of surprise. Guo Jingming broke the news, Wang Yuan wore a thin filming gown, not wearing underwear, to shoot the blowing effect when accidentally caught not wearing underwear shots. Of course, these are not likely to see in the film. Aarif Lee chest to steal the spotlight, with Wang source smile very happy     Aarif Lee V collar pleated shirt bosom big, bright run welfare. He played the "neon" ridicule "security", responsible for the protection of Amber Kuo’s king. This role is tall and strong, do not wear clothes, not to speak, the strongest skills is to help the master to open. Aarif Lee laughed and said don’t wear clothes and 92 meters height immediately attracted him to pick up the "grand track". "I’ve always wanted to do this."     Chen Xuedong wearing a dark green sweater with a pattern of roses, fresh and handsome. He said he was the most humble, most low character in the film. This character is to funny, shy, to various expressions, like the director with his lips." In the movie, Chen Xuedong plays the apostle Wu Yifan played with zero Qi King silver dust, the relationship between the two is very ambiguous.     to the scene "explosion" of time, creative who have picked up the small blackboard, Guo Jingming broke the beginning to find when Wu Yifan played the dust he was bald, also said the group is the most badly abused fanfan. "He had four stitches in his head when he hit the door of the car during the shoot, but he was wearing a heavy helmet with a motion capture device and a dedicated spirit." And when it comes to the crew size is the biggest, the whole staff are pointing to William Chan and Yang Mi, the poor did not come to the scene of two people have no chance to defend. Lin Yun thin is the original "chowhound" a    .相关的主题文章: