Good " original "? The domestic SUV was full of Japanese automobile engine – Sohu [car] produced no secret car first look at the engine, power enough, fuel-efficient, etc are the inevitable resistance intolerant and engine is closely related to the vast majority of consumers choose its own brand cars is not because god horse feelings, more independent and young cynic is the key to the daily price factors of pay, plus if you can and foreign brands in the technology or the configuration of " ", both from the marriage; or borrow, consumers do not seem to care about the big, it is more mature technology and perfect alignment is the key point to consumer consumer confidence. So what are some of the vehicles that are equipped with engines or engines? Let no secret Junlai for you to solve the mystery. Independent brands to engage in research of its own engine when one thing is already down to see the very reliable, but for the consumer’s perspective, to launch a new model will still hold doubts about the attitude, really easy to use after all say still lack of convincing, after the market validation and then looked back the sales invisible turns a circle, so consider the use of direct power may not be wise in joint venture. And the joint venture group under the influence of its own brands to provide a technical shortcut, which provides a model for the launch of the reputation and play an important role in the rapid development of. When it comes to reputation, a car do no matter how good that how perfect, if not consumers rational consumption of word of mouth, so sales will certainly can go anywhere. The engine is a modified model of the MITSUBISHI 4A91 engine, the prototype is 4A91. The naturally aspirated version of the 4A91 engine is widely used in the southeast Ling Yue, Mazda 2, Dongfeng fashion Jing Yi, Zotye Z300, the FRV and other models. 4A9 series engine with aluminum cylinder block, as well as a large number of resin parts, the use of hollow camshaft and so on a series of simple structure, compared with the previous engine about 25kg. The 4A91 MIVEC (fuel-efficient VVT system) technology, it can open the valve opening time phase optimization, but also can change the valve stroke, the intake amount can be in a wide speed range, and low fuel consumption, low emission and high performance. PSA RFN and 10LH3X EW10J4 almost the same name, the difference is reflected in the management system, the engine we have been very familiar with, the earliest to enter the market is the engine Chinese launched 2.0MT in 2002 when Picasso first equipment. When the model is EW10J4, his power is 86KW, and then Senna began to use this engine, the power to tune to 97KW, followed by signs 307 also began to use. Today, PSA has been upgraded to the engine, upgrade to EW10A, simply means that the cylinder head of the engine and changed into a VVT engine. Currently, 307, triumph, Shi Jia, such as the use of a large number of the engine, the structure of the aluminum, the cylinder of the 16 valve double valve 408, and the use of the valve, the valve, the double cylinder, the valve structure of the 4 cylinder相关的主题文章: