"Funny bird biography" three aspect adorable baby adorable pet led the National Archives "funny bird biography" dream flower adorable baby adorable pet battle Tencent by Warner Bros. entertainment and Warner animation group produced, Nicholas Stuller and Doug Eastwood Rand co directed the comedy adventure and Carnival animation "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure everywhere will be held on September 23rd at the national release". Recently, the film side of the exposure of a dream version of the video, the video shows the film about the family, family, friendship and other elements of the funny warm content, very eye-catching. According to the audience who had seen the film in advance, said the film from both the plot and the screen performance is rare in recent years, for adults and children to watch the family movie. One point: adorable baby adorable adorable pet battle highlights a series of materials from a blowout before the exposure of party is not difficult to find, "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure is a variety of comedy elements blow out, suction eye ability burst table animated film. The history of the most adorable baby to conquer the villain "double wolf CP" combination, the wolf dog becomes the second incarnation of evil star eye; stay adorable birds and penguins Legion melee turned warm man, not to wake up the sleeping and adorable baby with a pillow with silencing; there are many other animal also joined the "express adorable treasure" crazy adventure to. Not only highlights the villain heavy, Junior and Xiao Yu of the CP in the escort treasure adorable crazy journey into a life and death, two people experienced the spacecraft crashed, glass maze, and a series of adventure against Wolves, in character and attitude have a great growth. The bursting point dense adorable constantly, every second there are new eggs. All kinds of distinctive character, embarrassed attitude animal characters one by one debut, dedicated to a wonderful animation feast for the audience. Two things: a new interpretation of the traditional fable moving emotion detonated tears "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure story originated from the traditional story of "Songzi stork", despite the large number of adorable and bursting point laid the overall atmosphere of the film easily hilarious, but the film is still considering the plot and moving. In the "treasure scene adorable animal world comedy core behind the film to describe the fetters between family members is also very profound, either because the parents to accompany and feel lonely boy was lost in the stork hill, but still want to return to the family of the heroine small Yu, every character the story watch fans pain points, so that fans have tears watching the movie laugh, to reflect the relation between the individual and the family, the family also have a more profound understanding. Three things: behind the powerful lineup escort "crazy animal city" Chinese team effort to build a "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure is Warner movie animation studio following the "Le tall movies" after the launch of the second animated feature film. The director of the Nicholas · Stuller had previously directed "neighbor wars", "forget Sara · Marshall" and other classic comedy is China familiar to audiences, it also makes people look forward to his new film directed by what will bring "smile" fruit burst. Another director Doug Eastwood had served as · Rand animated movie "cars" animation guide is known, by virtue of his short animation "magic and.相关的主题文章: