From "poetry", "cursive Jinshan Temple Wang Duo’s calligraphy and painting — insolent — original title: from" poetry "," cursive Jinshan Temple Wang Duo Jinshan Temple poem (juanben) or 57.3× 274.6 cm Ming Wang Duo Jinshan Temple poem (local) eternal romantic, speaking of Wang Duo, with a Cantonese is summarized "spicy not spicy": Wang Duo in front of the body to always get both praise and blame. One hundred years later, when people have forgotten the things of their lives, leaving the wall when the silk, a hundred years ago in the past, tears and laughter, has become a piece of paper. Wang Duo’s calligraphy, in my opinion, both the larger pen features two, also of his own personality. From a lot of Wang Duolin handed down two books, it is not difficult to see that the publicity Wang Duo, "" learning "on the surface, but the rules show themselves in between the wandering restless and uneasy. Wang Duo and the use of ink, paper with shades of wet and dry, confused, in the late Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty calligraphy language, the bold exploration, to inspire people like. Wang Duo’s "poetry", "cursive Jinshan Temple, hidden in the Anhui Museum, product phase is bad, and the ink pen, spirit and the book in eight years Wang Chongzheng Yi Hai (1635), Wang Duo was 43 years old, as his prime. This piece of work as in the past to the continuation of the Wang Duo side make snap style. With the opening of imposing bearing, daoqiangjianji Goods are available in all varieties. See each such large-scale works, always reminiscent of the mighty dust general brandished a knife, make people moved. The whole atmosphere of coherence, with a look at a spirit wave let me sail, to carefully read. First, a Wang Duo, with his unique and personalized rose ink beginning, as Beethoven’s "Symphony of destiny", the beginning of the high-profile, set down the main melody. At the beginning of "River" two word up ink is a natural opening, is intended to begin with, this exaggeration, that the "River" are difficult to identify. With the heavy ink at the beginning of two words, to "Ao", put the pen up in a heavy tone elevation. Wet pen in the "Ao" of the "soil" of the successful conversion between "River" and "Ao" pull wire, if even if broken, not only is to undertake the transformation. The heavy to light the melody, in the "Ao" deduction once continued in the "back" "?" in duplicate. But if you just simply repeat the heavy to light, you underestimate Wang Duo tricks. After repeated two times, "gold dike" between the three words change. "Jin Di" light to light, from wet to dry, the rhythm began to change, the three words look again, found the grasp and control the rhythm of the natural ease, imperceptibly in between has been dumped. Look at the three words the rhythm change heavy pen heavy to light, three words between the pull wire lead, cleverly between three words linked. In Wang Duo’s calligraphy, even broken using quite clever and touching, in technique is inherited Dong Qichang, Huai Su Lu disconnected with pen, and some skills of exaggeration and extension. Wang Duo’s pen is ingenious, he can put the pen with full range).相关的主题文章: