French: why do monks practice from home? The Buddha said that as the lone rhino Ren (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Chapter Zhenhong) [original] a classic photo monk Yi home at home difficult, vice versa, without disturbing the heart to his children, as any lone rhino. – "after" [] in the classic of confused family living in the earthly home, want to experience a pure interest difficult and become difficult. And became a practitioner, without family winding bound, then do not have to worry, children and passers-by called is like rhinoceros like wandering alone. [introduction] classic Theravada Buddhist Pali Buddhist texts by "set", listed in the "Gaya" of the fifth generation Nelson, is part of a collection of Buddhist scriptures, content for the Buddha and monks, Brahmins, king, farmer, shepherd, fairy, Inuyasha etc. in the form of a dialogue argument. From the above verse "by the" first set "goods" in the third chapter the snake ", the rhino" is the pratyekabuddha with Yuanjue, only feel the virtues and said.相关的主题文章: