Frame 290th: "memento" Christopher · Nolan "memento", 2000 rated 290th period, from the moment of "memento" stills, Leonard · Shelby (cover · Pearce) standing in front of the mirror, the mirror with his numerous tattoos, stood a call Natalie. Leonard head injury, leading to his short-term memory, as soon as the time, nothing to remember. In order to compensate for this defect, Leonard using polaroid, a note to remind yourself, and the most important information pattern in the body. Note that the text is written on the counter, in the mirror is a normal text. Leonard wrote in the chest, "John G killed my wife", in addition to a variety of tips: "no phone", "remember Sammy · Jakes" etc.. This tattoo is Leonard’s all, he wants to revenge for his wife, he again and again to find the murderer John G. "Memento" by color, black and white two color line, the story line is the symbol of the real time, flashback, black and white line is positive, a symbol of memories, two lines of continuous cross, constitute a horror story. Leonard is the most successful killer because he never remembers to kill himself.相关的主题文章: