The earth "four seasons" hair Acoustic Director notice show earth seasons – Sohu entertainment "four seasons" main earth poster birds South bumpy journey in the deer to write a life March [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by French national documentary director, master Jacques Perrin and Jacques g Beiluzun co directed the world’s top film "the seasons on earth", today released the soundtrack version and poster director. You can get a glimpse of the film trailer encompasses a wealth of natural wonders and animal life scenes, the screen clean atmosphere, the use of the camera shake, called There was no parallel in history. The film as Jacques Perrin epic documentary "trilogy" ending, but also is the epitome of the audience, can be described as a natural visual feast. The legend of life will also be released in china. Natural pulse thrilling life course watch people "earth four seasons" trailer is time and again come out, "as the highest grossing documentary introduction" "the sea" sequel, the director still inherits the concept of harmonious nature, but turning to more closely the ground, show the seasons of the magnificent animal. The delicate lens language, the director tells us students dead sorrow, animal Rong deep mother love moving story, and put forward the "human and animal with a natural proposition set people thinking. The film to look at the vast earth million years, the magnificent atmosphere humanities the natural film pattern and perspective transfer values conform to no conventional pattern, it is timeless and never out of date. Trailer released on the same day, the film posters will be exposed. Poster with blue colors, passing out of the holy ethereal visual perception. All sounds are still. night, bright moon at the beginning of the rise, a stag backlight station in the grass, the moonlight elegant blue silhouette reveals the mystery of life and dignity. The poster "feel twenty thousand years of wild nature" slogan, more reverie, this focus on the unique perspective of long time depth, destined to film has deeper and more interesting details for mining, make the process of viewing into a fantasy adventure. The director five years grinding sword earth praise expect the introduction of documentary master Jacques Perrin in actor, producer, director and writer are impressive, his insistence on shooting technology innovation, but also won the "eye of God" in the world for him. In order to shoot the film, he was carrying the team after 5 years of hard works, a team of more than and 300 people from 8 countries in more than and 100 locations were directed by craftsmen feelings remarkable. In the documentary by animal perspective to show the nature change for the first time, and the shooting angle also revolutionized the human nature of the stereotype, make everything seem fresh and lively of intense interest. Jacques Perrin on the nature of the concern began in the last century in 80s, create new styles shooting style and extraordinary patience makes him display skills to the full in this field. One of his most famous "heaven, earth and man" trilogy, "micro world" won the Cannes Film Festival Award and Caesar Award; "Himalaya" won numerous awards, and won the Oscar nomination.相关的主题文章: