Foreign media: Chinese has deployed more than and 800 sets of tactical missile defense to Sohu military channel page first: China has deployed more than and 800 sets of missile [Abstract] the Russian strategic rocket commander consultant and former chief of staff Victor strategic rocket soldiers? Ye Xin said recently, tactical missile base China deployed battle, Dongfeng -11 launcher not less than 300 sets of Dongfeng -15, not less than 500 sets, Dongfeng -16 started to deploy, now only about 30-50. Even launch missile as part of enemy air defense anti missile system was destroyed, the other missile can hit the target. Ye Xin said, in general, tactical missile base China battle, including a variety of modified -11 and Dongfeng Dongfeng -15, and Dongfeng -16 model. The number of these tactical and tactical missiles. As far as I know, the deployment of Dongfeng -11 launch device of not less than 300 sets, Dongfeng -15 of not less than 500 sets, Dongfeng -16 began deployment, now only about 30-50 sets. Data figure: Dongfeng -16 missile. Global network reported on October 27th: the Russian military free media website published in October 25th entitled "Beijing’s missile in order to win" reported that China in the 2016 Zhuhai show off with a similar product of Russia’s "Islamic Kandel" tactical missile system. Defense blog network 25, said this is the export version of the M20 tactical missile system. This system of technical and tactical performance and appearance reminiscent of Russia’s "Islamic Kandel" export version, especially it has two missiles with a range of 280 km of tactical missile. However, unlike the Russian system, the Chinese missile is built in a separate launch tank. China tactical missile system originality, performance can achieve the "Islamic Kandel" export version? What is the position of tactical missiles in the Chinese army? Reported that China has developed a wide range of weapons through reference is not a secret. Ukraine has helped a lot in this regard (such as the transfer of the Soviet Union’s X-55 air to air missile in 90s). Victor, commander of the Russian strategic rocket corps commander, former chief engineer of the Rockets, said: "there is very little information on the M20 system, and I will not say that it is a direct reference. The performance of the system and upgrade the technical and tactical version of the "dot -U" tactical missile system is similar, but not "Islamic Kandel.". Taking into account the proliferation of rocket technology surveillance system, M20 system export version of the range of 280 km. As far as I know, the circular error probability of the missile is less than 30 meters. In other words, this is a high precision missile, and seems to have been in 2013 to Dongfeng -12 code installed. In order to make the error less than 30 meters, the need for missile flight control. As we all know, the Chinese people have similar GPS products Beidou system." Extended reading: Dongfeng -2 missile first test failure: picture fell to the ground (Figure) think tank explosion exposure Chinese super missile test details call guard page second: all are equipped with missile warheads of Russian political and military Analysis Research Institute deputy director Alexander? China Muqi Hera Yan said, war.相关的主题文章: