The team Forbes brand value list TOP10: third New York Lakers in the NBA is still the highest brand value of sina sports   Beijing time on October 28th, "the United States Forbes" announced the 2016 world team brand value ranking, only two NBA teams in the top 10, respectively is the Losangeles Lakers and New York Nicks. 2016 world team brand value ranked first in the MLB New York Yankees, the brand value of $660 million. Ranked second and third were NFL cowboys ($557 million) and the Losangeles Lakers ($546 million) for NBA, respectively, in Dallas. The Lakers are the only team to enter the top five teams in the 2016 World Cup NBA. Another team to enter the top ten of the NBA team is New York Nicks, its brand value of $447 million. Note: the United States "Forbes" 2016 world team brand value ranked in the top ten: 1, New York Yankees ($660 million) 2, the Dallas cowboys ($557 million) 3, the Losangeles Lakers ($546 million) in 4, Real Madrid 5 ($521 million), Barcelona ($509 million), United 6 ($500 million) 7, New York Nicks ($447 million) in 8, the new England Patriots ($431 million) 9, Bayern Munich ($424 million) 10, the Losangeles Dodgers ($405 million) (Rosen)相关的主题文章: