[Finland] demicheli, Zaire Horse Lake Lake  Saimaa, So many fun in winter! From Helsinki by train, to the north, I came to the beautiful town of Mikkeli (Mikkeli). It is a small town, because of Mikkeli’s urban population, but fifty thousand people. But in Finland it is counted with much land and few people, is a considerable size of the city. Mikkeli nestled in Finland’s largest lake Horse Lake (Lake  Saimaa) next to the lake is the largest city, its history can be traced back to the century, and from the year began to become the capital city, is now the capital of East Finland province. Mikkeli winter, a world of ice, the ice is the beautiful Cathedral! Restaurants in the city, the pancakes are local characteristics, and the lake from the fish, very delicious to the city itself is not actually Mikkeli, but his horse Lake in winter. In his horse Lake (Lake  Saimaa) on the north side of the lake, the lake in the forest cabin, not far from the border with russia. Early hear people say, this area is known as expected, this delicacy, a dinner in Finland is my best taste a variety of salad (mushroom salad, extremely delicious), the traditional way of salmon and DIY  smoked, pancakes, drink beer and Finland. Outside the snow, the gluttonous delicacy, a great pleasure in life. Second days after getting up, went to his horse lake ice lake fishing experience. Here to pay dozens of euros, you can unlimited fishing for a year. The harvest is not small, very fresh and delicious soup for lunch, ice drill in the lake, but the lake in an effort to live the day, almost every day to change the way you see, Finnish, mud covered with the body, the lake where it is windy, riding a horse sled run a lap, a cold snivel, but really fun by boat to a island called Niinisaari, there is a traditional way of life of the village we came to the village blacksmith   in the blacksmith’s tune, I made my works of this small island can be a variety of ways, for example, the traditional Finland sled or, wearing snow shoes, hiking in the forest in a tent a drink, feeling is wonderful Zaire Horse Lake in winter, there are a variety of ways . Stay out all day and try all kinds of winter outdoor sports in Finland. The first is the sleigh rides in his horse lake on an island, and then came to the lake, ride Finland sled around the village, and finally put the snow shoes, in a primeval forest on foot to see the sunset. Now get back to the house and warm up, almost frozen into a snowman. Stay in his horse Lake three four days late, leaving early in the morning that day, and finally to the sunshine, the beautiful, that music ah. Third visit to Finland in winter, so I completely fell in love with this "Mensao" country. The original Finland winter, can be fun. In zaire.相关的主题文章: