Fan Bingbing suspected China Normal University Professor shelling: don’t welcome the actor suspected China Normal University associate professor Fan Bingbing shelling issued according to Taiwan media reports, in order to promote the film artist Fan Bingbing "Pan Jinlian" I am not invited to the University, but took 10 minutes after being invited to step down, "if you don’t leave immediately off, and even friends since the end of suspected an associate professor of the University in micro-blog issued a ruthless choke:" China Normal University does not welcome such actors!" After the school explained, did not know before Fan Bingbing will attend, because the security factor will ask her to leave, there is no malice. But there are users find suspected a Huazhong Normal University associate professor, a pseudonym "wisdom to tea" issued on micro-blog, China Normal University does not welcome such actors! It is a movie about Literature Symposium on fine, hard with a player in disarray, it is corrupt appetite." Fan Bingbing to attend the event, although the micro-blog has been deleted, is still a lot of netizens scolded turn, she does not need you that money, it is not necessary to go there. It is you, teacher, abhorrent "and also to China Normal University Student Message:" we do not back the pot!" Event review: Ping An Wuhan micro-blog screenshot October 24th, director Feng Xiaogang’s latest film, I’m not in the Huazhong Normal University, held in advance of the viewing of the and comedy challenge humor seminar. Fan Bingbing appeared only after 10 minutes, the host suddenly announced: "because some small emergencies, need to take a rest under the sister Bing Bing." The side of Feng Xiaogang interrupted the host said: "it is not our main control. Fan Bingbing is now required to leave immediately, if you do not leave the power immediately." A chorus of boos, the students said they did not understand why let Fan Bingbing leave, Fan Bingbing to appease the students said: "we can point a candle, or using a mobile phone flash light. I think it’s nice to meet you, and I don’t know why." Feng Xiaogang interrupted Fan Bingbing’s speech and said angrily, "forget it, Bing Bing. You can leave now. You can leave now. You can leave now. Go ahead!" Fan Bingbing helpless after leaving, there are fans continue to ask questions about comedy film Feng Xiaogang. Feng Xiaogang was very angry, said: "the emergence of Fan Bingbing this thing, you let me talk about comedy, I have not talked about the mood of comedy. The atmosphere of this conversation is broken, and I think it’s over here. I am also a half of Hubei people, daughter-in-law is Hubei people, I go back and tell her about this matter today. This is my first time to film the rest of life, to see such a thing, let me in Wuhan left an indelible impression, thank you!" Liu Zhenyun said: "Bing Bing became an episode today, I think Huazhong Normal University is really humorous." With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: