Extra large Tencent Chu network education channel new online! Ari Body, come with me…… Chu education will usher in a new revision! In order to celebrate the new revision of the broken shell on the day, the big Chu education for everyone carefully prepared a new on-line activities. Of course, activities and prizes more match yo! Apple 7, digital cameras, Mercedes Benz, smart and other gifts will not send (I asked why not send? Read with me: qi~o~ng). However, if you participate in the activities of the online version of "education questionnaire survey", "a fault" H5 game, can assure you is there will be surprises manners both hands! If you don’t say much, let’s take a quick look at the rules of our game! (click on the new revision of the Chu education home) multiple gifts waiting for you to take a questionnaire (Chu network education channel new online survey) time: from now on 15 March -11 participation: to participate in the survey of users according to the answer questions, divided into multiple-choice questions and questions. Prizes: we will select ten users from participating in surveys of users, each provided by Chu Education 20 coins. Activity two: a fault time: from now on 15 March -11 participation: 1, scan two-dimensional code below, enter the game page, you can participate in the game. 2, through the comparison of the old and new education channel page, each clearance is only one error, looking for 60S, the maximum number of time to find the final sum for each final score. 3 prizes: we will according to the score ranking top ten provided by Chu education QQ Doll (such as a pair of the same fraction of random) [] to sweep into the game page finally, thank you for support of Chu education. I hope you can provide valuable advice and suggestions, we will be based on the actual situation of reasonable adoption. Participated in the questionnaire and H5 activities of the lucky winner of the game, then, we will announce the winning list in the new version of the big Chu education and official WeChat, please pay attention to!相关的主题文章: