Eriksson confirmed Hulk comeback is Wu Lei: Messi [] Yanbian Lifan wasted opportunity prospective war carried out on Hong Kong Guoan relegation canzhen showdown to embarrass Shanghai in September 8th (the Tencent sports news Li Xu) 2016 Super League fighting, Hong Kong in Beijing Guoan home court. Coach Erickson said the Hulk will appear in the lineup, and after the two world cup and Wu Lei still eager for tomorrow’s match. Erickson attended the pre match press conference for tomorrow’s game, Erickson in the pre match press conference, said: we should be prepared to work very well. Of course there are some players to injury, Yu Hai accumulated four yellow cards, Conca and Wang Jiajie is because of injuries, the other players have no problem. So we’re all right." From the coach’s mouth is not difficult to find, Wang Hulk after intermission of rest, has reached the standard of play. Everything goes well, tomorrow he will usher in a comeback. Erickson said: "the Hulk recently is very good, he and our training for two weeks, no problem tomorrow." Coach admits it is not clear whether the Hulk’s physical ability to meet 90 minutes, if you can not play full of 90 minutes, you can play at least 60 points. As with all North modern AFC Champions League knockout the second round next week, whether the port will be retained in tomorrow’s game? Erickson gives a negative answer, "tomorrow we will not rest and retention. First of all to play the League tomorrow, the league has 7 round, each team has a goal, we are not particularly satisfied with the current league rankings. So we will fight, will also send the best line-up to play well, and then go on to consider the game AFC Champions League." At the same time, Erickson said Wu Lei was hopeful for tomorrow’s game, about the outside world for Wu Lei to play on the question in the national team, Eriksson behind the disciples, "recently on Wu Lei’s question is a comparison of crazy. You have to see if the players have a sense of mission in the field, 90 minutes to do their best, if it is done, it is unfair to criticize him. Even Messi would be a waste of opportunity, if a player in the attitude to fight but also suffered criticism, so I won’t go." A reporter asked to participate in the press conference Cai Huikang, how to treat the outside world of some of the discussion of Wu Lei? Cai Huikang replied: "will encounter this situation both prosperity and adversity, in my mind, Wu Lei is a very active, self-motivated and responsible players in the national team level he has bad luck, no problem of technical ability, I believe he will bring more goals for us and our team."相关的主题文章: