Heilongjiang province eleven key retail and catering industry sales revenue of 8 billion 100 million "eleven" during the golden week, the overall operation of Heilongjiang province consumer market stable, around the holiday market commodity rich, adequate supply, price stability. The traditional consumption quality upgrade, new consumption booming, mass consumption, information consumption, green consumption, leisure and entertainment become a holiday consumer highlights. Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce 7, the province’s key retail and catering enterprises to achieve sales of $8 billion 100 million, an increase of 10.6% over the National Day holiday in 2015. Popular dining became the protagonist, the catering market growth significantly. During the national day, the province’s food and beverage market holiday effect is obvious, festive wedding, leisure gatherings and fast food tourism this year, the eleven golden week food consumption mainstream. The focus of the province’s 22 catering enterprises to achieve sales of more than $7 million 767 thousand and 900, an increase of 11.7%. Tourism and wedding festival holiday market, increasing the festive highlights. Hiking, driving and other popular consumer favor, the rapid growth of tourism. Many people choose to have a wedding in National Day during the wedding banquet hotel has become the biggest selling point, many large catering enterprises before the wedding table has been full of the holiday food consumption has played a positive role in promoting. (reporter Qu Jing)相关的主题文章: