East flight collision insurance, said the tower pulled down the mistakes? – View – people.com.cn East flight risk of collision, said the tower pulled down the mistakes? Background: in October 11th, two Eastern Airlines aircraft collided near the runway in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, but is speeding up the takeoff of the captain decisively take off, to avoid the tragedy. 12 afternoon, the Civil Aviation Administration of China was informed of the incident, after a preliminary investigation, this is a "runway incursion" incident, the cause is the command tower controller failure. JINGWAH Times published Wang Shichuan’s point of view: the preliminary results of the investigation has been public, does this mean that the attempted event can turn over? The answer was No. Obviously, this is a very low-level error. As industry insiders said, if there are other aircraft taking off, even gave instructions through the controller, other aircraft should be parked in the waiting line, the pilot will confirm the runway there is no aircraft will cross, which is the basic knowledge of flight. The problem is that some people dare to commit anything wrong, even the basic plane can break through common sense? If you are just lucky and no reflection, but the investigation without treatment, who can guarantee that there is no next mistake? Some experts say the point, even if the command error belongs to the tower controller, the controller is not entirely the problems of one or two people on duty, but it involves ATC training, performance oriented, fatigue management, operating rules, safety culture, management system and so on. In other words, peep know the whole picture, behind direct errors may exist many deep crisis, no one out may cause the crisis of primer, not completely get rid of the crisis a hotbed of growth, this is a lucky thing, unfortunately next may. I do not know whether the incident really tender CEA, nor other airlines will be affected by the earthquake? "Caution can catch Chiaki cicada, carefully", in the name of life, calls for relevant enterprises, management can keep in mind the lessons, away from the disaster. Xiaojiang caprice: involved the passengers on the plane, or from time to time travelers to travel by plane, this will be scared into a cold sweat. Passengers on the plane must be glad to escape, others may worry that they will not catch up with this suspension. It is said that the plane is the safest way to travel, the probability of a crash is even lower than the car and train. But if you really encounter a crash, casualties are often significant, unfortunately the unfortunate rate is one hundred percent. The airport tower, airlines, the crew, not because "usually nothing" and careless. In particular, the tower can not because of busy flights, that "occasionally" command error "acceptable"; the flight captain should obey the command tower, but if found, should take emergency measures actively, can not think anyway, the tower gave instructions, knowing that the risk will fly "; the airline must consider the flight." punctuality ", but must ensure safety first, must not sacrifice security against time. In the face of danger, the parties are not trying to take responsibility, must reflect on their own work is in place, there is no ball dropped with each other. That is, the most intolerable wrangling with each other, each other want to shirk its full responsibility for each other, they pretend nothing. Since that mistake, must be a wake-up call to punishment. The big snake escape, managers and I remember)相关的主题文章: