"Double eleven" Chinese online and offline businesses make "the power" – Fishing gold Beijing, China News Agency, Liuzhou, November 11 (Lin Xin) "countdown to zero! Buy buy buy, 11, the annual "double eleven buying war" started. When people in the network get awfully, the line of Guangxi intime city Liuzhou city also discount is not open, it ushered in a number of hand chop party at the door waiting for panic buying. After 8 years, originally dubbed "singles day" in the name of "double eleven", has become a universal participation in the shopping carnival. By 2009, the electricity supplier giant Alibaba launched price promotions, then gradually evolved into the world’s largest online shopping discount day, its single day sales have more than the "black Friday" and "online shopping Monday" and other online shopping activities. "Has long been optimistic about a few coats, has been added to the Taobao ‘shopping cart’, waiting for the arrival of the double eleven." Liuzhou, Guangxi Huang said the public, the day of shopping malls to sell more than 500 yuan coat on the day of the online shopping platform Tmall mall as long as more than 200 yuan, very cost-effective. Like Huang Jingyi waiting in "singles" buy a few people China. Real time data from Alibaba show that just 6 minutes after the second point of zero, Tmall double turnover of more than 10 billion yuan of’s $eleven in 2016. As of 15 am, sales of over $91 billion 200 million, more than double last year’s total trading volume of the platform for the last eleven. In addition to online Carnival this year, home appliances, Home Furnishing, department store and other multiple stores to join this discount war to "double eleven" name. Liu said the public: online product quality is uneven, more secure shopping mall." After the merchant discount information, it came to buy. In another came to join the army rush, Ms. Zhang seems, physical store shopping experience better. "Do not wait, you can take home after seeing the payment." Ms. Zhang said, in the shop Amoy to many of the items are not mind, if there is a discount in the store to buy more. Double eleven period, we also launched a full reduction, sweepstakes and other promotional activities to attract people." Liuzhou Yintai Department of comprehensive city manager Cui Qingkai said, the store is trying to exhaust all the skills to attract customers, is expected in eleven during the double share. In addition to Guangxi Liuzhou City, Chinese around the city store also play the price card. Shanghai many businesses to double eleven ad hoc preferential counter, or open discount activities. Carrefour supermarket in Guangzhou launched the "36 hours closed" activities, 23 categories of products are divided into three wave turns to discount, discount as low as 5 fold. In addition, a number of online and offline businesses in China to jointly reconstruct the retail industry. This "double eleven" period, beiren group Grandbuy, united group and more than and 20 national retail enterprises to launch genuine alliance activities. Online and offline at the same time force, open the era of physical retail package. Consumers in online shopping at the same time, there are still social needs, experience needs, which need to return to the entity. The store also need to use the Internet to achieve this channel, the integration of online and offline. Some experts have shown that the future, whether it is online or offline retailers, only to achieve online and offline相关的主题文章: