"Dinner" illegal inquiry of cadres and discipline in the new network – May 18th, Xinhua net "discipline" 20 forbidden "stop" dinner crazy "" one article, the Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to "20 ban" in the form of a dinner red, not only for the control of greedy mouth, it is dishonest to take control "the hand of corruption", by users praise. In high pressure corruption is the wind under the "dinner" once again caused widespread concern. In this regard, experts pointed out that the governance violation of discipline and rules should have dinner in front of it. 1 under the ban eating unhealthy "underground" as of April 30th this year, Fujian province to investigate violations of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, involving the illegal public funds have 74, 147 people, 9 kinds of problems in the report ranked second. This set of data in the country is 765, 1044 people, 9 kinds of problems in the report ranked fifth. Bulletin of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department "51" on the eve of the 8 of the eight Central provisions violate the spirit of the typical cases, there are 2 cases involving illegal "dinner". With the provisions of the central eight continue to promote the implementation of, and effectively curb the unhealthy trend around. However, there are still some "chowhound" officials can’t keep their mouth, "do not eat eat money boss, not into the club into the community", the so-called "canteen", "feast" no less than the degree of luxury luxury club. Xinhua News Agency reported in Anhui, a town government cafeteria is divided into two layers. The first floor is the staff room, the two floor ", the distribution of a few boxes hidden but beautiful spot", one of the biggest box in the table can satisfy 20 people to dinner, a luxurious, beside the teahouse, chess tables, and the like hotel restaurant high-end box. "Now a small part of public funds has become a" online meal ordering ", the use of the Internet fast consumption, on the one hand to evade supervision, on the other hand also provide more consumer choice." Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Qingshen county cadres Deng Mingye said. Fujian Shaowu, Jiangsu Lishui, Guangdong Kaiping, Yunnan Luo equality Commission staff also revealed that some illegal dinner has been "let go near the business owners or their families to receive", "into the residential area or private villa", "transfer to the adjacent counties", "people hired a senior chef at private kitchens with leadership, leadership, condolences on the body care room" and other variants. Fujian Province, Sanming City discipline party and government supervision director Zhang Xingsen in the inspection also found that some people eat not open invoice, all open quota invoice, decomposition or will be accounted for reimbursement; open office supplies invoices and expenses in financial reporting units, break up the whole into parts sales; some even exceed the budget hospitality in conference fees, difference travel, training fees charged to other subjects in public consumption. Some city (county) departments, township, direct reception menu, invoice "three single", the reception time and number, work reasons, leadership, personnel, the reception to accompany the meal costs are relatively vague, it’s hard to tell the actual use of funds". Some experts pointed out that in the face of the red line, is still illegal dinner Jinerbuzhi, suggesting that some party members and cadres have not discipline this string taut. Game 2 "dinner" behind the Zhejiang)相关的主题文章: