"Deng Chao" the whole world stills exposure of four thousand meters above sea level and is not afraid to shoot Sohu Deng Chao entertainment "passing from your world" Deng Chao "passing from your world" at the end of the Sohu as DJ Chen entertainment news by Deng Chao starred in the blockbuster "emotional annual passing from your world" the upcoming September 29th national release today. Actor Chen at the end of a group of stills exposure is different from the "cheap adorable DJ" funny faces mode, Deng Chao stills although only a side show, but still revealed many tracing messages preoccupied by some troubles, the fans also said: "the feeling in the movie super brother turned into another personal, absolute parafacialia kill". Chen Xin on the PK at the end of side Yan kill "Deng Chao" serious "Charisma" outbreak movie passing from your world "the whole story brought together in the modern city of many ordinary people’s feelings, strung the story is Deng Chao plays the radio" Chen DJ "at the end, he is the most typical urban lonely people although every day, help the audience, help my brother to solve problems, but in fact he is the most confused and lonely one. He did not say, no expression, face the reality of their packaging with a variety of armor, with poor, cheap, Poguanposhuai state talk rubbish, to hide their own heart. He alone, nightfall, empty River Valley, but can rely on the old frame, have become exposed inside the outlet, when these are framed in a photo, but also let people stop to watch Deng Chao "serious" face, a moment as if everyone can see you at night alone from the shadow, a fan also wrote: "I remember the classic Xin Xiaofeng’s face, but the two do not feel the same, the end is near and far, chen." "The whole world" four thousand meters above sea level, photographing Deng Chaogao worried about known film and filming around the original audience should have the "Daocheng" is not strange, for such an important place, the film preparation is not sloppy, shooting an average altitude of four thousand meters for the group moved into the real Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Daocheng during the period, a lot of people, including starring have varying degrees of altitude sickness, in this state, the most worrying thing is there is always someone will fall, this is a photographer, a sound engineer is to pass each other, each arm of the collective strength gradually come out, Deng Chao while a common rescue staff have deep feelings: "I hold his head, but in fact very worried." For high back, he is also keenly aware of: "like to drink high, head feet is gone, the feeling has been maintained to the end of shooting." During the filming, even acting as well as the daily consumption is very high, but Deng Chao still keep in a high state of mind "sometimes see a certain state will give you strength, to treat everyone around."   相关的主题文章: