Serious illness insurance reimbursement category before the Dalian part of the high price of medicine "in social medical insurance bureau of Dalian city center hosts the" 12345 public hotline "to give answers on issues of public concern. According to reports, this year, Dalian will increase the protection of major diseases, some of the basic medical insurance coverage outside the high price of drugs will be included in the large amount of medical insurance and residents to support a serious illness. The city health insurance this year added three outpatient illness according to the introduction, with the increasing of urban residents medical insurance fund financing standard and aid ability, this year the city of urban residents of Medicare outpatient treatment adjustment. From January 1st this year: the project insured urban residents in the outpatient clinic for malignant tumor radiotherapy, severe uremia dialysis and other outpatient treatment of serious illness, the proportion of co-ordination to raise the proportion of 5 percentage points. The elderly residents in radiotherapy of malignant tumors, severe uremic dialysis outpatient catastrophic payment adjustment ratio increased from 60% to 65% residents and students of minor malignant tumor radiotherapy, severe uremic dialysis, leukemia, systemic lupus erythematosus and diabetes outpatient illness co-ordinate payment ratio increased from 70% to 75% new autism, cerebral palsy and schizophrenia in the other 3 diseases included in the scope of outpatient illness management. Up to now, there are hundreds of people enjoy 3 new outpatient treatment of serious illness. In order to further reduce the burden of medical expenses of patients with major diseases, the realization of a serious illness insurance precise protection function. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Liaoning Provincial Department of human resources and social, Dalian focus on promoting this year, will be part of the scope of medical insurance to pay outside the scope of the value of drugs into the implementation of medical insurance payment. Combined with the city health insurance fund aid ability, plan to chronic myeloid leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, gastrointestinal stromal tumor and breast cancer patients, application of imatinib mesylate and trastuzumab costs included in the large supplementary medical insurance and urban residents illness insurance payment scope. This work is being actively promoted. In addition, the city this year to increase the major disease protection plan, will focus on the basic medical insurance for chronic myeloid leukemia, advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumor, breast cancer and other diseases to pay outside the scope, efficacy, high value drugs included in the large supplementary medical insurance and urban residents illness insurance payment scope management difficult to replace, alleviate serious illness insurance with the burden of medical expenses. The actual Medicare minimum payment period adjusted for 10 years in order to further standardize the medical insurance system, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the insured, the city and Social Council revised the "Regulations" of Dalian city worker basic medical insurance. The revision is mainly related to the basic medical insurance payment period, the enjoyment of time and other content. These Provisions shall come into force as of June 1, 2016. 10 years will be insured in the actual city to pay the minimum age of workers’ basic medical insurance premiums adjusted from 5 years to 10 years 1200 yuan in three grade hospital inpatient Qifubiaozhun increased from 850 yuan to 1200 yuan from 850 yuan or 25 years according to the new deal, from June 1st this year, the insured shall reach the statutory retirement age retired, to meet in Dalian City, the actual payment of the basic medical insurance element相关的主题文章: