"Daddy where the 4" Cai Guoqing Tian Liang return to   the star and his son " " play; praise – Culture – people.com.cn original title: "father and son" back Sha Yi because SARFT earlier this year "doll", "hot screen parent variety show where Dad" four dies. Now, move to TV and become a mango net in Section 4 "" Daddy is coming back and declared debut in every Friday. In October 7th, the pilot in the online debut, Cai Guoqing Cai Xuanzheng and his son, Tian Liang Tian Chenyu (nicknamed little liangzai) and his son, Sha Yi Sha Junbo (nicknamed Anji) and a "play" is for sure. Broadcast 4 hours playback volume exceeded 40 million, where is the father in the fourth quarter of 12 hours of continuous real time occupied micro-blog hot search list first, the influence in the minds of the audience in the show. Aspect 1: Daddy in the absence of the father and son on the screen of the first three seasons, Daddy where to go, so that the audience to enjoy a lot of star family life, especially the stars on the screen of the lovely side of the baby on the side of the. But after the broadcast, let the stars and their children openly happy also caused widespread controversy. In March this year, SARFT requires strict control of minors involved in the reality show, the content is healthy, no star children (i.e., amateur participation) to meet the management requirements, can be broadcast at 8 -19. Limited baby order of the introduction, declared the Daddy where the stars and children reality show farewell screen. Although farewell to the screen, but the show did not disappear, but the transfer of the battlefield, and is about to start again. The reporter saw in the pilot film, "Dad 4" the protagonist of Cai Guoqing Cai Xuanzheng and his son, Tian Liang Tian Chenyu (nicknamed little liangzai) and his son, Sha Yi Sha Junbo (nicknamed Anji) and his son, "Dad, Huang Zhilie, practice" Dong Li Zhang Lunshuo, "our adorable baby koala, Cui Yahan (nicknamed Arale), Li Yihang, etc. 12 guests. Aspect 2: Dad is also divided into professional and internships are reported, this season, his father and son + intern father and son of the innovative model, so that the father of the division into the professional father and the practice of the father of the two camps of the 6. 3 children with professional dad too confident, the middle age of the old man is not God Cai Guoqing, claiming to be his son when his father, said "I will coax him, he wants to know what" has been to show people the image of comedy; Sha Yi said "I was afraid of my son", although is the first time but he felt good children "travel be nothing difficult"…… In addition, the pilot film in addition to Dad’s debut, adorable baby also 360 degrees around the dynamic display of their high Yan value and high value of "small adorable, curly" Cai Xuanzheng, copy and paste the value of the small Yan sister Sen dish liangzai, adorable Anji, Christy Chung’s mother like koalas, super cute, teenage boy Arale Li Yihang, the adorable little. The son of Sha Yi of Anji is fully inherited the father funny character, look amazing, a "northeast scum flavor" accent, since the character hi plus from time to time laughing, people laughing. (Nanjing Modern Express reporter Cao Feng (ZAKER): Shiyao decoction, commissioning editor Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: