Dabashan deep weeds now abandoned litchi road " the horse stopped wall " (Figure) – Beijing Road on the site of the drinking troughs of litchi. (respondents for map) Wanyuan City Eagle back Township territory to Ditch Road preserved bamboo litchi. Have industry photo lychee just in line Ren Zhai Yi and Li Jia Po of the public. The industry had taken jingdanban road jagged mottled, recounting ancient horse hooves crisp carved stone; stone, highlighting the craftsmanship of the skilled craftsmen; well preserved ancient stone tombs, thousands of years of cultural accumulation aura; four ancient courtyard unique, interpretation of the timeless folk customs. Litchi Road, the starting time about the Han Dynasty or even earlier. Tang Tianbao (742 – 756), Princess Yang Yuhuan Tang Xuanzong loves eating litchi, in order to meet the Aifei desire, Tang Xuanzong Xiazhao built a litchi Road, a total length of more than 1 thousand km. "Energy-saving, no one is known to litchi." The road in the Tang Dynasty is a tribute to the formation of litchi and extremely prosperous road. The passage of time, after thousands of years, once important litchi Road, no longer style. But in the depths of the Daba Mountain, hidden in the weeds, scattered Road, bridges, plank hole remains, still a road back to its former glory. September 21st to 22, the WCC reporter to set foot on the road of litchi, spanning thousands of years of time, for in time in the circulation of the legacy of ancient legend. Visit to the 1 Dazhou City Wanyuan City Eagle back Xiang Ping Cun in Wanyuan City Eagle back Xiang wa Zi, an old man in the village of litchi Road, will blurt out: "is the way to send litchi Yang tang." But the specific support of this claim, the local people have been missing. Grew up in the village of the township government’s back office director Gou Xingguang, is stepping on the road of growing up. "When I was young, we don’t have a good school here, must cross the village of Jigongshan village, go to this school." Gou Xingguang said, from the age of 7, and passed through several years of the mountain. That road is the villagers in Litchi road. The road has become barren weeds and discovered the horse stopped wall "in September 21st, Gou Xingguang led, WCC reporter drove here. The mountain road is being rebuilt, on the road with weeds. Walk all the way, not easy. Gou Xingguang said, usually in addition to the villagers in the mountain cattle sheep, there are few people, the whole mountain almost deserted. A few years ago, the government is committed to the development of barren hills, in the mountains planted hundreds of trees, the end result of weed growing rampant, finally took away all the trees. Along the thorny road, about two kilometers away, a winding stone road in front of the faint extension. The road, and not in the strict sense of the bluestone road. The stone, by twos and threes scattered in the meantime, covered with moss. Because of the age, by numerous rolling friction, rolling stone. Although the surface is smooth, but careful observation, each stone will have a size of pits. Thousands of years ago the most important means of transport is a horse, this is probably the Xingguang Gou analysis, the year after leaving the horseshoe walk相关的主题文章: