COSCO fund will help China hundreds of poor students "round university dream" — Society — Huining county first middle school in Gansu Province Xinhua enrichment dream class launch ceremony. Beijing in August 30, is a good news to the fruits of autumn. In the major colleges and universities have been the occasion of the opening, from Jiangsu COSCO old student to help to build the foundation, Xinhua (Beijing) are the two "dream class Cci Capital Ltd donated 2 million 400 thousand yuan to set up a fruitful. Among them, Gansu will be in a dream class a line rate of 100%, the Guangxi Longan middle school dream class undergraduate line rate of 100%, two schools were to dream class given name of old comrade Song Ping and member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu COSCO old student to help fund sponsors Xu Zhongyuan sent a special news. Thanks to the old revolutionary and loving entrepreneurs helping Care Poverty of poor students. It is reported that Gansu Province in a dream class in the college entrance examination in 2016, 60 students in grades all reached the provincial key line, college entrance examination score up to 592.43 points, more than 102.43 provincial key line. Ren Yong, Lv Zhongneng and other 5 students were admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University. 60 students, 52 students admitted to key university (35 students enrolled in 985 universities, 17 students enrolled in 211 colleges and universities). Guangxi Longan middle school dream class can achieve the best results in the history of college entrance examination in 2016, an on-line 33 people, a rate of nearly 60%, undergraduate enrollment rate 100%, the average 499.2 points, close to Guangxi a score (502 points). The subjects were divided into classes and total score of the county ranked first in high school. The classmate of Lu Liying with a total score of 606 points won the grand county science scores first, was admitted to Renmin University of China. A large number of students admitted to Wuhan University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Southeast University, Soochow University and other famous universities. Guangxi Longan Longan county middle school Xinhua enrichment dream class launch ceremony. Founded in February 2012, the Jiangsu foundation for helping students in COSCO, Mao Zedong, chairman of the old librarian, the former Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, former director of the office of the Secretary of the army, Xu Zhongyuan. At the initiative of Song Ping old committee, Jiangsu COSCO old student to help fund will gradually set up at the beginning of the "petty donation" for "fixed directional aid", to help the children of a poor family in poor areas of high school education quality, make a firm and strong breakthrough for the realization of "China dream" education discourse. In Xu Zhongyuan’s appeal, a group of entrepreneurs to join the foundation of love, they have love and charity spread freely. Xinhua (Beijing) a member of moss Cci Capital Ltd chairman, Jiangsu COSCO old student to help fund vice chairman Liu Xiao is loving entrepreneurs. He said that the foundation of caring for people in the spirit of Comrade Mao Zedong advocated wholeheartedly for the people, the purpose, to carry out the precise poverty alleviation student activities. In 3 years, the foundation for the 2 dream class offered 1 million 200 thousand yuan in economic aid, solve the most difficult students in learning, provides the powerful guarantee for the children dream school. In addition, the enrichment of Xinhua (Beijing) Cci Capital Ltd also donated 1)相关的主题文章: