The official website of the consumer order iPhone7 hand photo album found in a woman from the official website of the photo ordering iPhone7 there are 82 photos of strangers in iPhone7 mobile phone photos of strangers. After more than a month of waiting, on Thursday, Wenzhou Huang received his own Apple’s official website order iPhone7 phone. However, open the boot, Ms. Huang was found to have 82 strangers mobile phone photo album. These photos show the date of the shooting, between September 29th and October 17th, some took a pair of feet, and some took a pair of hands, some of them are a woman’s own photo." MS Wong said. Consumers refused to replace the new machine requires apple to give a statement Ms. Wong’s iPhone7 phone, is in September 9th this year, Apple’s official website booking, very popular bright black. On the morning of October 27th, she waited for the courier to deliver the phone. After receipt, Ms. Huang immediately opened the activation, and prepare their original photos that Taiwan iPhone5, synchronized to the new mobile phone. But did not have time to synchronize, she found this iPhone7 album, there are 82 photos of strangers. After I got the phone, I didn’t take it, and no one else did." MS Wong said she immediately dialed the official customer service phone to reflect the problem, the other said it would arrange for her to replace a cell phone, but did not explain why the phone will have these photos. The second day, Apple’s official staff to find Ms. Wong, ready to replace her new phone. But Ms Wong refused, she asked Apple official gives a reasonable explanation. Apple official speculated that this is the test of the staff for the yellow lady’s question, Apple’s official customer service, said it was unable to give a clear answer. Customer service told Ms. Wong, who had received a similar complaint, but it is because consumers iCloud was stolen, or log on to other people’s iCloud caused. And Ms. Wong claimed that he had never used the backup function of iCloud, Apple’s own account has not been stolen. Customer service said that such a situation, they are also the first encounter. Currently can only speculate: these photos are mobile phones before the factory, the staff did not promptly clear the camera function after the test left. Customer service also said that today the company will arrange for someone to contact Ms. Huang, properly resolve the matter. "If they are based on their guesses, this is a functional test, why does the test take from September 29th to October 17th, up to 20 days?" MS Wong told reporters that in the absence of clear, she will not accept the replacement of the new machine solutions. If the old machine when the new machine to sell Apple needs to lose one of three "Qianjiang Evening News reporters yesterday consulted with the relevant law. The other said that if Ms. Wong’s iCloud was stolen, or log in other people’s iCloud and other consumer reasons, Apple Corp has no responsibility. But if the Apple Corp will be used by other people’s mobile phone, when the new machine to sell again, the alleged fraud, the need to pay three". According to the fifty-fifth law of the protection of the rights and interests of consumers相关的主题文章: