Consumers in the Amazon to buy the book suffered fraud cheated hundreds of thousands of consumers in the Amazon to buy the book received a customer service phone cheated ten yuan source: central broadcasting network [introduction] consumers in the Amazon purchase books, Amazon customer service received claiming to strangers phone for second days, the other reported clear account information, and that due to system upgrades resulting in order lost, need to apply for a refund. This is the Wangyi Shangguan consumers which feed by the other party for gospel truth, prompt operation, not only ten yuan cheated, now the monthly repayment 10 thousand yuan for fraud. "Day 315" focus: Amason, the "naked" account information. Telecom fraud eyeing electricity supplier users. Recently, more than Amazon users to reflect, to buy goods on the Amazon website suffered a telecommunications network fraud, users agree that the disclosure of account information is arch-criminal, and that Amazon is technically not doing security obligations which leads the user information disclosure, Amazon should bear the corresponding responsibility. Some time ago, a spate of Xu Yuyu case, Song Zhenning case, Tsinghua University teacher cheated 17 million 600 thousand and other cases, so that telecommunications fraud has once again become the focus of public concern. How to prevent telecommunications network financial fraud alert everywhere, why these Amazon users still can not see through the scam? Liar fraud in the end how superb? Now together to learn about these consumers cheated experience. Guangzhou consumers Lee (a pseudonym) told reporters that in August of this year, he bought a few books Amazon phone APP, some stationery, as well as tea, three orders totaling more than 100 yuan. Amazon is always China send e-mail reminders, delivery time and delivery time, but this time is different, second days after the order he accidentally got the Amazon customer service phone claiming to be a stranger, the other reported clear account information, and contact telephone users, is due to system upgrades resulting in loss of orders, need to apply for a refund. Mr. Li some other tips he half believe and half doubt, you can query the relevant information on the official website, Lee found Amazon account after login, the other in order to find a pen, but not tea orders. Lee: used for a long time, has been useful, I usually buy books on this platform to buy, office supplies, pens and the like, I bought on this platform. Recently suddenly want to buy some books. And by the way of two single bought a pen and Book of tea, it was mid August, and then the pen with the tea in August 26th under the single, after buying it, direct delivery to the side, and then call the courier receipt directly. That day is Saturday, is 27, I just want to go out in the dormitory, and then received a phone call, he said he is Amazon’s customer service, he knows what I bought, and then told me that now because of the end of the month, Amazon’s system upgrade and maintenance resulting in the loss of orders, my order disappeared. Is my own login Amazon site to check. He did not give links, direct me to the Amazon operation, remittances. He is a cell phone number to fight over, at first I have doubts, because of their own theory相关的主题文章: