[color] arrangement of three passenger network 16310th] [summary of recommended divination operator arrangement forecast three 2016310: 647 killed 0 arranged in three confidence bile 2016309 code recommended by experts: Busuanzi 16309 lottery results: 225 and 9, and tail 9, span 3, a small group of 3, the 16310th phase: morphological analysis the period and the value is 9, this period value and the value was up 17, attention span: the period span of 3, nearly 7 of the span is -6-7-5-7-3-5-3, this period value 34 size: the period from small, this period value size parity: on stage out I even odd, this period value even number code, 2 I 100: on stage out of even number 2, from the analysis of the trend, 100 to a large code trend, good 267 thousand and 890: on the issue of even number 2, from the analysis of the trend, the ten have to A small code trend, promising 12347: on the issue of odd number 5, from the analysis of the trend, a bit to a large code trend, optimistic about the 35678 confidence Danma: 647845926 kill number: 0 [peony] arrangement forecast three 2016310: a two Danma 57 arrangement of three lottery review: 16309 225, I even odd, little big, and a value of 9, span 3222 Road, analysis of the whole matter parity: the previous period made me odd even number, recent activity, the odd number is expected to focus back size analysis: on a little out of the big, the trumpet performance is more stable, the focus on large the number of accounts for 012 out of the 222: on a road, 012 were 0:0:3, 0 yards out qualitative analysis focus on this issue: one out of the whole matter, the prime strong attack, The prime number big hope this issue concerns Danma recommended: 100: 390: 46: 57 for the color off network expert peony original, reproduced please indicate the source!相关的主题文章: