College of Journalism and communication in China TOP10 with the rapid development of China’s journalism, journalism and communication professionals are increasingly favored by students, parents. Many parents want to know what the school news professional advantage, then we’ll take these good schools listed, for friends reference. In the screening, according to the following criteria: 1. Industry awareness 2. Media environment 3. Master’s degree (academic level). The following schools are in line with one or all the conditions (ranking, military schools, research institutes are not listed here): communication studies. Anthropology, linguistics, semiotics, information science, sociology, psychology and other disciplines. Communication theory is biased in theory. Wide range. Including advertising, news, film and television, marketing, foreign exchange and other related. So what are the chances of these excellent universities taking us? In the college entrance examination voluntary reporting, not sure they will be admitted to the university admission, candidates and parents are the biggest concerns. When completing the volunteer college reference method only the minimum scores are very outdated, easy to cause the candidates get the job. Decide whether to apply for this university, depending on the possibility of candidates admitted by the University, the possibility of a large, of course, apply for this school is appropriate, the possibility of small, and then apply is not rational. Measure the possibility of being admitted candidates is very complex, most of the candidates parents need only know much of a chance of being admitted, spend a lot of time and energy to learn calculation method is a waste of time. In fact, many tools can help candidates and parents to complete the work. Through the big data can predict the college entrance examination rate from the usual model test results to determine the gap with the target university professional. Professor and doctoral supervisor, School of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University, Shenyang相关的主题文章: