Chongqing is the first acrobatic drama "magic show love" (Figure) – the new network for the "magic of love" tour. Zhong Yi photo Beijing, Chongqing, September 24, (Zhong Yi) since the Chongqing Acrobatic Art League for the first time in 65 years of innovation of large-scale production of acrobatic magic drama "magic love" on the evening of 24 in Chongqing grand theater. The theme of youth inspirational theme, fully integrated acrobatics and magic two performing arts, triggering public expectations. In a side frame, a middle-aged man holding a "Allen" album slowly opened, when he picked up the brush figure painting figure when the beautiful young girl "A Jiao" came out of the picture, and hid behind a tree, when "Allen" through the tree after the past, found himself through the back to the young, the curtain on the campus youth memories are gradually opened…… "6 acrobats, 8 magic, the 35 actors. The young actor’s leading role is one of the highlights of the play." The 70 year old Chongqing acrobatic troupe instructor Zhou Changrong said, "the magic of love" is an inspirational Youth Drama, the drama "Allen" ups and downs of life experiences reflected in real life, encourage the youth to dream and struggle for the dream. "In recent years, the development of the Chongqing acrobatic troupe magic faster, progress is also great." Zhou Changrong said, in order to make the "magic" magic love elements in more ornamental, acrobatic troupe also specially hired domestic top magic Master Mr. Liu Shuzheng to do the design guidance for the play. "We also hope to play the innovation function, and actively build a platform to show the young actor, mining more young people to join in the industry of acrobatics, magic." "This show is for young people, and I look forward to my performance, so that the audience feel positive power." The 16 year old acrobat Xie Hao completed a 5 minute show on the stage, somersault, wrapped around the waist, inverted actions are interpreted in about 3 meters from the ground. In 8 years of study he told reporters, although usually also shoulder to perform multiple tasks, but every time when I hear the applause of the audience, let him forget the tired, full of strength. "A perfect play is to attract the public to the theater to see the premise, but also in recent years, we continue to work hard." Su Yufeng, director of marketing, Chongqing acrobatic troupe, said that keeping pace with the times has been the direction of the Chongqing acrobatic troupe. Next, acrobatic troupe will be based on the view of feedback to make further amendments and promotion, and strive to create a "magic love" this drama to the national market.相关的主题文章: