Chinese female producer Wu Jingxuan with "nursery rhyme" at the San Francisco show – Sohu "entertainment nursery rhyme" screenings in San Francisco city hall was held at the Delancey Chinese female producer Wu Jingxuan Sohu entertainment news EDT in early October 23, 2016, by the San Francisco Film Association and 1990 Association jointly organized the "nursery rhyme" screenings in San Francisco city hall was held at delancey. "Nursery rhyme" by the United States quietly entertainment, CCTV6 movie channel, 1905 Film Co produced. The film tells the story of the cold war, the Jewish refugees to Shanghai, and the Chinese people have a great international friendship story. The film full of tension in just 26 minutes, the actor performances the moving story adds more powerful. Participate in the viewing of more than 100 viewers from around the world, there are senior filmmakers, film investors, but also ordinary people, students, etc.. Show to a climax, many viewers conceal his tears, great resonance caused by short in the minds of the audience, in which hundreds of people formed in theaters across racial and age of the warm atmosphere. The two film producer, former president Oscar, Sid Ganis and Chinese female producer Wu Jingxuan and director Sheenah Cohen, attended the forum after the film screenings. Famous Chinese producer Janet – Ms. Yang presided over the forum. At the meeting, the future topics such as four film making "nursery rhyme", the original intention and in the cultural development of the friendly and profound conversation. Janet – Ms. Yang is a leading Hollywood producer, had to include "the Joy Luck Club" "" "savior" killer diary and many other classic Hollywood films as a producer. Attended the "nursery rhyme" and was invited to serve as screenings will presided over the forum, Janet said, is "nursery rhyme" theme and story deeply attracted to her. In addition, Ms. Janet also praised the young Chinese producer Wu Jingxuan. From the search for the theme, the integration into the movie script, recording, post production, every link is personally controlled by Jing Xuan, ensure smooth film production. "Nursery rhyme" is a Sino US co production, most of the crew members are from the United states. The Jing Xuan from a new generation of young people went to the Hollywood film China hard, can create a "nursery rhyme", such a high level, and the award-winning International Film Awards film is a great achievement. Wu Jingxuan said, "nursery rhyme" feature film version of the preparation is like a raging fire, believe it will be a fine and historic works.相关的主题文章: