The East China Sea military Chinese large-scale landing exercises dispatched 20 thousand ton landing ship – Sohu military channel map information: Yimeng Mountain ship. reported on October 13th, recently, Chinese people’s liberation army launched a large-scale landing exercise in the East China Sea, and dispatched 20 thousand ton landing ship — ship of Yimeng mountain. The roar of air, sea, rapid penetration; obstacle to the hovercraft coast; land, armored vehicles roaring seize positions…… This is the recent East China Sea Fleet landing ship detachment to join the army, the air force to launch a joint real soldiers confrontation drill scenarios. The reporter saw in the joint maritime command center is located in Yimeng Mountain: with the development of the war ship, sea, land and air conditions and other information, are projected onto the screen by screen, both live and overlooking the battlefield, careful survey of the local area, to achieve a common understanding of the battlefield situation. "These" situation map "is the real battlefield" mirror ", can let the sea and air command and combat unit ‘saw’ battlefield situation, ensure the joint command action fast, efficient and accurate." Captains Wang Xianzhong said that forces to take on the car, ship equipped with LED, grid sharing and other means of charge equipment modification, to achieve interoperability services and real-time sharing of information acquisition system. Hidden in rough seas, transport troops group received notification: "enemy" boat is at high speed. In the joint maritime command center, the boat struck the trajectory in real time visible situation map, joint commander immediately ordered the landing fleet heading to adjust the speed quickly to avoid, and guide the escort ships and landing helicopter firepower on the boat. It is understood that after the exercise of each participating units in the theater under the unified arrangements on the checking, summary and review, after repeated research and in practice, the coordination between the arms from the initial "action" gradually transition to the "action", a number of joint combat has been tested and perfected in the walkthrough.相关的主题文章: