China show open to the public, the air force of high-tech weaponry system unveiled data figure: and at -20 close contact with the audience of international online reports (reporter Dan Lijuan): 4 days, is the eleventh session held in Zhuhai China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition ushered in the first public open day. After 3 days before the show for the professional audience, the Chinese air force a large number of high-tech weapons and equipment into the system for the public to focus on the show, so that the general audience have the opportunity to feel the air force of the Chinese style. The Eleventh China airshow first public open day has just kicked off, the audience is a group dressed in suit handsome pilots attracted. -20, -6K, -500, detonation air fighter -10B "Star" aircraft pilots to visit the exhibition site, close interaction with the audience, share the driving experience. As the star of the show – type -20 large transport aircraft, is China independently developed a new generation of jet heavy military transport aircraft, because of large size and rounded lines, by the military fans nicknamed "fat kind". Asked about the conveyor driving experience, -20 Feng Wei said the first pilot, the 200 ton big guy is stable and safe, light as a swallow. He said: "the plane has a lot of originality, my personal driving experience, mainly in the following aspects: one is the aerodynamic characteristics particularly good; two is good maneuverability, driving it like a swallow, very light, it can very quickly into the pilot’s flight control attitude. Three is a very good security, drawing on the airworthiness of civil aviation concept, the introduction of the latest aviation aviation safety concept and design." During the airshow, two transport aircraft -20 respectively by static display and flight performance to the audience to do a comprehensive display. "Fat" and "low speed -20 small walk pass" and "steep climbing turn", showing the full range of gorgeous performance, stunning the audience. In addition to -20, the air force Chinese Bayi performing team, the British Royal Air Force, the Russian "Warriors", "swift" aerobatic team, and Pakistan JF-17s, during the show every day turns for audiences wonderful flight performance. The opening day of China air force news conference in the first public, deputy director of the Air Force combat Bureau staff Xu Tao said that since the opening has been successfully airshow, flight 110 sorties, flights more than 340 sorties, flying all the performances of all the precise points on time. "Pre planned, on-site coordination in place, both Chinese and foreign cooperation or military coordination, command and support very smooth. Effective working mechanism, the military collaboration method, air traffic control and orderly, to ensure the successful airshow smoothly and safely." A total of 18 air force airshow display aircraft, missile, radar and other equipment, type 39 supporting weapons, vehicles, a total of more than 110 pieces, of which 50% is the first public appearance. New weapons and equipment into the system unveiled, showing the strength and style of the Chinese air force, but also reflects the development of military and civilian integration concept. The air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke said China show over the past 20 years, has become a Chinese air force and the countries to pay"相关的主题文章: