Chengdu airport will be built into the duty-free shop soon to look at what discount Chengdu Daily reporter from the official website of the Sichuan provincial finance department learned that, recently, the Ministry of Finance issued the Ministry of finance, 2016, No. 52, Sichuan Province, confirmed the previously reported Chengdu Shuangliu Airport imported duty-free stores (hereinafter referred to the Shuangliu Airport duty-free shops) and scale control the construction plan, clear the Shuangliu Airport duty-free shop area of 454 square meters, the airport the next step will be tender. This marks the Shuangliu Airport duty-free shops construction achievements. Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance official website shows, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport is one of the first batch of additional imported duty-free port. Complete the construction of Shuangliu Airport duty-free shops, has yet to apply for entry clearance of passengers (including foreign tourists and tourists from overseas return Chinese) in the shop and shopping abroad following a total of 8000 yuan, can be exempted from customs duties and import value-added tax and consumption tax. General duty-free shops, mainly refers to the entry and exit duty-free shops. The departure is when passengers leave the duty-free shops to buy some gifts, sales mainly has the local characteristics of the goods imported duty-free shops; refers to, if you do not buy enough to come back from abroad, can come here to buy duty-free goods. Further reading: Sichuan will actively seek the establishment of the port of entry at the Shuangliu Airport duty-free shops in the new airport in Chengdu by the end of the fastest start duty-free shops have bonded area planning association of Chengdu Municipal Committee proposed Chengdu implementation of the "departure tax" policy of Chengdu’s economic development has entered a new norm Committee recommendations built duty-free 1, imported duty-free shops mean what concessions? Previously, the Ministry of Finance and other five ministries issued the notice clearly, in the maintenance of resident passengers entry goods 5000 yuan duty-free quotas unchanged based on the increased amount of duty-free shopping allowed a certain number of ports of entry in the duty-free shops, duty-free shopping overseas with total amount of not more than 8000 yuan. 2, the duty-free shops will benefit what crowd? Duty-free shops will benefit not yet for the entry procedures for visitors, including tourists from overseas and overseas tourists return China. But to shopping in the duty-free entry, must meet three conditions: the entry of inbound and outbound passengers holding valid documents and take public transportation vouchers to buy, not to take public transport vehicles, passenger entry valid entry / exit certificate of purchase; the entry and exit of valid documents referring to the passport, eep or from Taiwan pass; shopping should be made in accordance with the regulations of shopping vouchers. In 3, imported duty-free shops can buy what? Announcements, duty-free goods to carry personal consumer goods, specific commodity categories, including tobacco, wine, incense products, such as 14 categories of goods. It is worth noting that, alcohol and tobacco, are limited to buy milk powder. Smoke provisions to buy up to 2 (total not more than 400), the upper limit of the wine is 2 bottles (total not more than 1.5 liters), the purchase of infant milk powder and the total weight of not more than 5 kg of 4. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Hu Pei相关的主题文章: