Changchun metro line 30 will be opened to traffic in June next year, passenger trial operation on the 1st subway line construction site in Changchun. Sun Lei newspaper reporter Ding Yan photo in Railway Bridge Engineering Bureau Group Changchun subway red Ju Zi project construction site. Sun Lei newspaper reporter Ding Yan photo from the bustling streets into deep underground, take a class the speeding train, the minute to reach the destination — live in Changchun citizens, in the near future it wishes. After 5 years of construction, Changchun tens of thousands of city subway builders innovation, inflexible dedication, in the "closed space agency" heavily traveled in the maneuvers, challenge numerous "impossible". In September 30th, Changchun Metro Line 1 will usher in the opening test, at the same time, the opening of the subway construction in accordance with national standards, after the FBI test, is expected in March 1, 2017 June to achieve the no-load operation, passenger test operation. Recently, the reporter walked into Changchun Metro Line 1, to show readers in the process of metro construction, every exciting moment, listening to every P story…… The subway carrying the dream and the humanities Changchun Changchun story, a city on wheels, the most advanced are produced in the subway. However, as a deputy provincial city of Changchun, but had to face the embarrassment of subway ride. Over the years, spring city people pursue subway dream never cease. The last century in 90s, the urban population continues to increase, the increasingly crowded bus, Changchun began planning the construction of subway and light rail. After 10 years of careful planning, and strive for the efforts, in 2011, as Changchun Metro Line 1 to the national approval of the declaration of the final program — "Changchun Metro Line 1 feasibility study report" by the national development and Reform Commission approved, which marks the Changchun Metro Line 1 to enter the substantive stage of construction. The good news, not only make the dream of many people for decades even more excited, Yin Xiaofeng: "the design scheme of each site filled with a thousand regrets are not easy, is hundreds of sketches and hundreds of work together on crystallization." Yin Xiaofeng, doctoral tutor of Northeast Normal University, Academy of Fine Arts, Changchun Metro Line 1, a Kuang Street site, people’s Square site and the main site of the South Lake Road Design drawings. Two years, he and China Central Academy of Fine Arts City Design Institute and Northeast Normal University Academy of Fine Arts composed of more than and 120 joint group, day and night layout plan, will eventually be a marina Street site, people’s Square Station and nanhu road site design boutique. Because our team is working in the two places, often open a video conference on the debate, and finally to the head of the debate is about to explode." Recalled to determine the design when the Yin Xiaofeng still remember. Yin Xiaofeng said that the Changchun subway construction is a prominent concept of humanization. In the future, Changchun subway is a kind of transportation, and both guojietongdao function. In addition, from the station to the selection of vehicles are full of user-friendly design concept. 15 stations were set up elevator and escalator more than 200, for the disabled is Wheelchair Access, Lei subway train air conditioning相关的主题文章: