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BFS bull rallied against the Swiss Franc to rally above the 20 day average 武汉大学到东湖

BFS cattle sink: USDCHF rebound to stand above the 20 day moving average client view the latest quotes BFS cattle exchange September 9th hearing – Friday (September 9th) the European session, the dollar against the Swiss Franc rebound, intraday decline has recovered, the exchange rate to stand 20 day moving average above 0.9710. At present, the U.S. dollar traded at around 0.9730, with an increase of 0.06% in the day. The European Central Bank released overnight [micro-blog] the latest monetary policy so that the majority of the doves are disappointed, USDCHF rose sharply on Friday, the Asian session, the exchange rate was downward trend adjustment. The Swiss unemployment rate in August was actually recorded at 3.4%, which was worse than expected by 3.3%. However, the exchange market did not show significant changes, maintaining a steady rebound pattern. America Friday time, Fed officials Rosengren will deliver a speech, is expected to have a certain impact on currencies trend, investors pay attention to the possible risks. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense.

BFS牛汇:美元兑瑞郎止跌反弹 站稳20日均线上方 客户端 查看最新行情   BFS牛汇9月9日讯――周五(9月9日)欧洲时段,美元兑瑞郎止跌反弹,日内跌幅尽数回补,汇价站稳20日均线0.9710上方。   目前,美元兑瑞郎交投于0.9730附近,日内涨幅0.06%。隔夜公布的欧洲央行[微博]最新货币政策令广大鸽派人士倍感失望,美元兑瑞郎盘中大幅走强,周五亚洲时段,汇价一度出现下行调整走势。   此前公布的瑞士8月份失业率数据实际录得3.4%,表现差于预期值3.3%。不过,汇市盘中并未表现明显异动,维持稳步震荡反弹格局。   周五美洲时段,美联储官员罗森格伦将发表讲话,预计可能对汇市走势产生一定影响,投资者留意可能的风险。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

净流入500.14亿元人民币 击筑饮美酒下一句

Safe: last year on foreign direct investment stock over one trillion yuan of financial Sohu – Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhou Hui) yesterday, the State Administration of foreign exchange data show that the fourth quarter of last year, foreign investors and domestic financial institutions net inflow of direct investment 1 billion 76 million yuan, 15 billion 51 million yuan compared with the three quarter dropped over 90%. In the fourth quarter of last year, the net outflow of foreign direct investment by financial institutions was 43 billion 390 million yuan, nearly five times higher than that of the three quarter of 7 billion 296 million yuan. Data show that in the fourth quarter of 2015, foreign investors on China’s domestic financial institutions direct investment inflow outflow of 10 billion 493 million yuan, 11 billion 570 million yuan, a net inflow of 1 billion 76 million yuan; domestic financial institutions to foreign direct investment inflow outflow of 52 billion 673 million yuan, 9 billion 283 million yuan, a net outflow of 43 billion 390 million yuan. In the year of 2015, foreign investors on China’s domestic financial institutions direct investment inflow outflow of 19 billion 224 million yuan, 69 billion 237 million yuan, a net inflow of 50 billion 14 million yuan; domestic financial institutions to foreign direct investment inflow outflow of 134 billion 495 million yuan, 59 billion 908 million yuan, a net outflow of 74 billion 587 million yuan. At the end of 2015, the foreign investors’ direct investment in China’s financial institutions was 834 billion 105 million yuan RMB, and the stock of foreign direct investment by domestic financial institutions was RMB 1 trillion and 111 billion 631 million yuan. Author: Zhou Hui

外管局:去年对境外直接投资存量超万亿元-搜狐理财   广州日报讯  (记者周慧)昨日,国家外管局数据显示,去年四季度境外投资者对境内金融机构直接投资净流入10.76亿元,较三季度的150.51亿元大幅下降超九成。去年四季度境内金融机构对境外直接投资净流出433.90亿元,较三季度的72.96亿元大增近五倍。  数据显示,2015年第四季度,境外投资者对我国境内金融机构直接投资流入115.70亿元,流出104.93亿元,净流入10.76亿元;我国境内金融机构对境外直接投资流出526.73亿元,流入92.83亿元,净流出433.90亿元。  2015年全年,境外投资者对我国境内金融机构直接投资流入692.37亿元,流出192.24亿元,净流入500.14亿元人民币;我国境内金融机构对境外直接投资流出1344.95亿元,流入599.08亿元人民币,净流出745.87亿元。  2015年年末,境外投资者对我国境内金融机构直接投资存量8341.05亿元人民币,我国境内金融机构对境外直接投资存量11116.31亿元人民币。  作者:周慧相关的主题文章:

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The new credit data rose to stimulate A shares upward M1 growth and stock index is the original March sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in each reporter Liu Mingtao 2 trillion and 510 billion yuan! New credit data in January 2016 surprised everyone! Far exceeding the expected 1 trillion and 900 billion yuan, creating a single month of 7 years of new credit record, 900 billion yuan more than the strong economic stimulus in 2009. Liquidity release, steady growth policy continues to force, but also help A share market to achieve inflation, the stock index rose 3.29% yesterday, back to the top of 2800 points, the two cities a total of more than 170 stocks daily limit, for the distribution of monkey red envelopes for investors. So, the history of new credit data surge on the impact of A shares whether there is a rule to follow? What is the impact on A shares when the new credit data is in the doldrums? "Daily economic news" reporter through statistical historical data found that the new credit data and A shares have a positive correlation. The new credit boom pushed up the stock index, which added 2 trillion and 510 billion yuan of new credit in January 2016, even though it was strongly stimulated by the economy in 2009. Historical data show that whenever new credit data explosive growth, will stimulate the A shares upward. After the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, the new credit reached 1 trillion and 620 billion yuan in January 2009, with an increase of 101.59% over the same period, exceeding the market expectations due to the implementation of the 4 trillion yuan investment plan at the end of 2008 to stimulate the economy. In February 2009 and March, liquidity continued to release, the new credit continued trillion yuan, reaching 1 trillion and 70 billion yuan and 1 trillion and 890 billion yuan respectively. It is in the extremely loose liquidity environment, 2009 1~3 month A shares rebounded sharply, the stock index rose to 9.33%, 4.63% and 13.94%, respectively, the trend is strong. In June 2009, the new credit data again trillion yuan, reaching 1 trillion and 530 billion yuan, a large number of liquidity released in the first half of the year, and helped stock index in June 2009 and July continued to rise by 12.4% and 15.3%. Data show that from January 2009 to July, the stock index has increased by an astonishing 87.39%. After the release of liquidity in 2009, the new credit data fell, and remained flat, few months of new credit over trillion yuan performance. The "daily economic news" reporter statistics found that from 2010 to 2014 during a single month new credit trillion yuan in January 2010 only, January 2011, March 2012, January 2013 and March, January 2014 and March appeared in spring, credit easing, also contributed to the occurrence of each year in February A shares red market. In the beginning of 2015, before March, the new credit data were trillion yuan, and reached 1 trillion and 470 billion yuan a month, this year’s bull market opened foreshadowed, in March 2015 and April stock index rose more than 30%, extremely eye-catching performance. The influence of M2M1 growth rate change on stock market

新增信贷数据大涨刺激A股上行 M1增速与股指原来是齐步走 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   ◎每经记者 刘明涛   2.51万亿元!2016年1月新增信贷数据令所有人吃惊!远远超过预期的1.9万亿元,创出了7年来单月新增信贷金额记录,比2009年强经济刺激时还多出9000亿元。流动性释放、稳增长政策继续发力也助A股市场实现大涨,沪指昨日涨幅达到3.29%,重回2800点上方,两市共有170多只个股涨停,为投资者派发猴年红包。那么,新增信贷数据历史上暴增对A股影响是否有规律可循?在新增信贷数据低迷时,对A股影响又是怎样?《每日经济新闻》记者通过统计历史数据发现,新增信贷数据与A股有正相关关系。   新增信贷暴涨推升股指    2016年1月新增信贷2.51万亿元,这一数据即使在2009年强刺激经济的时候,也堪称巨额。历史数据显示,每当新增信贷数据爆发式增长,都会刺激A股上行。   在经历了2008年次贷危机后,由于2008年末实施4万亿元投资计划以刺激经济,2009年1月新增信贷达到1.62万亿元,同比增长101.59%,超出市场预期。2009年2月和3月,流动性继续释放,新增信贷连续过万亿元,分别达到1.07万亿元和1.89万亿元。   正是在流动性极度宽松的环境下,2009年1~3月A股开始大幅反弹,沪指月涨幅分别达到9.33%、4.63%以及13.94%,走势强劲。而在2009年6月,新增信贷数据又一次过万亿元,达到1.53万亿元,整个上半年的流动性大量释放,又助沪指在2009年6月和7月继续大涨12.4%和15.3%。数据显示,从2009年1月到7月,沪指累计涨幅达到惊人的87.39%。   经过2009年的流动性大释放后,新增信贷数据出现回落,并保持平淡,鲜有单月新增信贷过万亿元的表现。《每日经济新闻》记者统计数据发现,从2010年到2014年期间,单月新增信贷过万亿元只在2010年1月、2011年1月、2012年3月、2013年1月和3月以及2014年1月和3月出现过,春季信贷投放宽松,也促成了每年2月A股红包行情的发生。而在2015年初,前三月新增信贷数据均过万亿元,且一月达到1.47万亿元额度,为这年牛市开启埋下了伏笔,2015年3月和4月沪指累计涨幅超过30%,表现极其抢眼。   M2M1增速变化影响股市    其实,除了新增信贷数据外,M2和M1增速的变化,特别是M1与M2增速剪刀差的变化,也与A股运行有着紧密的关系。   记者注意到,2006年1月,M1与M2的剪刀差出现低点-8.58%;2009年1月,M1与M2的剪刀差出现另一低点12.11%。这两次低点均对应了A股的底部区域。而2007年9月前后,M1与M2的剪刀差见顶,正好也是股市的顶部区域;而2010年1月,M1与M2的剪刀差再次见顶,但A股于2009年8月就见顶了。   另一方面,M1增速的大周期也与A股市场大周期基本保持一致。有市场人士指出,从历史周期来看,M1数据指标既能反映经济基本面,又能反映流动性,与股市运行高度相关。事实也是如此,《每日经济新闻》记者从历史情况看,M1增速见底往往促使股市由熊转牛,而M1增速见顶,则可能是行情出现向下拐点的信号。   数据显示,从1995年末至2008年末,M1有4次同比增幅超过20%,出现阶段性高点。这4次依序是1997年1月的22.2%、2000年6月的23.7%、2003年6月的20.24%、2007年8月的22.8%。其中,第一次、第四次,A股向下的拐点分别出现在M1增速创出高点的4个月、2个月后。   从今年1月M1和M2增速来看,M2增速为14%,M1增速为18.6%,M1与M2剪刀差为4.6%,较2015年12月剪刀差有所增大,从M1增速和剪刀差继续增大来对应看,A股后市依旧相对乐观。但也需要保持谨慎,毕竟M1增速离突破20%的高点已经不远。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

and the yen remains the preferred hedging asset for investors for some time. The central bank to devaluation 云南河口吧

USDJPY fell below the 120 mark, the crackdown Huitong network February 3rd hearing – Tuesday (February 2nd), crude oil prices fell again, the market risk aversion and the U.S. dollar against the yen was burning, heavy sell-off, fell 120 mark again. Although the fundamentals still support the short-term upward trend of the exchange rate, but the prospect is still bearish. However, as the oil price continues to decline, investors panic, and the yen remains the preferred hedging asset for investors for some time. The central bank to devaluation, the Bank of Japan’s recent action may be to fight deflation pressure just fired the first shot, the global market turmoil, the wind blowing frequency to put further downward pressure on the yen. Technical analysis compared to the previous low, the dollar has retreated to the 78.6% Fibonacci points. At present, the upward correction trend, November high point 123.77 is the key point, after breaking, will face the August high 125.28 and June high 125.86. If continue downward, support position in 119.75, 20 cycle average line difference index is located at 118.36. Beijing time 09:42, U.S. dollar yen reported 119.6063. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美元兑日元跌破120关口,牛头遭打压   汇通网2月3日讯——周二(2月2日),原油价格再度大跌,市场避险情绪又燃,美国兑日元重遭抛压,再度失守120关口。   尽管基本面还是支撑汇价短线上行,但前景还是看跌。不过,由于油价持续下跌令投资者感到恐慌,日元在一段时间内仍旧是投资者偏好的避险资产。各国央行竞相贬值本币,日本央行新近的行动可能只是为对抗通缩压力而刚刚打响的第一枪,全球市场动荡、逆风频吹也给日元施加进一步下滑的压力。   技术分析   相比前期低点,汇价已回撤至78.6%斐波那契点位。目前处于上行修正走势,11月份高点123.77是关键点位,上破之后还将面临8月份高点125.28和6月份高点125.86。若继续下行,支撑位在119.75,20周期平均线差指标位于118.36。   北京时间09:42,美元兑日元报119.60 63。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Rong Hui Finance: a slight rebound of gold HSI soft material breakthrough 20 yuan hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference Hong Kong stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Stocks were mixed, the overall concussion consolidation trend. This morning, the Hang Seng Index (21) opened 8 points, then the Bank of Japan announced to maintain interest rates at minus 0.1%, the other will take additional action, a substantial adjustment of monetary policy, interest rates will control curve as the core of the new policy, modify the ETF purchase policy. Hong Kong stocks affected by news, closing, up 139 points, to 23669 points. Motherboard turnover 64 billion 968 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day more than 7.53%, of which the closing bid period transaction of about 2 billion 693 million yuan, accounting for 4.15% of the total turnover. Warrant capital flow, yesterday (20 days) 1 million 100 thousand Hong Kong dollars into HSI card and cattle permit, on the same day with $1 million outflow of HSI put and bear; a total of five days into the warehouse over HK $18 million, HK $85 million into ultra short positions. Market analysts believe that the South capital is an important factor to support the rise of Hong Kong stocks, the market expects the upcoming Shenzhen Hong Kong pass to provide more liquidity for Hong Kong stocks. Market interest rate expectations vary, the interest rate results have a certain impact on the trend of Hong Kong stocks, but still need to be cautious. As HSI bear, today (21 days) between the 23216 point -23700 the bear bear area has been recovered. At present, the recent bear certificate is 23748 points, the current price is only 78 points, not suitable overnight, the probability of recovery is higher. Attention should be paid to the recovery distance above 300, and the recovery risk is low. For example, 60049, take back the price of 24248, recover the distance has 578 points; or 60138, from the recovery price about 300 points, two bear card leverage is good, 31 times and 43.8 times. There are investors to choose the HSI bull, Bo America tomorrow without interest. In fact, the market is expected to increase interest opportunities is not high. If you choose cattle certificate, you can pay attention to the value of the cattle card, such as the recovery price of 23200 cattle certificate 60252, leverage 40 times, or 68994, recover the distance of 500 points, today is relatively active. Plate, today (21) risk stocks rise with the city, China’s peace (02318.HK) closed up 0.59%. According to the news, Ping An’s 4 subsidiaries in the first 8 months of this year, the premium income of 322 billion 812 million yuan, an increase of 21.26%. Fabas report pointed out that Ping An insurance insurance reform has solved the problem of vehicle insurance pricing of commercial profits, and the business volume has improved since the second half of last year. On the theory of peace

融慧财经:恒指轻微反弹 金软料突破20元 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   隔夜欧美股市涨跌不一,整体呈现震荡整固的态势。恒指今早(21日)低开8点,随后日本央行宣布维持利率于负0.1%,另将采取额外行动,大幅调整货币政策,将控制利息曲线作为新政策的核心,修改ETF购买政策。港股受消息影响,截止收盘,倒升139点,报23669点。主板成交649.68亿元,对比上个交易日多7.53%,其中收市竞价时段成交约26.93亿元,占全日成交4.15%。   窝轮资金流方面,昨日(20日)有110万港元流入恒指认购证及牛证,同日有100万港元流出恒指认沽证及熊证;累计五日好仓流入超1800万港元,淡仓流入超8500万港元。   市场分析认为,南下资金是支持港股上升的重要因素,市场期待即将开通的深港通为港股提供更多流动性。市场对加息预期看法不一,议息结果对港股走势有一定影响,目前仍需审慎。   恒指熊证方面,今日(21日)熊证区在23216点-23700点之间的熊证已收回。目前最近的熊证是23748点,距离现价只有78点,不适合过夜,被收回概率较高。建议留意收回距离在300点以上,收回风险较低。比如60049,收回价24248,收回距离有578点;或者60138,距离收回价300点左右,两只熊证的杠杆都不错,有31倍和43.8倍。   也有投资者选择恒指牛证,博美国明天不加息。事实上市场预期加息机会不高。如果选择牛证,可以留意贴价的牛证,比如收回价23200的牛证60252,杠杆40倍,或者68994,收回距离500点,今日成交相对活跃。   板块方面,今日(21日)内险股随市全线上扬,中国平安(02318.HK)收市涨0.59%。据消息指,平安旗下4家子公司今年首8个月保费收入合共3228.12亿元人民币,按年增加21.26%。   法巴报告指出,平保产险已解决商业车险定价改革问题,利润及业务量自去年下半年起有所改善。将平安的新业务价值预测调高11至21%,以反映年化保费收入的表现强劲,并给予平保的目标价55.38元。走势方面,据市场分析,2318短线阻力为43.05元。   窝轮资金流方面,截止周二过去的5个交易日中,有225.1万元的资金流入认购证,同期有176.3万元流入认沽证。早前留意到投资者关注平安认购证,这只认购证属于短期,比较价外,而且差价有5格,街货量近30%。从条款来看,这只认购证的条款并不太合适。如果看好正股,认购证12754@0.228和12925@0.335也是不错的选择。这两只认购证都是明年4月份到期,比较贴价;街货量比较低,开价会比较积极;而且两只认购证是平安窝轮的10大成交之一。   个股方面,今日(21日)的10大成交金额正股中,金山软件(03888.HK)最高升8.7%,股价创个月新高19.38元,截止11:00(AM)成交金额比昨天多75.38%。股价连升5日,获得瑞信维持 “跑赢大市”评级,目标价21元;野村重申“买入”评级,目标价25元。   投资者表示手游股成为港股市场近期热点,手游三剑客都有不俗涨幅。早前金山软件13元左右已经抄底。目前金山软件仓位最大,如果短期突破20元,考虑减仓,但会长期持有。   据观察今日(21日)前10大升幅的窝轮中,其中有6只是金山软件的认购证,普遍涨幅在30-50%上,特别是末日轮的涨幅更是惊人,最高有140%。投资者也表示今日(21日)金山软件有些翻2倍的认购证,窝轮不会被收回,这点确实比牛熊证好太多,而且也有杠杆,可以放大收益。   金山软件的认购证中,今日(21日)成交活跃的27275和28290,也有不少投资者留意。这两只认购证的行使价在19元附近,到期日在今年12月中和明年的1月初到期,街货量处于较低水平。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Tianfeng Metal Futures: before the bargain Qingcang test business agency 02 month 04 days [] market review February 4th Shanghai Gold main contract AU1606 closed up $2.8, or 1.16%, to close at 240.55 yuan, to 295142 hand positions to reduce the 268622 hand, the total transaction. Shanghai silver AG1606 main contract rose 47 yuan, or 1.41%, to close at 3387 yuan, holdings increased to 497696, the total transaction 737324. CU1604 under the copper contract closed up 810 yuan, or 2.27%, to close at 36500 yuan, holdings increased to 246020, the total transaction 218918. [market information] the United States, the American Association for supply management (ISM) announced that in January the non Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 53.5, the lowest in February 2014, and slightly lower than analysts expected 55.1. In December, the non manufacturing PMI index was 55.8. This shows a further weakening of US economic growth at the beginning of 2016. In other U.S. economic data, the United States in January MARKIT services PMI final value of 53.2, the initial value of 53.7. The final value was 54.3 in December. As a forward-looking indicator of non farm payrolls data, the ADP employment report suddenly cooled down and overshadowed the January non farm employment report released on Friday. Some analysts pointed out that the data show that the United States in January ADP employment increased by 205 thousand people. An increase of 193 thousand is expected, and the former is revised to increase by 267 thousand. Federal Reserve Market Committee is facing pressure in and has to be considered in March, said Dudley, chairman of the Federal Reserve three, and, the Federal Reserve Chairman, on the issue of the continued tension in the financial markets. This also led to a short-term decline in the dollar. In China, China’s new financial services PMI 52.4 in January, before the value of 50.2, hit a new high of 6 months; in January, Caixin consolidated PMI 50.1, the former value of 49.4. Crude oil, the dollar fell sharply, and Russia again put forward hope to talk with OPEC news, so that oil prices are supported. Precious metals, China Gold Association on Wednesday released data show that China’s gold production in 2015 first negative growth, and in 2015 China’s gold consumption to get rid of the doldrums, an increase of 3.66%, real gold investment inflection point. This Monday the global gold ETF inflows is 12.8 tons, since December 18th the largest single day inflows, the total holdings increased to 1529.1 tons. SPDR gold ETF holdings also increased to the highest level since 12 months. Basic metals, at the beginning of the February Spring Festival approaching the countdown, the copper industry chain will gradually open holiday mode. According to the SMM survey data show that in 2016 the copper terminal enterprises generally late holiday time, lower consumption is stronger than expected, including copper, copper wire and cable factory and factory because sufficient orders, coincides with the production season, holiday time is relatively late, and the relatively poor performance of copper industry, dismantling the operating rate of decline, down earlier. Operation theory

天风期货:金属节前逢低轻仓试多   生意社02月04日讯   【行情评述】   2月4日沪金主力合约AU1606收盘上涨2.8元,涨幅1.16%,报收于240.55元,持仓减少至295142手,交易总手268622手。沪银主力合约AG1606上涨47元,涨幅1.41%,报收于3387元,持仓增加至497696手,交易总手737324手。沪铜CU1604合约收盘下上涨810元,涨幅2.27%,报收于36500元,持仓增加至246020手,交易总手218918手。   【市场资讯】   美国方面,美国供应管理协会(ISM)公布,1月非制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)为53.5,为2014年2月来最低,且略低于分析师预期的55.1。12月非制造业PMI指数为55.8。这显现出了美国经济增长在2016年年初的进一步走弱。在其它美国经济数据中,美国1月MARKIT服务业PMI终值为53.2,初值为53.7。12月终值为54.3。而作为非农就业数据的前瞻指标,ADP就业报告骤然降温,为周五公布的1月非农就业报告蒙上一层阴影。有分析人士指出,数据显示,美国1月ADP就业人数增加20.5万人。预期增加19.3万人,前值修正为增加26.7万人。美联储三号人物、纽约联储主席杜德利周三讲话称,金融市场形势持续紧张令联邦公开市场委员会面临压力,3月或不得不加以考虑。这也引发美元短线下挫。   中国方面,中国1月财新服务业PMI 52.4,前值50.2,创6个月新高;1月财新综合PMI 50.1,前值49.4。   原油方面,美元大跌以及俄罗斯再次提出希望与OPEC会谈的消息令油价得到支撑。   贵金属方面,中国黄金协会周三公布的数据显示,中国2015年黄金产量首现负增长,且2015年中国黄金消费量摆脱低迷,同比增长3.66%,实金投资出现拐点。本周一全球黄金ETF流入了12.8吨,是12月18日以来最大单日流入量,总持有量增加到了1529.1吨。SPDR黄金ETF的持有量也增至12月中以来最高水平。   基本金属方面,2月初临近春节倒计时,铜产业链各企业将陆续开启放假模式。据SMM调研数据显示,2016年铜终端企业放假时间普遍较晚,下游消费稍强于预期,其中铜材、铜管厂及电线电缆厂因为订单充足,适逢生产旺季,放假时间相对较晚,而废铜行业表现相对较差,拆解场的开工率下滑,停工较早。   【操作建议】   美国各项数据不及预期,尤其是对本周非农数据的看低可能令美联储延缓加息节奏,贵金属的连续反弹也令投资者加大投入和持仓,提示盈利多单继续持有。有色金属行业逐步回暖,原油减产的消息再次出现,可能带动大宗商品的整体走势,节前谨慎轻仓参与反弹。   (文章来源:天风期货) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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The 23 day suspension tower group intends to planning to increase matters – Sohu securities related stock movements panorama news network February 23rd tower group (002233) on Tuesday afternoon announcement that the company intends to non-public offering of shares to planning matters, given the significant uncertainty of the matter, upon application, the company stock since February 23, 2016 opening suspension. Tower group said, during the stock suspension, the company will be based on the progress of related matters, in strict accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and requirements to fulfill the obligation of information disclosure. After the above matters are determined, the company will publish relevant announcement as soon as possible, and applicant company shares resume trading. Tower group on Monday to close at 9.42 yuan, or 3.86%. (Panorama) cninfo-new disclosure SZSE bulletin_detail true 1201992064? AnnounceTime=2016-02-23%2011:40 Author: Li Jie

塔牌集团23日起停牌 拟筹划定增事项-搜狐证券 相关公司股票走势   全景网2月23日讯 塔牌集团(002233)周二午间公告称,公司拟筹划非公开发行股份事项,鉴于该事项存在重大不确定性,经申请,公司股票自2016年2月23日开市起停牌。  塔牌集团称,股票停牌期间,公司将根据相关事项进展情况,严格按照有关法律法规的规定和要求履行信息披露义务。待上述事项确定后,公司将尽快刊登相关公告并申请公司股票复牌。  塔牌集团周一收报9.42元,涨幅3.86%。(全景网)   cninfo-new disclosure szse bulletin_detail true 1201992064?announceTime=2016-02-23%2011:40  作者:李洁相关的主题文章:

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The Ministry of Finance Division Jinlong Chery 5 new energy car companies cheat up highest involving 500 million for new energy vehicles outside the widely concerned defraud and seek illegal subsidies in the promotion process, the Ministry of Finance held a special inspection of vehicles to promote the application of new energy subsidies in September 8th will be the media briefing. At the meeting, the Ministry of Finance official said, the Ministry of finance to defraud and seek illegal subsidies for new energy vehicles enterprises take severe punishment measures, depending on the circumstances given different back subsidies, fined or even cancel the qualification, the central financial subsidies to cancel the vehicle production qualification punishment. At the beginning of 2016, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission and other relevant ministries, the 90 major new energy automobile production enterprises conducted a special inspection, involving a total of 2013-2015 years and has been declared the central government subsidies for new energy vehicles 401 thousand vehicles, 133 thousand vehicles have been sold in the spot of new energy vehicles operating state. In the inspection found that some companies suspected of defrauding financial subsidies in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, some of the vehicles did not sell to consumers in advance of the reporting of subsidies, many vehicles receive subsidies after idle. The relevant heads of the Ministry of Finance exposed 5 bus companies listed for defrauding and illegally seeking subsidies for new energy vehicles at the briefing. The 5 companies are: Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co Ltd, United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Automobile Co. Ltd., Chery Guizhou Wanda bus Limited by Share Ltd and Henan Shaolin bus Limited by Share Ltd. The Ministry of Finance responsible person, GMC by fabricating false material procurement, production and sales of vehicles and other original documents and records, upload a false certificate for motor vehicle driving license, illegal way, fictional new energy automobile production and sales. And the other 4 car companies cheat fill illegal behavior, are not produced vehicles, they will be in advance for the motor vehicle license. The verification results show that the Suzhou GMC false declaration in 2015 1131 sales of new energy vehicles, involving the central financial subsidy funds of about 261 million 560 thousand yuan, the most serious plot of malicious cheat up. Suzhou Jinlong in advance for motor vehicle license on the largest scale, involving 1683 vehicles, the company declared more than 519 million 210 thousand yuan of central financial subsidy funds. Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon, Chery Guizhou Wanda bus, Henan Shaolin bus were identified 154 vehicles, 327 vehicles, 252 vehicles were completed ahead of schedule on the card, how to declare the central financial subsidy funds were 55 million 740 thousand yuan, 98 million 100 thousand yuan and 75 million 600 thousand yuan. The Suzhou Suzhou GMC GMC malicious cheat up plot is most serious, therefore the penalty is the most severe. The Ministry of Finance decided, for all vehicles in Suzhou GMC production in 2015, the central government will not grant, and recovered 2015 year set aside all the central subsidies. In addition, the central financial subsidies will be abolished, and the Ministry of industry to cancel its vehicle production qualification. The other 4 car companies, the Ministry of finance will recover the pre central financial subsidy funds for illegal vehicles on the card, and according to the provisions of the "financial penalties for illegal disposal regulations", according to the amount of the issue 50% fined, the abolition of the 4 companies in 2016 the central government.

财政部点名金龙奇瑞等5新能源车企骗补 最高涉金额5亿针对目前外界广为关注的新能源汽车在推广过程中骗取和违规谋取补贴情况,财政部于9月8日召开新能源汽车推广应用补助资金专项检查媒体吹风会。 在会上,财政部有关负责人表示,财政部将对骗取和违规谋取新能源汽车补贴的企业采取严厉惩处措施,视情节不同给予收回财政补贴、处以罚款乃至取消中央财政补贴资格、取消整车生产资质等处罚。2016年初,财政部联合工信部、发改委等相关部委,对90家主要的新能源汽车生产企业进行了专项检查,共涉及2013-2015年已获得和已申报中央财政补助资金的新能源汽车40.1万辆,抽查13.3万辆已销售的新能源汽车的运营状态。在检查中发现,一些企业违反相关法律法规涉嫌骗取财政补贴,部分车辆未销售给消费者就提前申报补贴,不少车辆领取补贴后闲置。财政部相关负责人在吹风会上曝光了5家存在骗取和违规谋取新能源汽车补贴的客车企业名单。5家企业分别是:苏州吉姆西客车制造有限公司、金龙联合汽车工业(苏州)有限公司、深圳市五洲龙汽车有限公司、奇瑞万达贵州客车股份有限公司和河南少林客车股份有限公司。财政部有关负责人称,吉姆西通过编造虚假材料采购、车辆生产销售等原始凭证和记录,上传虚假合格证,违规办理机动车行驶证的方式,虚构新能源汽车生产销售业务。而其他4家车企骗补的违规行为,均是车辆未生产便提前办理了机动车行驶证。 核查结果显示,苏州吉姆西虚假申报2015年销售新能源汽车1131辆,涉及中央财政补助资金约26156万元,恶意骗补情节最为严重。苏州金龙在提前办理机动车行驶证上违规规模最大,涉及车辆1683台,公司多申报中央财政补助资金约51921万元。深圳五洲龙、奇瑞万达贵州客车、河南少林客车分别被认定有154辆、327辆、252辆未完工提前上牌,多申报中央财政补助资金分别为5574万元、9810万元和7560万元。由于苏州吉姆西苏州吉姆西恶意骗补情节最为严重,因此所受处罚也最为严厉。财政部决定,对于苏州吉姆西2015年生产的全部车辆,中央财政不予补助,且追回2015年度预拨全部中央财政补助资金。此外,还将取消其中央财政补贴资格,并由工信部取消其整车生产资质。对其他4家车企,财政部将追回违规上牌车辆获取的中央财政补助预拨资金,并依据《财政违法行为处罚处分条例》规定,按问题金额50%处以罚款,取消上述4家企业2016年中央财政补贴资格。同时,工信部将4家车企的问题车型从《节能与新能源汽车示范推广应用工程推荐目录》予以剔除。对于上述4家车企2015年生产销售的其它新能源汽车,由当地监管部门逐一严格审核后重新申报,确无问题的车辆可按原政策继续予以补助。财政部相关负责人表示,上述4家车企何时恢复执行中央财政补贴政策,视地方政府和企业整改情况而定。届时由财政部、科技部、工业和信息化部、发展改革委共同核查验收,验收合格报国务院批准后方可恢复执行财政补贴政策,但不恢复预拨财政补贴资金资格。文 邬川 李宁更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章:

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Women’s 480 thousand Mercedes Benz car has not opened home after the failure, "3, 15" is coming, China Merchants newspaper launched a prize collecting clues activities, while also reported involving people’s lives in many industries of typical cases of rights protection. Consumers are worried about buying cars – years ago is the peak period of buying cars, Ms. Zhu also bought a beloved Mercedes Benz car. Who wants to lift the car hasn’t been home yet, and the engine trouble light is on…… Owner: the car in the morning, and back to the 4S shop in the afternoon, in February 5th, Ms. Zhu in the high-tech zone Xi’an Li Xing Benz 4S shop to spend 486 thousand yuan to buy a Mercedes Benz GLC300. The next day after the car was brought home, and not home, suddenly found a yellow light on the dashboard. Ms. Zhu called the sales consultant quickly, and the other party suggested her to come back and check. 2 p.m., she drove back to the 4S shop, "did not find out the problem, said it may be oil problems, it is recommended to replace gasoline."." Subsequently, Ms. Zhu repeatedly changed gasoline, but the engine light is yellow. After the first day of work in February 14th, Ms. Chu came to the store again. "They said they had collected the data and sent them to the manufacturer to analyze the trouble, so I drove home.". The second day, 4S shop customer service call Daoteng for several hours, the engine fault light is still bright." Ms. Zhu was afraid to use the car because of the unknown failure. "After a few days, I received a sale call, said the cause of the fault found, need to change the transmission control computer, need to open the gearbox. Just mention the car will be removed and the gearbox fault reasons and did not clearly inform, how can I sleepwalk to repair?" 4S shop: can be replaced by transmission control computer repair in February 28th, China Merchants Daily reporter in the 21st century, a district of Ms. Zhu’s home this new car, after the launch of the vehicle, the engine fault light has been lit. It is learnt that in February 22nd, Xi’an Li Xing Automobile Co., Ltd. has issued a written reply to Ms. Zhu, but Ms. Zhu believes that the answer does not answer the reasons for the failure, and some ambiguous content. For example "matters vehicle instrument failure lights", Ms Zhu said, there are a lot of instrument fault lights, did not say the engine fault light; in this reply, said: "to determine the cause of instrument fault alarm lamp, but does not cause further clear out the directly given maintenance is" can be replaced by the transmission control computer to be repaired". In February 28th, Ms. Zhu and her family told reporters, "we just want to know why the engine lights are in trouble, and there is no product quality problem.". But the more than 20 day, repeated communication many times, they have been avoided to inform us of the specific causes of failure." At 2 p.m. on February 28th, the Chinese newspaper reporter came to Xi’an star Benz 4S store with Ms. Zhu, a receptionist at the front desk of the store. She welcomed Ms. Zhu and said she would prepare the latest material for Ms. Zhu immediately. Wait forty minutes, the person in charge once again, said the material has not yet completed. Confirming the final answer to the reporter is still the material of February 22nd, and the reporter asked if the failure theory could be clearly defined

女子48万买奔驰 提车后还没开到家就出现故障   “3・15”即将到来,华商报开展有奖征集线索活动,同时陆续报道了涉及市民生活多个行业的维权典型案例。   消费者买车遇烦心事――年前是买车高峰期,朱女士也买了心爱的奔驰车。谁想提车后还没开到家,发动机故障灯就亮了……   车主:   上午提了车下午又开回4S店   2月5日,朱女士在高新区西安利之星奔驰4S店花48.6万元购买了一辆奔驰GLC300。次日提车后开回家,还没到家,突然发现仪表盘上一个黄灯亮了。   朱女士赶快给销售顾问打电话,对方建议她开回来检测一下。下午2时,她把车开回4S店,“没有查出来问题,说可能是油品问题,建议更换汽油。”随后,朱女士多次更换汽油,但是发动机灯还是黄色。年后上班第一天,2月14日,朱女士又来到店里,“他们说采集数据发给厂家,分析故障,我就把车开回家了。第二天,4S店售后上门来捣腾了几个小时,发动机故障灯仍然亮着。”因为担心车辆有未知故障,朱女士不敢使用。“过了几天,我接到售后电话,说故障原因找到了,需要更换变速箱控制电脑,需要打开变速箱。刚提的新车就要拆变速箱,而且故障原因并没有明确告知,我怎么能稀里糊涂地去维修?”   4S店:   可通过更换变速箱控制电脑修复   2月28日,华商报记者在世纪大道某小区见到了朱女士家的这辆新车,发动车辆后,发动机故障灯一直亮着。据悉,2月22日,西安利之星汽车有限公司曾给朱女士出具了一份书面答复,但朱女士认为,这份答复并没有解答故障原因,而且有些内容含糊其辞。   例如事宜为“车辆行驶中仪表故障灯点亮”,朱女士称,仪表故障灯有很多,没有明确说是发动机故障灯;在这份答复中,说“确定了导致仪表故障灯报警的原因”,但通篇没有进一步明确具体的故障原因,就直接给出维修方案是“可以通过更换变速箱控制电脑予以修复”。   2月28日,朱女士及家人告诉记者,“我们只想知道行驶中发动机故障灯点亮是什么原因导致的,有没有产品质量的问题。但是二十多天了,反复沟通了很多次,他们一直回避告知我们具体故障原因。”   2月28日下午2时许,华商报记者随朱女士来到西安利之星奔驰4S店,一位售后前台负责人接待了朱女士,并表示马上为朱女士准备最新材料回复。等待四十分钟后,该负责人再次出现,说材料还没有完成。向记者确认最终答复仍然是2月22日那份材料,记者询问是否能明确故障原因,该负责人称,可能导致发动机故障灯亮的原因有很多,暂时无法回复更具体的原因。   业内:   未达到退换车条件 但消费者有知情权   朱女士提出,能否向4S店提出更换车辆?一位汽车销售公司资深人士称,根据《家用汽车产品修理、更换、退货责任规定》,该车辆尚未达到退换车条件。消费者可申请换车的条件如下:在家用汽车产品三包有效期内,发动机变速器累计更换2次后,或者发动机、变速器的同一主要零件因质量问题,累计更换2次后,仍不能正常使用的,发动机、变速器与其主要零件更换次数不重复计算;在家用汽车产品三包有效期内,因产品质量问题修理时间累积超过35日的,或者因同一产品质量问题累积修理超过5次的。   陕西当代人律师事务所赵彦松律师表示,根据《消费者权益保护法》,消费者可要求4S店提供相应的检测报告(有数据、参数,原因分析,维修方案)。如果还是对检测报告有异议,可以找第三方机构进行检测。 华商报记者 雷婧 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

including Shunde 倚剑游江湖

The impact of "diversion" Guangzhou property market overall optimism is expected to face Buzhang – Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan financial Sohu, Jiangmen’s first suite Shoufu ratio fell to 20% Guangshen. Reporters learned yesterday, according to the people’s Bank of Guangzhou unified requirements, currently in Foshan (including Shunde, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, the South China Sea), the Jiangmen area for the first time to purchase ordinary commodity housing households pay for a minimum of 20%, other area is still 25%, but according to the original policy implementation in Guangzhou. And Shenzhen is also implementing the original mortgage policy. Guangdong four cities two suites loans dropped to 30%, Guangzhou unified requirements, at present in Foshan (including Shunde, South China Sea), Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen area for the first time to buy ordinary commodity housing residents Shoufu minimum 20%, other areas still 25%. After last March and September’s new deal, in the past year, the third down payment ratio, "go to inventory" step. Yesterday, the reporter learned from several banks in the province, at present, the new implementation of our province mortgage program has been issued. A joint-stock bank middle level told the Guangzhou Daily reporter indeed received the relevant notice, received this morning." And in the two sets of mortgage, big Foshan area and Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen down payment adjustment for the lowest executable 30%, the rest of the region is still the lowest 40%. Last October, the Guangdong market interest rate pricing self-discipline mechanism issued a document, said, in addition to Guangzhou Shenzhen, other cities bank mortgage down payment can be reduced to 25%. This means that the banks and urban areas of the first mortgage loans have been expanded, and the state-owned banks and joint-stock banks can implement the first mortgage policy in addition to Guangzhou shenzhen. Zengcheng Conghua first suite interest rate unchanged, at the same time, the above joint-stock banks confirmed to reporters, Guangzhou not limited purchase of Zengcheng and Conghua is not included in the new deal. At present, Zengcheng and Conghua are not allowed to reduce the proportion of loans to the first suite." Centaline project department general manager Huang Tao told reporters that the supply of Zengcheng and Conghua is relatively large, it is not limited to the purchase, "said the policy in addition to the purchase of the city’s first mortgage Shoufu ratio for a minimum of 25%, so if from the perspective of the market, Zengcheng and Conghua the first fangshoufu did not reduce unreasonable." Most cities have implemented 25% policy, according to the 360 financial search platform released in January this year, the national bank mortgage monitoring data in this year, in the country’s 530 banks, in addition to the first restriction of the city, most cities have implemented the first set of mortgage down payment policy. And the two suite, the national implementation of the first payment of the lowest 40% and below the bank accounted for 63.77%, compared with last year in December increased. Property market forecast: the new policy has limited impact on the property market in Guangzhou, "there may be more Guangzhou surrounding areas will attract Guangzhou buyers to buy, this policy for life and work at the junction of buyers for the first time home help."." Huang Tao expresses. The general manager of Guangzhou city presents excellent real estate investment Consultants Ltd. Zhao Zhuowen believes that the lower proportion Shoufu, is for the purchase of the city, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, the purchase of the city do not want everyone to buy too much housing, Shoufu threshold is maintained, and.

“分流”冲击难敌补涨预期 穗楼市整体乐观-搜狐理财   佛山、珠海、中山、江门首套房首付比例降至两成 广深不变   记者昨日获悉,根据广州人行统一要求,目前在佛山(含顺德、南海)、珠海、中山、江门地区对首次购买普通商品住房的居民家庭首付最低为20%,其他地区仍为25%,但广州按原政策执行。而深圳也在执行原有的房贷政策。   粤四市二套房贷降至三成   广州人行统一要求,目前在佛山(含顺德、南海)、珠海、中山、江门地区对首次购买普通商品住房的居民家庭首付最低为20%,其他地区仍为25%。继去年3月和9月的新政后,在近一年时间里第三次下调首付比例,“去库存”再行一步。   昨日记者从省内多家银行了解到,目前我省房贷新执行方案已下发。一位股份制银行中层对广州日报记者表示确实收到了相关通知,“今天早上收到的。”   而在二套房贷方面,大佛山区域及珠海、中山、江门的首付调整为可执行最低三成,其他地区仍为最低四成。   去年10月,广东市场利率定价自律机制发文称,除广深外,其他城市的银行房贷首付均可降至25%。这意味着下调首套房贷的银行及城市范围有所扩大,国有银行及股份制银行均可在除广深外的城市执行首套房贷新政。   增城从化首套房利率不变   同时,上述股份制银行中层对记者证实,广州不限购的增城与从化并未纳入新政。“目前来看,增城和从化没有获准降低首套房贷款比例。”中原地产项目部总经理黄韬对记者表示,增城和从化的供应量比较大,本来就不限购,“政策说了除限购的城市之外个人首套房贷首付比例最低为25%,因此如果从市场的角度来看,增城和从化的首套房首付降低并无不合理之处。”   多数城市已执行25%政策   根据融360金融搜索平台春节前发布的今年1月全国银行房贷监测数据,在全国530家银行中,除了一线限购城市,大部分城市已经执行首套房贷首付25%政策。   而二套房方面,全国执行首付最低四成及以下的银行占比63.77%,较去年12月有所增加。   楼市预测:   新政对广州楼市影响有限   “可能有更多的广州周边地区楼盘会吸引广州客去购买,这一政策对生活和工作在交界处的买家的首次置业有帮助。”黄韬表示。   而广州市同创卓越房地产投资顾问有限公司总经理赵卓文则认为,此次降低首付的比例,是针对非限购的城市,“北上广深这些限购城市本就不希望大家购买太多住房,因此首付门槛还是维持,而对于广州周边城市,买房的门槛很低,本来房价就很低,按揭利率也很低,因此周边地方消费能力和购买能力都会被激活。”   赵卓文表示,目前,佛山楼市一年吸引广州至少200亿元的购买力,大佛山地区一年至少三分之一是广州客去买,而中山等区域利用轨道交通也吸引了许多广州客。   但黄韬同时表示,这一政策变化对广州楼市影响有限,广州有固定的客户和吸引力,“预计2016年整体楼市比较乐观,但只会平稳往上涨,幅度大约10%左右。”   赵卓文也认为,广州今年的房价走势将是稳中有升,“受限购等因素影响,炒作也不够,在一线城市中,广州的房价处在被低估的水准,但这种低估不会长久,很可能迎来一个补涨的机会。”   赵卓文预测称,如果限购不放开,上涨幅度大概在10%~15%。   央行一年内三次放松房贷政策   2015年3月   将二套房首付比例降至四成(非限购城市执行),同时公积金贷款首套房首付比例降至20%。   2015年9月   明确在不实施“限购”措施的城市,对居民家庭首次购买普通住房的商业性个人住房贷款,最低首付款比例调整为不低于25%。   2016年2月   央行联合银监发出《关于调整个人住房贷款政策有关问题的通知》,进一步降低了不限购城市的最低首付标准。同时还明确,对拥有一套住房且相应购房贷款未结清的居民家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通住房,最低首付款比例调整为不低于30%。相关的主题文章:

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