Japanese people don’t like it IPhone shipments fell 10% 炙手可热的意思

Japanese people don’t like it? IPhone shipments fell 10% according to "Japan Times" website reported that the market research company MM  Research  Institute recently said that Apple’s iPhone last year in the Japanese market shipments fell 10.6%, to 14 million 730 thousand, since 2008 to enter the market for the first time recorded a decline. IPhone Japan shipped down (pictures from cnBeta) MM  Research  Institute said that this decline is due to the last fall of the listed iPhone  6S and iPhone  6s  Plus sales slump. Although apple still occupies the dominant position in the Japanese mobile phone market, but its market share has dropped from 43.1% in 2014 to 41.2%. SONY ranked second in the market, with a share of 13.9%, accounting for 11.9% of the share of SHARP ranked third. MM  Research  Institute said that shipments and market share of iPhone are expected to decline further as the Japanese communications sector requires mobile operators to review their aggressive purchase subsidy policies. Prior to this, users will receive substantial subsidies when they use smart phones for other carriers, and iPhone will benefit greatly. As apple iPhone sales fell in the state, Android smartphone sales in Japan last year, an increase of 15%, reaching 12 million 850 thousand. In addition,   MM  Research  Institute also said in a report last year, total shipments of smart mobile phone about 27 million 600 thousand, down 0.4%; feature phone shipments fell 22.6%, to 8 million 190 thousand, since the survey started in 2000 for the first time to reach 10 million. 日本人也不喜欢了? iPhone出货同比下降10%   据《日本时报》网站报道,市场调研公司MM Research Institute近日表示,苹果iPhone去年在日本市场的出货量同比下降10.6%,至1473万部,自2008年进入该市场以来首次录得下滑。 iPhone日本出货下降(图片来自cnbeta)   MM Research Institute 表示,这一下滑是因为去年秋季上市的iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus销量低迷。虽然苹果在日本手机市场仍占据统治地位,但其市场份额已 经从2014年的43.1%下降至41.2%。索尼在该市场位居第二,份额达13.9%,占11.9%份额的夏普位居第三。   MM Research Institute称,由于日本通信部门要求移动运营商对其激进的购机补贴政策进行检讨,iPhone的出货量和市场份额预计将会进一步下降。此前,用户在换用其它运营商的智能手机时可获得大幅的补贴,iPhone因而受益不浅。   正当苹果iPhone销量陷入下滑状态,Android智能手机去年的日本销量则同比增长15%,达到1285万部。   另外, MM Research Institute在报告中还称,去年智能手机的总出货量约为2760万部,同比下降0.4%;功能手机的出货量同比下跌22.6%,为819万部,自2000年开始调查以来首次达不到1000万部。相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong stocks by late August to support the purchase of 13178 cattle and 66761 friends pay attent 恋足阁

Hong Kong stocks by late August to support the purchase of 13178 cattle and 66761 friends to the hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference is worthwhile to invest in Hong Kong stocks? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The big city on Friday fell fourth, fell below 23000 points, a friend did not fail, then the deployment of nearly HK $69 million 500 thousand subscription card card and HSI cattle. The cattle license was relatively dispersed, and the cattle certificate from 22300 to 22800 recorded a lot of inflows. The morning once fell below 22800 points, the equivalent of nearly 1230 cattle permit period was recovered. The main drag index for low AIA (1299.HK), reports that the ban on mainland to Hong Kong to buy UnionPay investment insurance, dragged down stock prices about 6% lower this morning. Hong Kong stocks temporarily keep the late August platform supports approximately 22700 points, such as bullish HSI HSI may pay attention to cattle 66761, recover the price of 22300 points, the actual leverage of about 30 times; such as bearish HSI, can pay attention to the Hang Seng Index bear 61894, recover the price of 23500 points, the actual leverage of about 34 times. Also pay attention to the Hang Seng Index as optimistic about the purchase of 12705, the exercise price of 24400 points, 17 years until May, the actual leverage of about 11.8 times; if the bearish may pay attention to HSI 12518, the exercise price of 23000 points, 17 years until February, the actual leverage of about 11.2 times. Following the February union limit to Hong Kong Insurance per card limit on weekend UnionPay has a new policy that is time limit of mainland residents to buy life insurance products for investment in Hong Kong UnionPay card. Refers to the brokerage business accounted for the overall profitability of Hongkong after nearly 4, and the Hong Kong business growth by many mainland residents insured support, short-term stock price will be under pressure, most of the mainland brokerage refers to the client through the check and bank draft to pay the premium, the real impact is not too large. AIA opened 6% lower this morning, the stock price temporarily stay in August several lows, about 48 yuan. If you are optimistic about AIA rebound, you can pay attention to AIA buy 13178, the exercise price of 59.9 yuan, 17 years in May expires, the actual leverage is about 11 times. If the bearish may pay attention to sell AIA 12591, the exercise price of 46 yuan, 17 years until February, the actual leverage of about 11.5 times. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

港股守8月下旬支持 留意恒指牛66761友邦购13178 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   大市上周五连跌第4日,跌穿23000点,好友未言败,再近6950万港元部署恒指牛证及认购证。牛证加仓条款相对分散,由22300点至22800点的牛证均录得不少流入。恒指今早曾一度跌穿22800点大关,相等于近1230张期指的恒指牛证被收回。主要拖低恒指的为友邦保险(1299.HK),报导指内地禁止以银联来港购买投资性寿险,拖累股价今早低开约6%。港股暂守8月下旬平台区支持约22700点,如看好恒指,可留意恒指牛66761,收回价22300点,实际杠杆约30倍;如看淡恒指,可留意恒指熊61894,收回价23500点,实际杠杆约34倍。如看好亦可留意恒指购12705,行使价24400点,17年5月到期,实际杠杆约11.8倍;如看淡可留意恒指沽12518,行使价23000点,17年2月到期,实际杠杆约11.2倍。   继2月份银联限制来港投保每单刷卡金额上限,上周末银联有新政策,是次限制内地居民以银联卡来港购买投资性寿险产品。有券商指毕竟香港业务占整体盈利近4成,而且本港业务增长不少靠内地居民的投保支持,短期股价将面临压力,有券商则指大部分内地客户透过支票及银行汇票交保费,对实质影响未必太大。友邦今早低开6%,股价暂守8月份几个低位约48元。如看好友邦反弹,可留意友邦购13178,行使价59.9元,17年5月到期,实际杠杆约11倍。如看淡可留意友邦沽12591,行使价46元,17年2月到期,实际杠杆约11.5倍。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Guangzhou railway tunnel through the first permanent refresh in recent 20 years in Yunnan tunnel con 重庆文理学院校歌

The first permanent Guangzhou railway long tunnel through the refresh nearly 20 years long tunnel construction in the new network for the record – pride of mountain tunnel through the construction personnel in the study of rock salt corrosive geological Zhang Weiming photo Beijing Kunming 9 23 (Chen Jing Zhang Weiming), 22, a reporter from the China Railway 11th Bureau, after the construction of nearly 3 years the Chengdu Kunming railway expansion renovation project permanent (ren) wide (pass) – the first railway long mountain tunnel tunnel through the whole project, ahead of 10 months than planned period, refresh nearly 20 years in construction of railway tunnel construction record. The pride of mountain tunnel is located in the territory of Yunnan Prefecture of Chuxiong Province, a total length of 13406 meters, three for the import export line, double line tunnel, the tunnel maximum depth of 605 meters. The tunnel through the salt rock stratum is mainly sandy mudstone, calcareous mudstone, salt rock and calcareous mudstone, with local medium expansion, through 3 faults, complex geological structure, with the risk of collapse, expansive rock deformation is permanent, Guangzhou railway construction mileage, the risk coefficient is highest, the most difficult construction of key control project. Eleven Bureau of China Railway Group permanent Guangzhou Railway Engineering Command commander Liu Zubin said, "the pride of mountain tunnel construction difficulties that containing sulfate and chloride corrosion of complex geology, like holes in the salt and gypsum, and reinforced concrete in water is extremely easy to corrosion and rust, successful cases of domestic reference is not much." The pride of mountain tunnel is rich in sulfate and chloride in water, extremely easy to cause the corrosion of steel bars, crystal block expansion tunnel drainage pipeline, resulting in tunnel lining structure is destroyed. During construction, the construction unit has invited well-known experts to the scene Zuozhen pulse, through encryption, expanding the vertical and horizontal blind drainage, encryption two lining reinforced concrete, improve concrete strength and enhance the compactness of concrete and other measures to effectively solve the salt rock strong corrosion resistance and a series of technical problems. Yong Guang railway is an important part of the National Southwest railway network and Chengdu Kunming railway expansion renovation project in Sichuan Province, north of Panzhihua, South Guangkun railway, bridge and tunnel length of 120.42 kilometers, accounting for the line is 85.5%. The 4 stations of new Yongren, Xin Kang, Yuanmou West and big tree are designed as first class double line electrified railway, and the speed target value of passenger train is 160 kilometers per hour. The Chengdu Kunming railway expansion renovation project completed, through the passenger express railway common line, only 7 hours from Kunming to Chengdu, from Kunming to 2 hours to reach Panzhihua, Yunnan and Sichuan Province to promote the two and even the whole southwest logistics, personnel exchanges, promote economic and social development of South West area. (end)

永广铁路第一长隧贯通 刷新云南近20年长大隧道施工纪录-中新网 图为骄子山隧道贯通后施工人员在研究盐岩强腐蚀性地质 张伟明 摄   中新网昆明9月23日电(陈静 张伟明)22日,记者从中铁十一局获悉,经过近3年的建设,成昆铁路扩能改造工程永(仁)广(通)铁路第一长隧――骄子山隧道全隧贯通,较计划工期提前了10个月,刷新了近20年来云南铁路建设长大隧道施工纪录。   骄子山隧道位于云南省楚雄州境内,全长13406米,为进口三线,出口双线隧道,全隧最大埋深605米。隧道穿越地层主要为含盐岩砂质泥岩、灰质泥岩、含盐岩灰质泥岩,局部具有中等膨胀性,共穿越3条断层,地质构造复杂,具有塌方、膨胀岩变形等风险,是永广铁路施工里程最长、风险系数最高、施工难度最大的重点控制性工程。   中铁十一局集团永广铁路工程指挥部指挥长刘祖彬称,“骄子山隧道施工难点在于含硫酸盐和氯盐强腐蚀性复杂地质,就像是在盐和石膏里打洞,钢筋和混泥土遇到水极易腐蚀生锈,国内可借鉴的成功案例不多。”   骄子山隧道内富含硫酸盐和氯盐,遇水极易造成钢筋腐蚀,产生晶体膨胀堵塞隧道排水管道,导致隧道衬砌结构被破坏。隧道建设过程中,建设单位多次邀请国内知名专家到现场坐诊把脉,通过加密、扩大纵、横向盲管引流,加密二衬混凝土钢筋,提高混凝土标号,提升混凝土密实度等措施,有效解决了盐岩强腐蚀性等一系列技术难题。   永广铁路是全国西南铁路网和成昆铁路扩能改造工程的重要组成部分,北接四川省攀枝花,南接广昆复线,全长120.42公里,桥隧占线路总长85.5%。全线新建永仁、新康、元谋西、大树村4个车站,设计为Ⅰ级双线电气化铁路,开行旅客列车速度目标值为160公里每小时。   待成昆铁路扩能改造工程全线贯通后,通过这条客货共用的快速铁路线,从昆明到成都仅需7小时,从昆明到攀枝花2小时到达,能够促进滇川两省乃至整个西南地区的人员、物流往来,推动西南地区经济社会发展。(完)相关的主题文章:

Long news financial no matter bull and gold 刘宇陆

Dragon financial news: whether the bull market and hold gold hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of shares of newly diagnosed rating source: simulated trading client dragon financial news Author: Jinyuxinzhi since opening in 2016, the global market is turbulent, the influx of capital for the precious metals market to hedge, gold rose sharply. From the lowest point of $last December, $1046.2 per ounce, up to $1263.21 in February 11th, gold rose 20%, gold has become a star in the eyes of investors, once again shining light. Now, although it has fallen, it still stands above $1220 an ounce, accumulating strength and waiting for the opportunity to continue to rise. See a reason — massive Masukura mechanism. Since the beginning of this year, the agency has increased its holdings of gold, and the world’s largest ETF gold fund, SPDR, has increased its holdings of gold for more than 60 tons in the past 15 months. At present, SPDR gold ETF position has reached 752.29, is the highest since March 2015. The total number of gold this year, ETF Masukura has more than 2015 to lighten up. Gold futures in futures markets continued to rise; the Shanghai gold exchange delivery volume soared, and the total delivery volume in January was expected to exceed 800 tons, at least 4 times higher than the same period last year. In addition, even the European central banks that have sold net all the time have now become net buyers. Under the strong support of institutional positions, gold remained strong. More reason two – negative interest rate Japan central bank behavior to promote economic growth, decided to adopt a negative interest rate policy, joined Denmark, the euro zone, Sweden and the Swiss central bank ranks. At present, about 1/4 of the world’s economies face some form of negative interest rates and weak growth, and even the Federal Reserve does not rule out the possibility of negative interest rates in the future. This makes the market surprise. Gold is affected by the interest rate environment, and rising interest rates will make it unattractive. However, the global deflation environment has led to the negative interest rates of multinational currencies. Gold has been sought after as hard currency, and the attraction has been greatly increased. See more reason three – the Fed rate hike probability drops, the Fed interest rate is undoubtedly closely related to the price of gold. Last year, the Fed’s interest rate hike has been the most powerful weapon to suppress gold bulls. At present, the Federal Reserve has completed its first interest rate hike in nearly ten years, but this year is still faced with the interest rate hike. However, since the start of the global market volatility, stocks rise 6 years probably will end, the economy is still in a difficult situation China superposition of three, the U.S. economic recovery in the external environment is not optimistic. This could affect the recovery of the US economy. From the economic data released recently, the U.S. manufacturing sector weakness, inflation has eased, like a stagflation signal. Gold is the best configuration of stagflation period. It’s too early to say that gold is back in the bull market, but we can, for the time being, bear the gold. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

龙讯财经:不论牛市且持黄金 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   来源:龙讯财经 作者:今雨新知   2016年开年以来,全球市场动荡不安,资金纷纷涌入贵金属市场寻求避险,促成黄金大幅上涨。从去年12月最低点每盎司1046.2美元算起,到2月11日最高为1263.21美元,黄金涨幅达20%,黄金一举成为投资者眼中的明星,再度发出熠熠之光。如今虽然有所回落,但仍然站在每盎司1220美元之上,积蓄力量,等待时机继续走高。   看多理由一――机构大举增仓。   今年以来,机构大举增持黄金,全球最大的ETF黄金基金SPDR在过去一个月里,连续15次增持黄金,总计超过60吨。目前,SPDR黄金ETF的持仓量已经达到752.29,是自2015年3月以来的最高位。今年黄金ETF增仓的数量已经超过2015年减仓的总和。期货市场黄金净多头持续上涨;上海黄金交易所交割量大幅飙升,整个1月份交割量预计超过800吨,比去年同期至少高出4倍。此外,就连一直以来净卖出的欧洲各国央行,目前也已变为净买方。在机构的持仓的强大支撑下,黄金保持强势。   看多理由二――负利率   日本央行为促进经济增长,决定采用负利率政策,加入了丹麦、欧元区、瑞典与瑞士央行的行列。目前,全球大约有四分之一的经济体面临某种形式的负利率以及增长乏力,甚至连美联储也不排除未来采取负利率的可能。这让市场大跌眼镜。黄金受到利率环境的影响很大,利率上升将使其缺乏吸引力。但全球的通缩环境使得多国货币进入负利率,黄金作为硬通货得到追捧,吸引力大增。   看多理由三――美联储加息概率下降   美联储加息无疑与金价关系密切。去年,美联储加息一直是压制黄金多头的最强大武器。目前,美联储已经完成了近十年来的首次加息,但今年仍面临这多次加息。然而开年以来全球市场波动剧烈,美股6年上涨趋势恐将终结,中国经济仍处于三期叠加的困难格局,美国经济复苏的外部环境并不乐观。这可能影响美国经济的进一步复苏。从近日公布的经济数据来看,美国制造业出现疲软,通胀却有所缓和,似有滞涨信号发出。而黄金则是滞涨时期的最佳配置。   虽然现在提到黄金重回牛市还为时过早,但我们可以暂且不论牛熊,持有黄金便好。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The four key areas of investment in 2016 on a country 山东大学校园卡

In 2016 on the A shares of the national investment in four key areas of sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using the package into 2016, steady growth policy will focus on force, steady growth of investment as an important support, will continue to play the guiding role of the government to promote social capital investment in key areas, at the same time with the speeding up tax reform, expand the scale of financing, an important measure to revitalize the stock of assets. 11 investment project development and Reform Commission package; 6 consumption engineering; three national strategy: "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy, the Yangtze River economic belt construction; national development and Reform Commission, director of the international cooperation capacity Xu Shaoshi recently in a briefing about 2015 Chinese economic situation and social development that investment plays a key role in the economic growth, and consumption play a fundamental role in economic growth, so the investment in economic growth plays an important role, because of China’s industrialization and urbanization continues to accelerate, the investment demand is still great, is also a great space. Xu Shaoshi pointed out that for a long time, rely on investment and resources to promote economic growth, to make the investment more effectively, we must establish an overall requirements, which make up the short board, structural adjustment, the general requirements must be followed. Adjust the structure of fixed assets investment in 2016 to make up the short board,, involves three problems: one is for what? Investment is concentrated in four aspects, that is "11+6+3+1", which is the 11 investment projects of national development and Reform Commission LED package; 6 consumption engineering; three national strategy: "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy, the Yangtze River economic belt construction; "1" is the international cooperation capacity. Xu Shaoshi said that investment focuses on affordable housing projects, food, water conservancy, the Midwest railway, science and technology innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection and ecological construction, as well as education, medical, cultural undertakings. In the past two years, there is a key point, namely, poverty alleviation. Two who is going to vote? Because now the government investment is not large, the national development and Reform Commission master budget for investment in a year is about $500 billion a year, compared with the total fixed asset investment of 50 trillion yuan so who must solve an utterly inadequate measure, the problem of investment. National Development and Reform Commission to master the funds mainly used in public welfare projects, as a guide fund, through investment and financing system reform, to attract social investment. For example, through franchising, PPP model to attract social investment. The three is how to vote? In recent years, the reform of investment and financing is relatively large, political, silver, enterprise, society four major parts, enterprises mainly refers to some state-owned enterprises, the society mainly refers to the private economy and other social investment entities. The investment is divided into three parts, namely the construction of infrastructure investment, the investment in 2015 growth rate is relatively large, year-on-year growth of more than 17%; and the two part is the investment and real estate investment in manufacturing industry, in the current economic slowdown, the two part of the investment growth rate is not high. The national development and Reform Commission this year will also through the investment and financing system reform, better make good use of government investment, better attract social investment, so that investment in economic increase theory

2016年有关A股的国家四大重点投资领域 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   步入2016年,一揽子稳增长的政策仍将集中发力,投资作为稳增长重要支撑,将继续发挥政府引导作用,带动社会资本投资重点领域,同时辅以加快推进财税改革、扩大地方融资规模、盘活存量资产等重要措施。   发改委牵头的11个投资工程包;6大消费工程;国家三大战略:“一带一路”战略、京津冀协同发展战略、长江经济带建设;国际产能合作   国家发改委主任徐绍史近日在介绍2015年中国经济形势和社会发展的有关情况时表示,投资在经济增长中起关键作用,而消费在经济增长中起基础性作用,所以投资在经济增长中扮演着重要的角色,因为我国工业化、城镇化还在加快推进,投资的需求还很大、空间也很大。   徐绍史指出,很长一段时间以来,靠投资和资源的投入来拉动经济增长,要使投资更加有效,必须确立一个总体要求,即补短板、调结构,这个总要求必须遵循。   2016年固定资产投资补短板、调结构,涉及三大问题:   一是投什么? 投资集中在四个方面,也就是“11+6+3+1”,即国家发改委牵头的11个投资工程包;6大消费工程;国家三大战略:“一带一路”战略、京津冀协同发展战略、长江经济带建设;“1”是国际产能合作。   徐绍史表示,投资重点涵盖保障性安居工程、粮食、水利、中西部铁路、科技创新、节能环保和生态建设以及教育、医疗、文化事业。近两年还有一个重点,就是脱贫攻坚。   二是谁来投?因为现在政府的投资并不大,国家发改委掌握的预算内投资一年大概也就是5000亿元左右,与一年全社会固定资产投资50多万亿元相比杯水 车薪,所以必须解决谁来投的问题。国家发改委掌握的资金主要用在公益性的项目上,作为一种引导资金,通过投融资体制改革,吸引社会投资。比如说通过特许经 营、PPP模式来吸引社会投资。   三是怎么投?近几年,投融资改革力度比较大,政、银、企、社四大部分,企业主要是指一些国企,社会主要指民营经济和社会其他投资主体。投资分三部分, 即基础设施建设投资,这项投资2015年增长的幅度比较大,同比增长幅度超过17%;另外两部分是制造业投资和房地产投资,在当前经济放缓的情况下,这两 部分投资增长幅度并不大。国家发改委今年还会通过投融资体制改革,更好地用好政府性投资,更好地吸引社会投资,让投资在经济增长当中发挥关键性作用。(证券日报 沈明) 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Private banks struggle for the rich, and wealth management agencies join the war 中央音乐学院教务

Private banks struggle for the white hot, wealth management agencies join the war, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same kind of products for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The private bank "rich battle intensified the wealth management institutions to join the fray – reporter Zhang Xin private bank is becoming key standard listed bank earnings in the middle of this year, 14 listed banks are presented," the rich battle "is intense. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, from the private banking business "eer" — the average size of assets under management indicators, the championship is still followed by China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Minsheng Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, CITIC Bank and Agricultural Bank of china. It is worth mentioning that, the leading private banking business listed banks invariably set the business force point for family trust, while professional wealth management agencies also joined the war situation. 14 listed banks recommend private banks to remove 3 newly listed banks (not disclosed in the full text of the report) of 16 listed banks, there are 14 banks in the report "recommend" private banking business. Among them, there are 7 listed banks to disclose the private banking business "eer" — the average size of assets under management. The index is still the champion of China Merchants Bank, as of June 30, 2016, the bank private banking customers (refer to the company on average total assets of 10 million yuan and above the retail customers) number 53954, a 10.04% increase over the previous year; private banking clients manage total assets of 14237 yuan, up 13.70% over the previous year. The average assets of 26 million 390 thousand yuan. The second is the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the bank as of mid year private banking customers in more than 17 thousand companies, the management of private banking clients with financial assets of more than 320 billion yuan, the average financial assets of about 20 million yuan. Followed by, the Minsheng Bank of household assets under management 19 million 320 thousand yuan, industrial and Commercial Bank of the household assets 16 million 140 thousand yuan, CITIC Bank household management assets of 15 million 230 thousand yuan, 11 million 720 thousand yuan of household assets under management of Agricultural Bank of China Everbright Bank, household assets under Management 9 million 190 thousand yuan. In addition, construction bank, Bank of China, Bank of communications, Beijing bank, industrial bank, Bank of Nanjing and Ping An Bank have promoted private banking business from different angles". The main focus of the family trust management agencies to join the war, from the description of listed banks, the focus of private banking business "incision" is the family trust business. The first statement of ICBC’s private banking business is to promote the wealth management business of the ICBC family, to meet the growing demand for family wealth management and inheritance of the highly valued net worth customers, and to promote the development of private banking to high-end and customized direction". The Bank of Beijing deep market for high net worth clients, as of the reporting period has set up a family trust 129, the domestic private banking and trust industry second, the average scale ranks first in the industry. The Construction Bank also stressed that private banks to build on

私人银行富人争夺战白热化 财富管理机构加入战局 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   私人银行“富人争夺战”白热化 财富管理机构加入战局   ■本报记者 张 歆   私人银行正在成为上市银行财报中标配的关键词,今年中期,14家上市银行对此进行了推介,“富人争夺战”可谓白热化。   据《证券日报》记者统计,从私人银行业务的“能效比”——户均管理资产规模指标来看,冠军依旧是招商银行,其后分别是浦发银行、民生银行、工商银行、中信银行和农业银行。   值得一提的是,领军私人银行业务的上市银行不约而同将业务的发力点设定为家族信托,同时,专业的财富管理机构也加入战局。   14家上市银行   “推介”私人银行   除去新上市的3家银行(未披露中报全文)的16家上市银行中,有14家银行在中报中“推介”私人银行业务。其中,共有7家上市银行披露了私人银行业务的“能效比”——户均管理资产规模。该指标的冠军依旧是招商银行,截至2016年6月30日,该行私人银行客户(指在本公司月日均总资产在1000万元及以上的零售客户)数为53954户,较上年末增长10.04%;管理的私人银行客户总资产为14237亿元,较上年末增长13.70%,户均资产2639万元。   排名第二的是浦发银行,该行截至今年中期私人银行客户数超过1.7万户,公司管理私人银行客户金融资产超过3200亿元,户均金融资产约2000万元。排在其后的分别是,民生银行户均管理资产1932万元,工商银行今户均资产1614万元,中信银行户均管理资产1523万元,农业银行户均管理资产1172万元,光大银行户均管理资产919万元。   此外,建设银行、中国银行、交通银行、北京银行、兴业银行、南京银行、平安银行均从不同角度对私人银行业务进行了“推介”。   主攻家族信托   资管机构加入战局   从上市银行的描述来看,私人银行业务的重点“切口”是家族信托业务。   工商银行私人银行业务的第一句描述就是“推动工银家族财富管理业务,满足极高净值客户日益增长的家族财富管理和传承需求,推动私人银行业务向高端化、定制化方向发展”。北京银行深耕高净值客户市场,截至报告期末共成立家族信托129笔,居国内私人银行及信托业第二位、户均受托规模居行业首位。建设银行也强调,打造私人银行专属产品服务体系,发展家族信托等拳头产品。   事实上,部分专业财富管理机构也将目光投向了家族信托业务。   宜信创始人、CEO唐宁认为,对于中国高净值群体来说,家族信托应该是一个标配:“把家族信托的结构打造好、搭建好,把家族信托中的投资做好,回报是完全能够支持富过三代,甚至富及永远的。”而宜信财富将以匠人精神为客户精心打造家族信托这个精品。   “家族信托的设立时间是一个漫长的过程,不是说今天想设立,明天马上就可以完毕,它跟买银行理财产品是不同的概念,其中牵扯到法律相关文件的因素和条款,所有一般设立的时间是3个月,如果家庭环境比较复杂的话,那么时间将达半年甚至更久”,宜信财富(香港)执行董事周丽华表示,“如果有设立家族信托的需求,高净值客户确实需要早做规划”。   当然,紧盯财富管理业务的“互联网+公司”并不仅仅包括宜信,“BAT”也在发挥各自的优势进军高净值人群的财富管理,只不过路径和侧重点各有特色。   “高净值客户对于财富管理机构的重要性是不言而喻的,因为这些客户以及其背后的实业往往同时是银行对公业务、零售业务的重要客户,综合开发的价值极高”,有股份制银行人士对《证券日报》记者表示。   从上市银行披露出来的数据来看,高净值客户对于银行的贡献度确实非常高:北京银行今年中期财富管理业务实现中间业务收入3.68亿元,同比增长51%,高端客户规模及贡献占比持续提升,VIP客户管理资产余额达3574.2亿元,VIP客户资产占总体零售客户资产比例达到82%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

For equity capital can make the Wuchang for war was revived 人参娘吧

For equity capital for the war was going on whether the Wuchang revived hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger on a guide for equity capital for the war was going on can make "Wuchang fish" over a set up less than two months of consecutive placards claiming to Wuchang, for control in the capital Daozu under fish fate downs again "investor" reporter to "just drink water Changsha Jin Jing, Wuchang Yu food. The Yangtze River crossing, and Chu Tianshu." This is Mao Zedong published in the "poetry" in January 1957 "Prelude To Water Melody? Swimming in the poem ". Since then, he jumped into Longmen to become Wuhan Wuchang, specialty. In the A stock market, also has a "wuchang. However, different from the specialty of Wuchang, this "article" Wuchang listed since 2000 there is little attention. Until recently, Wuchang was founded less than two months, in a series of continuous placards, chase SSE three letters of enquiry, Wuchang placards party finally admitted to the shell "". Remain silent Wuchang large shareholders also said publicly for the first time "resolute opposition" and accused the party placards seriously interfere with the listed company’s development pace. Why Wuchang received the Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiry letter has not comment, until the third letter inquiry letter to sound? The establishment of the company less than two months of continuous placards, behind it has a kind of support? Wuchang and will take what measures to deal with continuous placards? The future will decide on what path to follow? With these questions, the reporter contacted the "investor" Wuchang, unfortunately failed to receive a reply. To eat fish for Naban from September 21st to September 23rd, the mayor of Yichang gold equity partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the "gold investment") through the two level market for buying Wuchang shares totaled 25 million 450 thousand shares, holdings accounted for 5%, triggering placards. In addition, long gold investment also high-profile claims that in the next six months will continue to increase wuchangyu not less than 25 million 430 thousand shares. In addition to gold investment, and other companies are also fighting wuchangyu. According to the annual report shows the contents of Wuchang, the second largest shareholder of the company is the Wuhan stock Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "fidelity fidelity"), holds a 4.85% stake in the company. According to the September 28th Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry, which said the existence of the relationship between joint fidelity and Li Bingqing a total of 13 shareholder accounts, suspected to constitute concerted action. As of September 26th, the total account holding more than 10% of the total share capital of wuchang. In the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the other 13 shareholders at fidelity account, in the period from September 29th to October 10th, long gold investment to continue to overweight Xichou, Wuchang shareholding increased to 7.02%. As of now, the relevant parties have together hold 17.51% wuchangyu, and Wuchang controlling shareholder shareholding ratio of 20.77%. For gold investment and fidelity of

股权争夺大战正酣 资本争食能否令武昌鱼“咸鱼翻生” 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 全国投顾大赛:偷看投顾大王捉妖股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   股权争夺大战正酣 资本争食能否令武昌鱼“咸鱼翻生”   一家成立不到两个月的公司连续举牌武昌鱼,并声称是为控制权而来,在资本刀俎之下,鱼肉的命运再次起伏   《投资者报》记者 向劲静   “才饮长沙水,又食武昌鱼。万里长江横渡,极目楚天舒。”这是毛泽东于1957年1月在《诗刊》上发表的《水调歌头?游泳》中的诗句。自此,武昌鱼便跳进龙门,成为武汉招牌菜。   在A股市场里,也有“一条”武昌鱼。不过,与招牌菜武昌鱼不同的是,这“条”武昌鱼自2000年上市以来就很少受外界关注。   直至近期,武昌鱼才被一家成立不到两个月的公司连续举牌,在上交所三封问询函的连环追击下,武昌鱼的举牌方终于承认“为壳而来”。而一直保持缄默的武昌鱼大股东也首次公开表示“坚决反对”,并指责举牌方严重干扰上市公司的发展节奏。   为何武昌鱼收到上交所问询函迟迟不表态,直到第三封问询函才发声?成立不到两个月的公司连续举牌,其背后有着怎样的支持?武昌鱼又将采取怎样的措施应对连续举牌?未来又将何去何从?带着这些问题,《投资者报》记者联系采访武昌鱼,很遗憾未能得到相关回复。   争相吃鱼为哪般   9月21日至9月23日,宜昌市长金股权合伙企业(有限合伙)(下称“长金投资”)通过二级市场连续买入武昌鱼股票共计2545万股,持股占比达5%,触发举牌。此外,长金投资还高调声称,在未来半年内将继续增持武昌鱼股份不低于2543万股。   除了长金投资以外,还有另一家公司也在争抢武昌鱼股份。根据武昌鱼半年报内容显示,公司的第二大股东是武汉联富达投资管理有限公司(下称“联富达”),持有公司4.85%的股份。根据9月28日上交所下发的问询函,其中称联富达、李冰清等共计13名股东账户存在关联关系,疑似构成一致行动人。而截至9月26日,上述账户共计持股超过武昌鱼总股本的10%。   就在上交所盯上联富达等13名股东账户时,在9月29日至10月10日期间,长金投资继续加码吸筹,对武昌鱼持股增加到7.02%。截至目前,相关各方已合计持有17.51%的武昌鱼股份,而武昌鱼的控股股东持股比例为20.77%。   针对长金投资和联富达等13名股东增持武昌鱼股份,上交所多次发函追问,举牌资金是否有意通过增持或其他形式成为公司的控股股东,谋求控制权。最终,长金投资承认,就是为了谋求控制权,拟继续增持武昌鱼,并表示资金来源是自有资金或其他合法途径自筹资金,不存在对外杠杆融资。   一时间,市场对长金投资的说法表示质疑,一家刚成立不到两个月的公司哪来如此多的资金?到底是有着怎样的背景?   记者查阅工商资料发现,长金投资注册资本10亿元,成立于今年9月2日。其有限合伙人有两家,实际出资额最大的是长安信托(出资2.97亿元),其次是烟台迎硕商贸有限公司(出资1.5亿元),主要管理者普通合伙人为宜昌绿色产业基金有限公司,而长安信托则是持有该公司30%的股东。   有业内人士表示,信托公司应该只是想要短期参与一下,其主要目的是在获得超额投资收益后选择退出。   一条无主见的鱼   到底是谁举牌武昌鱼,更令人好奇的是,武昌鱼到底是怎样的一家公司?   武昌鱼是湖北省鄂州市的公司,目前主要从事淡水鱼类及其他水产品养殖。根据最新的财务数据来看,今年三季度,武昌鱼的营业收入为757万元,同比下滑6%;亏损2305万元,同比增亏20%。   在上市之初,武昌鱼是湖北省农业产业化的龙头企业,主营业务是淡水养殖、鱼品加工和市场摊位出租。但由于行业竞争加剧,水产品价格的不断下调,公司上市后的业绩呈现不断下滑趋势。就武昌鱼历年三季报业绩来看,上市16年,净利润只有3次为正数,其余均为负数。   自2002年6月,福布斯富豪翦英海掌控的华普产业集团带着3亿元现金介入武昌鱼,便开始对武昌鱼进行各种调整。同年,武昌鱼便开始转型做房地产。   原本,武昌鱼和鄂州市当地政府以为遇到一个“贵人”相助,必定能够使其业绩增长。事实却是,武昌鱼的业绩每况愈下,业绩由最初的盈利转为亏损再到负债累累,各项财务指标都出现严重恶化。   根据公开资料显示,武昌鱼2002年的净利润是3882万元,华普入主后,2003年的净利润却只有109万元,2004年前三季度竟然亏损了3472万元;2001年武昌鱼的资产负债率只有16.2%,然而在华普入主的当年,武昌鱼的资产负债突然快速上升到65.71%,其后这一指标一直保持在65%以上;公司在2001年底的应收账款余额为1046万元,2002年年底突然就飙升到1亿元,增长了10倍,其后该指标始终保持在1个亿左右。   房产拯救业绩的希望破灭后,武昌鱼便从2012年开启三年重复重组同一资产――黔锦矿业的模式,但无论武昌鱼多么执着,最终都是以失败而告终。到如今,武昌鱼还是回归了渔业。   那么,暂时稳定主业的武昌鱼接下来是否还会继续调整主营业务?虽然记者未能得到公司正面回复,但透过此前公司发布的公告所给出的信号看出,接下来武昌鱼将继续寻求通过收购、兼并等方式择机植入资产,但效果如何不得而知。   如此看来,武昌鱼何时能翻身,何时为投资者创造福利,仍然是一个谜。   媒体曾经在2005年发布一篇文章《致董事长的一封信:武昌鱼主业瘫痪、副业荒废》,文章作者写到:“华普集团的到来,让武昌鱼‘很受伤’,而作为华普集团的实际控制人,武昌鱼新一任的董事长翦英海,如何能让投资者不再受伤呢?”   如今,记者依然想将此问题再次抛给武昌鱼的实际控制人翦英海,并追问,为何11年过去了,武昌鱼依然“伤痕累累”?■ 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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The perspective of bank acceptance arbitrage chaos – Sohu financial     A stock market volatility, let the bank acceptance bill (the notes) called the bill market most security products become rough after naked. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Beijing branch of Agricultural Bank of China broke out 3 billion 900 million yuan drafts after the case, the Lanzhou branch of China CITIC Bank also broke the 900 million yuan banknote case. Half of the month, found that the Yangtze River Daily reporter survey, most security Yinpiao described as chaos. Related stock movements lack real trade background by hand after being washed Yinpiao yellow white, capital into the stock market, but also the use of the bill bill intermediary window, out of thin air from the bank to cash, some defective drafts or even false drafts are pushed to the P2P platform sales, making trade between the original organization drafts and ordinary investors "connected to the head". If the stock market does not collapse, the risk of the instrument may not extend to the banking system." On the eve of the Spring Festival, Wuhan a ‘cattle to the Yangtze River Daily reporter said that the stock market volatility, the funds were deep set, leading to the risk of payment drafts. Public information shows, from the second half of 2014, the bill assets become banks competing for the target, as of the end of 11 last year, the financial institutions loans caliber bill balance reached 4 trillion and 600 billion yuan. However, Yinpiao risk has attracted attention of regulators. At the end of 2015, China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a document requiring banking financial institutions to comprehensively strengthen the risk management of bill business. The bank suffered a series of "black swan" successive exposure drafts cases caused by social attention. In January 22nd, ABC announced that the Bank of Beijing branch purchase resale business risk event occurred, involving the amount of 3 billion 915 million yuan. And in the market speculation that the bill of up to 3 billion 900 million yuan when the case occurred, in January 28th, CITIC Bank issued a statement, confirmed that its branch of Lanzhou did not honor the risk of events, involving 969 million yuan of venture capital. At present, the police have investigated the two cases. Changjiang Daily reporter noted that, as of now, although the specific details of the bank and CITIC Bank were not to disclose the risk of bill assets outbreak, but from the previous media reports, the bill rediscount business in bank notes are internal staff illegal removal, discounted cash flow into the stock market. Citic bank notes are misappropriated funds by intermediaries. However, these claims have not yet been officially confirmed. In February 2nd, a joint-stock bank Wuhan branch Li Bing (a pseudonym) told the Yangtze Daily reporter, enterprises in the bank issued bank acceptances to the payee, the payee transferable notes in circulation among the enterprises, such as to obtain cash enterprises to obtain drafts, you can apply to the bank discount, payment of interest bill transfer to the bank, after the bill can be traded between banks (i.e. the discount), until maturity finally held by the bank to the Bank of the initial issuance of bills. In the view of the person, as long as the bank strictly implement the existing important evidence, assets and warehousing rules and regulations, the bank has been trading assets will not be two transactions. If the previous report is true, ABC bill John 透视银行承兑汇票套利乱象-搜狐财经     A股市场持续波动,让银行承兑汇票(简称银票)这个被称为票据市场最安全的产品成为大浪之后的裸泳者。   春节前夕,继农行北京分行爆发39亿元银票案后,中信银行兰州分行又爆出9亿元的银票案。半月来,长江商报记者调查发现,最安全的银票可谓乱象丛生。 相关公司股票走势 缺乏真实贸易背景的银票经黄牛倒手后被洗白,资金流入股市,而票据中介也利用票据窗口期,无中生有从银行套现,部分有瑕疵的银票甚至是虚假银票被推至P2P平台上销售,使得原本机构间交易的银票与普通投资者“接上了头”。  “如果不是股市经历暴跌,票据风险可能不会延伸至银行体系。”春节前夕,武汉一名银票黄牛向长江商报记者表示,股市波动幅度大,资金被深套,导致银票出现兑付风险。  公开信息显示,从2014年下半年开始,票据资产成为银行竞相争夺目标,截至去年11月末,金融机构贷款口径票据余额达4.6万亿元。  不过,银票风险已引起监管层高度重视。2015年底,银监会发文要求银行业金融机构全面加强票据业务风险管理。  银行票据接连遭遇“黑天鹅”  接连被曝光的银票案件引发社会高度关注。  1月22日,农行发布公告称,该行北京分行票据买入返售业务发生重大风险事件,涉及金额39.15亿元。而就在市场猜测这笔高达39亿元的票据案何以发生之时,1月28日,中信银行发布公告,证实其兰州分行发生票据无法兑付风险事件,涉及风险资金9.69亿元。目前,警方已对这两起案件立案侦查。  长江商报记者注意到,截至目前,虽然农行与中信银行均未披露票据资产风险爆发的具体细节,但从此前媒体报道来看,农行票据系在转贴现业务中的票据被内部员工违规取出、贴现,资金流入股市。中信银行的票据则是被中介挪用资金。不过,这些说法尚未得到官方证实。  2月2日,一股份制银行武汉分行人士李冰(化名)向长江商报记者表示,企业在银行开具银行承兑汇票支付给收款人,收款人可以背书转让票据,在企业间流转,如有企业取得银票后想获得现金,可以向银行申请贴现,支付利息后票据转让给银行,之后该票据可以在银行间互相交易(即转贴现),直到票据到期时最后持有的银行向最初开具票据的银行托收。在该人士看来,只要按照银行严格执行现有的重要凭证、资产出入库有关规章制度,银行已经交易的资产不会出现被二次交易的情况。如果此前报道属实,农行票据案不属于资产信用案,而只是属于一起管理案,系内部管理和操作风险。  浙江宁波一银行分行人士向长江商报记者表示,银票开具之时,银行给予信用支持,企业无钱付款,银行会依约给持票人付款。该人士称,中信银行出现银票兑付风险,资金被挪用的可能性较大。  其实,除了银行体系暴露银票风险外,被推至P2P平台销售的票据资产风险或早已暗存。  2014年12月底,位于深圳的票据理财平台中汇在线突然无法兑付。后经相关部门查实,该平台利用票据循环套现,一票多卖导致资金链断裂,公司老板卷款潜逃。  不过,银票风险已引起监管层高度重视。去年底,银监会发布《关于票据业务风险提示的通知》,要求银行业金融机构全面加强票据业务风险管理。  银票违规贴现背后的利益链  银票风险爆发的背后,或许是银行、企业及票据中介存在的利益链。  “你想找黄牛,我给你介绍一个。”长江商报记者在采访时,李冰表示,有黄牛帮助方便操作,比如没有真实贸易背景的银票亦可贴现、再贴现等。  长江商报记者了解到,黄牛穿梭于银行、持票人之间左右倒腾,从中吃差价和手续费,而原本一些存在瑕疵的银票被洗白,如虚构的贸易公司及贸易往来等,从而成功从银行贴现。  一名黄牛向长江商报记者透露,票据中介大多与多家银行保持有密切关系,能控制几个银行同业户,他们能玩转票据期限错配,从中赚取差价,在票据交易中无成本滚动,从中形成资金沉淀并用来投资。此外,还能将一些大银行不能合规持有的票据通过小银行、区域性银行当通道过桥洗白。票据资产对银行而言收益并不大,银行业乐得甩手给中介,轻轻松松赚点钱。  “在股票配资最火热之时,票据中介圈起银行、需要贴现的企业及民间资金方,导致大量资金进入股市。”这名黄牛说,票据中介还利用壳公司自融自贴、用真假票套出贴现资金等手法,帮企业贴现。  该黄牛举例说,A企业想筹资炒股,找到票据中介C,C利用掌控的壳公司D虚构与A企业贸易往来,A成功从B银行开出银票交  给D,D持银票到F银行贴现。整个违规过程中,A获得资金炒股,C得到一笔费用,银行则获得利息。只要A能及时还款,这张银票就不会爆发风险。  据了解,2012年,杭州爆发的润银事件就是票据中介违规贴现所致,贴现资金炒楼、炒矿、炒金、炒股等。  华中一家P2P平台负责人向长江商报记者表示,一些平台涉足票据资产,这些票据大多是银行不要的或存在瑕疵,如无法提供交易合同及增值税发票等、或价格信息不对称、贴现效率低。  去年10月15日,零壹研究院数据中心发布的数据显示,正常运营的1990家P2P借贷平台中,约有80家涉足票据业务,仍以银票为主,累计规模达200亿元。  除了票据中介、P2P平台等存在乱象之外,银行体系之内因管理不到位也会偶尔爆发票据乱象。  曾在一家县级银行工作多年的张先生向长江商报记者透露,以往,股市火爆时,银行内部人员私自挪用银票资金炒股也不鲜见。  银票电子化或是趋势  银票风险不断暴露,或将加速银票电子化进程。  上述华中一家P2P平台负责人认为,推行电子票或是根治银票乱象的有效途径。  这名负责人称,曾有一家食品类生产企业委托一家票据中介做了10多张假银票,并配之以假的银行流水,最后成功从多家银行贴现。“假票得以成功贴现,源于银行习惯性地认为银票属于有银行信用背书、无风险资产。”该负责人说。  浙江一家股份制银行人士向长江商报记者表示,银票市场的贴现、转贴现情况没有统一登记记录,信息散落在各个交易主体,可能会让一些心术不正的交易经办人员有机可乘,出现多次流转。此外,纸质票在流通过程中还可能被损毁、被克隆,乃至造假。  民生银行武汉分行一人士亦表示,企业贴现资金、银行间的转贴现资金等原本均在监管范围内,通过黄牛、票据中介之手,资金就失去了监管。但如果是电子票,黄牛等就难以操作了。  该人士解释,与纸质票据相比,电子票采用电子签名和安全认证机制,能保证电子票的唯一性、完整性和安全性,无法被克隆、变造、伪造或丢失、损毁,电子票据的出票、交付、贴现等一切票据行为均在电子商业汇票系统上进行,信息统一透明。在电子票开具、贴现等整个流程中,可有效规避纸质票带来的各种陷阱。  开鑫贷总经理周治翰认为,银票电子化或能较好降低风险,将是一种趋势。但只有企业自身及其上下游企业同时具备应用电子汇票条件和意愿,企业才可能签发或接受电子票。毕竟企业网银开通率和电子汇票业务签约率相对较低,企业担心电子票流通转让不畅而延压资金,会出现不敢或不愿签发和接受电子票。此外,电子票的出票、收票、转让等多数操作处理均在客户端,需企业财务人员联网操作,且各家金融机构的网银流程各异,企业财务人员熟练掌握难度较大。  中南财经政法大学副教授冀志斌认为,现行《票据法》是建立在纸质票据基础上的法律规范,滞后于电子票据的发展要求。他判断,接连爆发的银票风险事件将会促使新的监管举措落地,票据电子化或将有望得到实质性推进。  银票电子化或能较好降低风险,将是一种趋势。  ――开鑫贷总经理周治翰相关的主题文章:

这就意味着他们使用的无人机必须足够大 芷若斗倚天-雅若兰芷

Jingdong to enter the rural market leveraging UAV U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 2 days Chinese the largest online retailers are now fierce competition, want to have the upper hand in 600 million of the population of the rural market. Quartz reports that China’s second largest e-commerce company, Jingdong, will become the first major retailer to use unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver goods to inaccessible areas. In order to deliver goods to the vast inland area, the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is used, and what potential value can the retailers find in these inaccessible areas?. Needless to say, the largest online retail trading volume or from those densely populated southeast regions, such as Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but the fastest growth rate is smaller from the mainland market, the local people’s disposable income is increasing rapidly. Last month, China’s biggest e-commerce giant, Alibaba, announced plans to use Beijing as a hub to open a market for 400 million people in less developed northern regions. Jingdong are also eager to come to rural consumers, and even launch a program to educate them how to shop online. Over the past year, the company has hired about 150 thousand rural promoters to pay for their neighbors how to use their own websites to help deliver goods to the right places. But it’s often difficult to deliver the goods to the countryside, because the terrain is bad and the roads are not ideal. Because of this, by the end of 2015, the company began to pilot in Jiangsu, using red flying robot to deliver goods. Jingdong will enter the rural market in the hopes of the UAV Jingdong spokesman Gaertner (Josh Gartner) of Quartz said that one purpose of this pilot is to help the company to open the electronic morning rural market, as they once did in the town market. The challenge is, of course, severe, because in addition to ensuring quality management, they also need to speed up service, but rural areas often lack such freight infrastructure as the city, and also lack of trained personnel. "We find that many areas are very difficult to reach, which is too far away from developed areas." Gartner said, in some places even greater distance of the city is only 10 kilometers, but poor road conditions, the UAV has become the only option at this stage. Amazon, an American e-commerce giant, has long used the idea that drones deliver goods directly to the end consumers, but the Jingdong is different, and they want to use drones to deliver large quantities of parcels to each village. This means that the drones they use must be big enough, powerful enough, and they need to be able to travel long distances. Jingdong hopes that it will be able to reach the same day or the next day in those cities where it is difficult to reach. Last November, the company’s CFO, Huang Xuande, once told investors that 90% of Jingdong’s direct orders were delivered on the same day or the next day, 3

京东借力无人机进军乡村市场 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间2日讯 中国最大的线上零售商们现在正在展开激烈竞争,想要在6亿人口的乡村市场占得先机。Quartz报道称,中国第二大电子商务公司京东将成为第一家利用无人机向难以到达地区送货的主流零售商。   为了向广阔的内陆地区送货,居然用上了无人机这样的技术,也可见这些难以到达的地区对于零售商们具有怎样的潜在价值。毋庸赘言,当前最大的线上零售交易量还是来自那些人口密集的东南部地区,如广东、江苏和浙江,但是最快的增长速度却是来自规模更小的内地市场,当地人的可任意支配收入正在迅速增加。   上个月,中国最大的电子商务巨头阿里巴巴宣布了自己的计划,打算利用北京为枢纽,打开欠发达的北部地区4亿人口的市场。京东也同样渴求来到乡村消费者面前,甚至推出了一个教育他们如何上网购物的计划。   过去一年当中,该公司雇用了大约15万名“乡村推广员”,支付报酬,要他们教会他们的邻居如何使用自己的网站,帮助货品送到正确的地方等。不过,要将货送到乡下往往很困难,因为地形糟糕,道路情况也很不理想。正因为如此,2015年年底,该公司开始在江苏进行了试点,使用红色的飞行机器人来送货。 京东将进军乡村市场的希望寄托在无人机上   京东发言人加特纳(Josh Gartner)对Quartz介绍说,这试点的目的之一正是为了帮助电子上午公司打开乡村市场,就像他们曾经在城镇市场做到的那样。挑战当然是严峻的,因为除开确保质量管理之外,他们还需要加快服务速度,但乡村地区往往既缺乏城市这样的货运基础设施,也缺乏训练有素的人员。   “我们发现,很多地区都是非常难以到达的,那里距离发达地区距离太远。”加特纳补充说,有些地方哪怕距离较大的城市只有10公里,但是糟糕的道路条件之下,无人机也成为了现阶段唯一的选项。   美国电子商务巨头亚马逊早就有利用无人机直接将商品递送到终端消费者手里的打算,但京东还有所不同,他们是想要利用无人机将大量包裹一同递送到各个乡村的统一货站。这就意味着他们使用的无人机必须足够大,有足够强的运力,而且需要能够长途跋涉。京东希望自己能够在那些难以到达的地区也实现和城市中一样的当日或者次日送达。   去年11月,公司的首席财务官黄宣德曾经对投资者表示,京东90%的直销订单都是当日或者次日送达的,这一点他们的竞争对手们都做不到。(子衿) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

it is because he led many Taoxin 福州大学教务处

The pioneer family accused of operating difficulties owed wages coffee business facing the loss of risk is refers to the pioneer family temperature operating difficulties owed wages coffee "loss of temperature"? Zhongguancun Venture Street or the collapse of Yan Shilong since the first venture coffee Zhongguancun Venture Street open street over the past two years, the 200 meters long street has been labeled the entrepreneur shrine label, responsible person from the country’s entrepreneurs, government and enterprises have come to this pilgrimage". Thus, a cup of coffee to create a pioneering myth spread across the Yangtze river. However, a pioneer family cafe business (hereinafter referred to as the "pioneer") former manager Sun Xin (a pseudonym) was recently to "China business newspaper" reporter broke the news, the pioneer family cafe business due to operational difficulties and problems facing the collapse of wages. In addition, because the food and Drug Department did not venture coffee related food hygiene license approval, business street, which means that the coffee business there may exist unlicensed operation situation. Is it true that entrepreneurship coffee is losing its temperature? To this end, the reporter sent a letter to the group and Zhongguancun Haidian respectively Pioneer Park, Haidian District food and Drug Administration and other units, but as of press time ago only a pioneer family reply. The pioneer group staff wages, "I was in May 2015 to escape the pioneer family manager join, we hand to make arrangements for these old people and witnessed the birth of it. From the second half of 2015 officially opened today, can be said that the effort into the others is hard to imagine, but as a company employee appointment book paper illegal but we completely wiped out." Sun Xin told reporters. According to Sun Xin, the pioneer family is actually from a company called superior government technology services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "excellent office of science and Technology) operation and with the signing of labor contracts. According to the contract, Sun Xin in the entry for two months after the trial period will be 6500 January wage remuneration was 8100, positive after January, and pay social insurance for their. But since the pioneer group officially opened the first month wages appeared delayed payment, and in 2015 October to December the company simply pay the full stop. The first explanation given is that the company is preparing for the new third board listing, so it is necessary to liquidate the assets and then simply say that there is no money. The one or two months we Beijing locals can continue, but many foreign employees can have no way to live, and the company did not say what time to pay, so drag who can bear. In addition, because of the problem of unpaid wages, there have been employees leaving, so I should be as a manager to reflect the situation, but who knows the other party attitude is very outrageous." According to Sun Xin, it is because he led many Taoxin, so excellent in science and technology mansion complete settlement of arrears of wages in January 13, 2016 after the "no reason not to work for him and some other colleagues to terminate the labor contract. "The company has owed me one month’s Insurance and has not paid, nor has it paid the compensation for breaking the labor contract illegally." Sun Xin said, precisely because of the problem of wages, Sun Xin "after leaving", the number of technical staff from the beginning of the opening

拓荒族被指经营困难拖欠员工工资 创业咖啡面临失温风险   拓荒族被指经营困难拖欠员工工资   咖啡“失温”? 中关村创业大街或现首家创业咖啡倒闭   颜世龙   自中关村创业大街开街近两年来,这条200多米长的街道便被贴上了创业者圣地的标签,来自全国的创业者、政府和企事业单位的负责人纷纷来此“朝圣”。由此,一杯咖啡缔造一个创业神话的事迹由此传遍大江南北。   然而,一位拓荒族创业咖啡馆(以下简称“拓荒族”)前店长孙鑫(化名)却于近日向《中国经营报》记者爆料,拓荒族创业咖啡馆因经营困难而欠薪等问题可能面临倒闭。另外,因为食药部门并未对中关村创业大街上的创业咖啡批复相关餐饮卫生许可,这意味着创业咖啡有可能存在无照经营的情况。难道创业咖啡真的就此“失温”?为此,记者分别致函拓荒族、中关村海淀园管委会、海淀区食品药品监督管理局等多家单位,但截至记者发稿前仅获得拓荒族一家回复。   拓荒族欠薪,员工出逃   “我是2015年5月以拓荒族店长身份入职的,是我们这些老人一手操办并见证了它的诞生。从2015年下半年正式对外营业至今,可以说倾注的心血是别人难以想象的,但是随着公司一纸违法的员工任免书却将我们彻底扫地出门。”孙鑫告诉记者。   据孙鑫介绍,拓荒族实际是由一家名叫优府科技服务(北京)有限公司(以下简称“优府科技”)运营并与其签订劳动合同。根据合同约定,孙鑫在入职后的两个月试用期内将以6500元 月的工资标准获得劳动报酬,转正后为8100元 月左右,并为其缴纳社会保险。但是自拓荒族正式开业后头一个月便出现员工工资拖延支付问题,而2015年10月份至12月份则公司干脆全员停发工资。“最开始给出的解释是公司准备新三板上市所以要清算资产,到后来就干脆说没钱了。这一两个月我们北京本地人还能维持下去,但很多外地员工可就没办法生活了,而且公司也没说什么时候能发工资,这样拖下去谁能受得了。另外因为欠薪问题已经有员工离职了,所以我作为店长应该向领导反映情况,可谁知对方竟然态度非常蛮横。”   据孙鑫介绍,正是由于他带头多次讨薪,所以优府科技便在结算完拖欠工资后于2016年1月13日以“无故未到公司上班”为由将他和另外一些同事解除劳动合同。“公司到现在为止还拖欠我一个月的保险尚未缴纳,也没有支付违法解除劳动合同的补偿金。”孙鑫说,正是由于欠薪问题,孙鑫“被离职”后,优府科技员工数从开业之初的20名锐减至7名左右,目前仅能维持公司和咖啡店的日常运转。   对于欠薪等问题,拓荒族在回复记者采访时称,公司并非是“拖欠”工资而是“延付”,是因为公司从2015年10月份开始股改事宜,导致账户变动及银行审批等一系列不可控原因造成了工资延迟发放。后经董事会协商决定,于2015年12月为每位在职员工多发一个星期工资作为安慰及奖励。孙鑫等员工的“离职”,是由于他工作能力达不到公司要求,经人事部按正常手续办理离职的,并按规定已结算所有工资。但回复中并未对孙鑫等人哪里不符合公司要求做出相关解释。   盈利难题待解   拓荒族虽然是以创业咖啡和众创空间的形式立足于中关村创业大街,但自开业至今却一直处于亏损状态。“开业之前我就说过一年内咖啡馆难以盈利,需要逐渐积累资源后靠投融资对接等增值服务才能实现自身‘造血’,但老板因为是出身于软件开发行业并不懂得创业孵化,而且又过于着急,所以拓荒族的倒闭只是一个时间问题。”   据孙鑫介绍,拓荒族开业至今,唯一的收入来源主要是咖啡售卖、场地租赁、易拉宝展位和办公位租赁等几大块。就售卖咖啡而言,经营最惨的时候一天0元业绩,平均下来收入也就是200元 天左右;场地租赁主要是以时段来计算,上午9:00―12:00为4000元,下午1:00―5:00为5500元,晚上为4000元,而且还需刨去一些免费的公益活动,平均下来也就是三万元 月左右的收入;易拉宝展位是3000元 月;办公工位是1000元 月 个,常态的空置率接近一半左右。“平均下来每月总收入也就是七八万元左右。”   一方面拓荒族盈利能力较弱,而另一方面公司却面临的是每月巨大的支出和“输血”无望。“拓荒族每月光大头的支出包括房租6.25万元,员工工资8万元左右,水电费七八千元,再加上日常报销、采购等成本,每月净支出将近十五六万元。”孙鑫说,不仅如此,拓荒族至今由于房屋产权不清晰等问题而无法申请集中办公区,所以无法为创业团队提供包括公司注册等一系列深度服务,也就难以从政府手中获得相关资金补贴。“孵化器最重要的是帮助创业者解决融资问题,但优府科技至今连自有的资金池都组建不起来,而且还将大量的资金砸到了‘拓荒者’和‘开荒者’两个软件开发项目中,而这也正是拖欠员工工资最重要的原因。”   而拓荒族现任工作人员也向记者证实,目前拓荒族除了可以提供1000元 月的工位外,尚无法提供其他孵化服务。但据拓荒族在此前的回复中却表示,公司的盈利点是多方面的,绝不仅限于出租活动场地及办公工位,只是公司目前属于投入阶段确实还处于亏损状态。   另据孙鑫爆料称,拓荒族还存在无餐饮卫生许可却照常售卖饮料、食品等问题,“据我了解是中关村创业大街上根本就不批复类似的餐饮执照,而这也意味着这条街上凡是经营创业咖啡的都是无照经营。”   就此问题,拓荒族表示,“咖啡并非是售卖,而是赠送。相关餐饮卫生许可证从入驻中关村创业大街开始就已经在办理中。到目前为止没有获批集中办公区,没有审批下来不只是我们一家,所以这都属于待审批状态。”   孵化器还是筛选器?   据一位要求匿名并熟知中关村创业环境的人士透露,目前中关村创业大街上的各种孵化器多数都是在赔钱经营,他们除了当“二房东”赚取房租差价外,还包括对外卖注册地址、争取政府补贴和烧投资人的钱,只有少数能够盈亏持平。   上述知情人还介绍,这些孵化器获得政府补贴主要来自中关村管委会认定的创新型孵化器可以获得80万~100万元左右,海淀园管委会有40万元左右的补贴费用,以及北京市科委认定的众创空间可以享受40万元左右的补贴,还有海淀区经信委支持的100兆宽带补贴。“大街上的孵化器都是以营利为目的的,所以很难踏踏实实做孵化服务,为的是筛选好项目之后对其进行投资进而退出后盈利,很大程度上应该叫筛选器。只不过因为有一些明星效应和众多媒体宣传才看上去很美。”   资深创投专家、洪泰智能硬件孵化器CEO乔会君在接受记者采访时表示,创业咖啡馆和众创空间在2016年将遇冷。创业咖啡只是一个为创业者和投资人提供的交流平台,是一种手段而已,至于里面是卖茶还是咖啡并不重要,它存在的目的是达成二者的交易后获取盈利,而要想实现盈利需要突破两个门槛,首先是聚拢用户(创业者和投资人),其次是要有将用户变现的能力。现在很多创业咖啡舍本逐末,如同之前的百团大战一样,跟风之后却至今没有明确定位自己的盈利模式。“当下创业环境遇冷在我看来这本身并非是一件坏事,因为之前的非理性繁荣,所以度过这个调整期才能让投资人和创业者有更好的成长。”   而另一位不愿具名的创投界人士则直言,大街上的创业者多数都只是一些最原始的想法,项目质量并不高,而混迹于大街上的投资人也相对来说并非是投资圈的主流。中关村创业大街很大程度上已经沦为一个秀场或旅游景点。“真正的创业者非常忙,没有时间去那里喝咖啡,而且你见过哪个投资机构的负责人或合伙人是在那里看项目的?”   北京市海外学人中心原副主任赵峰认为,孵化器或创业咖啡的经营困难甚至倒闭都是正常现象,首先这是公司化行为,既然是公司就有生有死。另外,每家孵化器的背景、资源、管理水平都不同,虽然国家提倡创新创业,并不代表所有人来做这件事就能做好。“一家咖啡馆经营困难甚至是倒闭虽然不代表整条街不行了,但这也确实给整个创投行业提出了一个警示信号。孵化器未来一定要做出自己的特色,避免严重的同质化竞争。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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