Central bank the basic function of monetary policy transmission through the bond market already has 嫩草的香味百度影音

Central bank: monetary policy through the basic function of bond market conduction has pointed out: the central bank monetary policy through the basic function of bond market conduction has the Securities Times reporter Sun Lulu central bank issued 23 entitled "the yield curve in the transmission mechanism of monetary policy" working paper said that at present China’s monetary policy conduction through the basic function of the bond market have, but our changes in short-term interest rates impact on long-term yields in the bond market than other major countries about 25% lower, arbitrage opportunities still exist between different period of validity, the yield curve is not very complete. There are many reasons for the above phenomena, including the unreasonable structure of the bond issuing period, the lack of liquidity in the bond market, the underdevelopment of the derivatives market and the limited market access of some financial institutions. In addition, the market price of commercial banks is lower, which makes the market interest rate to the deposit loan interest rate and the transmission of the real economy blocked. The paper says, in order to further improve the monetary policy conduction effect through the bond market, it is necessary to speed up reforms in the following aspects: improving the distribution structure, and varieties of bonds, improve the liquidity of the secondary market two, further development of bond futures and derivatives market, to further improve the level of the commercial banking market. In improving the structure, methods and varieties of treasury bonds, the paper suggests that, on the basis of ensuring the total amount of treasury bonds issued annually, the issue of treasury bonds should be appropriately increased, the issue scale of single treasury bonds should be reduced, and the issuance amount and issue number of short-term treasury bonds should be increased. The combination of the short-term treasury bond issue and the open market operation of the central bank makes the central bank guide the interest rate expectation of the market by influencing the pricing of the primary market. Research and development of treasury bond products linked to inflation index. In the two stage to increase the debt market liquidity, relaxation of foreign institutions to enter the inter-bank bond market restrictions, proposed to speed up the opening up of China’s bond market to foreign investors to improve the pace of qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII), RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) investment amount, relax the approval conditions and constraints, to further relax RMB clearing bank, RMB settlement of cross-border trade in foreign banks and other institutions in the entry requirements, allowing foreign Asset Management Co, insurance companies, pension fund management institutions and other investment institutions to enter the inter-bank bond market. We should further expand the application of treasury bond collateral, improve the market making mechanism of the two level treasury bond market, consider the open market primary dealers, Treasury underwriting syndicate, two level market makers and other licenses to re integrate, unified distribution and so on. In the further development of bond futures and derivatives market, bond futures market to further develop the proposal, increase the 30 year treasury bond futures, also should consider the development to 3 month Shanghai interbank offered rate (Shibor) and 7 day repo interest rate futures based products, improve the two kinds of short-term interest rate activity; the further development of interest rate swaps. In addition, the paper suggests to further improve the degree of marketization of commercial banks, which depends on the establishment of interest rate corridor mechanism, the development of interbank deposits and certificates of deposit to improve the market theory of banks’ liabilities

央行:货币政策通过债市传导基本功能已具备   央行工作论文指出:   货币政策通过债市传导基本功能已具备   证券时报记者 孙璐璐   央行23日发布题为《收益率曲线在货币政策传导中的作用》的工作论文称,目前我国货币政策通过债券市场的传导基本功能已经具备,但我国短期利率变化对债券市场中长期收益率的影响程度比其他主要国家约低25%左右,不同期限之间的套利机会仍然存在,收益率曲线的有效性还不十分完整。导致上述现象的原因有很多,包括债券发行期限结构不合理、债券市场的流动性不足、衍生工具市场不发达、某些金融机构的市场准入受限等。另外,商业银行产品定价的市场化程度较低,也使得市场利率向存贷款利率和实体经济的传导受阻。   论文称,为了进一步改善货币政策通过债券市场的传导效果,有必要在如下几个方面加快相关改革:完善国债发行结构、方式和品种,提高国债二级市场流动性,进一步发展国债期货和衍生工具市场,进一步提高商业银行市场化程度。   在完善国债发行结构、方式和品种方面,论文建议,在保证国债年度发行总量的基础上,适当提高国债发行频率,降低单次国债发行规模,并增加短期国债发行量和发行次数。短期国债发行与央行公开市场操作相配合,使得在短期国债存量不足的情况下,央行通过影响一级市场定价而引导市场的利率预期。研究开发与通胀指数挂钩的国债产品。   在提高国债二级市场流动性方面,放宽对境外机构进入银行间债券市场的限制,建议加快对境外投资者开放我国债券市场的步伐,提高合格境外机构投资者(QFII)、人民币合格境外机构投资者(RQFII)额度,放松审批条件和投资约束,进一步放松对人民币清算行、跨境贸易人民币结算境外参加银行等机构的准入要求,允许境外资产管理公司、保险公司、养老金管理机构等投资机构进入银行间债券市场。进一步扩大国债担保品应用;完善国债二级市场做市机制,考虑公开市场一级交易商、国债承销团、二级做市商等多项牌照资格重新整合,统一发放等。   在进一步发展国债期货和衍生工具市场方面,论文建议进一步发展国债期货市场,增加30年国债期货,还应考虑发展以3个月上海银行间同业拆放利率(Shibor)和7天回购为基础的利率期货产品,提高这两类短期利率的活跃度;进一步发展利率掉期产品。   此外,论文建议进一步提高商业银行市场化程度,这就要靠建立利率走廊机制、发展同业和大额存单以提高银行负债方的市场化水平、进一步推动资产证券化以提高资产方的市场化水平、进一步发展信用债券市场等。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Hai Ling Ling production reduction rumors to help crude oil rebound, please wait until expected, sil 粉皮靠肉

Hai Zi Ling: please help cut rumors of the rebound in crude oil is expected to be the beginning of the silver GDP client to view the latest market on Thursday (October 27th) the European market trading, the dollar index narrow shocks, released within hours of the U.S. durable goods orders and initial data both less than expected, but the dollar impact co.. Analysts said expectations of the Fed’s interest rate hike in December have been reflected in the recent rise in the dollar, and the short-term dollar rally is limited. The pound dropped to a high of 1.2199 against the dollar, which was overshadowed by the British GDP. The euro rebounded sharply against the dollar, hitting 1.0930, but before Friday’s GDP data, investors were cautious. Thursday (October 27th), the international oil price shock up, although the market is still a question of whether OPEC really cut, but the days of news OPEC may suggest that Russia cut 4%, still left to the market for oil in production; the Bollinger rail gained some support, if the support intact, there is still a chance oil prices regain rally. SEB (SEB) Chief Commodities analyst BjarneSchieldrop Wednesday (October 26th) said in the report, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reached an agreement to limit production is still possible in formal meetings held in Vienna on November 30th, up to 33 million 500 thousand barrels a day but they may need to be worked out. However, the oil market is still facing many questions, one is the OPEC’s influence is declining, two is really a reduction of variables still exist, and even some countries still continue to increase production. OPEC is a declining organization with limited influence. Although OPEC said it would cut production, it did not give any specifics, and even could not specify the quota for each member country. Investors are still skeptical about whether OPEC will be able to implement a preliminary agreement on reducing production. Nigeria’s oil minister Kachikwu said on Thursday that oil production in Forcados oilfield of Nigeria will reopen or 2 million barrels per day for the production of eia4186; Hin 1 million 800 thousand barrels per day. Crude oil asphalt, today continues to shock, after the rapid rise in the U.S. hours after the test on the track slightly down. From the 4 hours chart, short-term moving average MACD, MACD MACD, red column volume. The trend is too long. Hai Zi Ling and the matching period in Europe has warned everyone, from 4 hours and hours chart, drawings indicators KDJ has obvious departure from the end signal, days rebound probability is relatively large, we also successfully capture small profits. The current hourly K near the band pressure, but also may still exist upward powei. So overall, the market outlook, we still pay close attention to the rail 4 hours Bollinger band suppression, while below 4 hours moving average support, not broken bits in the interval before you can buy low sell high. A strategy, proposed 50.4 near empty single approach, stop 0.3 dollars, target seen near the 49.6 strategy two, recommendation 49.1 near more than a single approach, stop 0.3 dollars, target to see 50.2 near white.

海梓灵:减产传闻助原油反弹 初请不及预期白银待GDP 客户端 查看最新行情   周四(10月27日)欧市盘中,美元指数窄幅震荡,时段内公布的美国耐用品订单以及初请数据双双不及预期,但对美元影响有限。分析师表示,对美联储12月加息的预期已反映在美元近期涨势上,短期美元升势有限。英镑兑美元从高位回落,一度跌至1.2199,因脱欧忧虑盖过英国GDP利好。欧元兑美元震荡回升,最高触及1.0930,不过在周五美国GDP数据前,投资者情绪谨慎。   周四(10月27日),国际油价震荡微涨,虽然市场对OPEC能否真正减产仍有质疑,但日内有消息传出OPEC可能提议俄罗斯减产4%,仍给市场留下减产的憧憬;美油在布林线中轨获得了一定的支撑,若该支撑完好,油价仍有机会重拾涨势。瑞典北欧斯安银行(SEB)首席大宗商品分析师BjarneSchieldrop周三(10月26日)在研究报告中称,石油输出国组织(OPEC)依然有可能在11月30日于维也纳召开的正式会议上达成限产协议,但是他们可能需要将拟定的上限提高至每日3350万桶。不过,油市仍面临较多的质疑,一是OPEC的影响力正在下降,二是能否真的达成减产仍存在变数,甚至部分国家还在不断增加产量。OPEC是一个正在衰败的组织,影响力已经有限。OPEC虽然表示将削减产量,但并未给出任何具体细节,甚至无法明确每个成员国的减产配额。投资者对于OPEC是否能实施减产初步协议仍感怀疑。尼日利亚石油部长Kachikwu周四表示,Forcados油田的重开或将令尼日利亚的产油量达200万桶 日为;欣eia4186当前产量为180万桶 日。   原油沥青方面,今日日内持续震荡,美盘后快速冲高试探小时图上轨后小幅回落。目前从4小时图来看,短期均线金叉向上,MACD金叉向上,红柱开始放量。走势偏多头。而海梓灵欧盘时段曾提示过大家,从4小时和小时图来看,附图指标KDJ有明显底背离信号,日内反弹概率相对较大,最终我们也成功捕获小幅利润。目前小时图K线临近布林带上轨压力,但也依然存在破位上行的可能。所以总体来看,后市,我们首先还是关注中轨4小时布林带压制,同时下方4小时均线支撑,未破位前于区间内高抛低吸即可。   策略一、建议50.4附近空单进场,止损0.3美元,目标看到49.6附近   策略二、建议49.1附近多单进场,止损0.3美元,目标看到50.2附近   白银方面,27日早间开盘之后,白银价格震荡上行,在触及17.87高点后多头能量受到压制,欧盘时段在经过高位的震荡之后,晚间白银价格波段式下行,最终收于17.58点位,白银日线图布林带持续收口运行,K线运行于布林带中轨,MACD红色能量柱增量,双线于零轴下方金叉运行,KDJ三线下拐聚合有死叉迹象。四小时图布林带开始收口,K线运行至布林带下轨,KDJ三线持续向下扩散,MACD双线指于零轴上方金叉运行,绿色能量柱增量,提醒重点关注17.90附近关键点位突破情况。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

Official response did not study the purchase of new credit policy – Finance – People’s networ 渭南师范学院怎么样

Official response   did not study the purchase of new credit policy – Finance – People’s network with a variety of regulatory rumors continue to be magnified, Shanghai divorce housing also entered the race with time sprint stage. In this regard, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee yesterday responded that no such policy has been studied. The spread of the Internet "mortgage new deal" appear on the Shanghai house a week ago, a September Shanghai will adjust the bank loan policy sources said: the name no room no record of loan buyers, the minimum down payment of 30%; but there is no room under the name of mortgage loans in history, the minimum down payment of 50%, the lowest interest rate of 1.1 times; the name of a suite again (for the household buyers), down 7, the interest rate up to 1.1 times (no policy change); divorce less than one year of purchase, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the family before the divorce. A few days ago, with the new round of regulation and control rumors continue to be magnified, Shanghai not only a large number of centralized housing buyers, divorce buyers also continue to appear. According to the current policy, Shanghai residents can buy a single residence, non singletons can buy two homes, but the second units will be implemented in accordance with the two suite policy (two suites of ordinary residential down payment 5, non ordinary residential down payment 7). In general, some speculators through the first divorce will be placed under the name of the property to the husband and wife, the other side of the single house without identity to buy real estate, the use of the first suite of 30% down payment policy, and enjoy the support of just need to buy interest rates. Only to buy a surprise divorce registration center closed according to the rumors, September divorce less than one year of purchase, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the family before the divorce. Affected by this rumor, Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau appeared a wave of divorce climax. It is reported that the area with strong processing capacity can be divorced in the morning and buy a house in the afternoon; the areas with weak processing capacity may be limited to divorce every day, or Friday will be completed next Monday. Yesterday, some netizens said, Shanghai Xuhui District Civil Affairs Bureau divorce window, early in the morning there are a number of people queuing for divorce procedures. Subsequently, the Xuhui District marriage registration center and other places have posted a notice that the divorce registration number has exceeded the business reception ability, can only take temporary measures, "closed" requirements for the divorce registration office party another day. It is learnt that, following the August 28th Shanghai new houses sold 1267 sets, August 29th as of 15:50, Shanghai new houses 1066 sets of transactions, more than 1000 sets of more than 3 consecutive days. Over the past 5 days, Shanghai new house turnover exceeded 5000 sets, equivalent to 2 times daily, the trading center registration system crashed more than 26 days. Shanghai official rumor did not study such policies yesterday, according to Shanghai official micro signal "Shanghai release" announced that, (Shanghai) City Construction Committee said that the recent real estate market transactions in the city although rising, but the transaction order is normal. At the same time, Shanghai City Construction Committee responded to the purchase of new credit rumors on the market, said that no such policy has been studied, will continue to strictly implement the real estate regulatory policies promulgated in March 25th. In March this year, Shanghai released the latest 官方回应 没研究过购房信贷新政–财经–人民网   随着各种调控传闻的不断被放大,上海离婚买房也进入了与时间赛跑的放量冲刺阶段。对此,上海市住建委昨天回应称,未研究过此类政策。   网上流传“贷款新政”   上海出现集中买房者   一周前,一条有关9月上海将调整银行贷款政策的消息称:名下无房亦无贷款记录的购房者,首付最低三成;名下无房但有过按揭贷款历史的,首付最低五成,利率最低1.1倍;名下有一套房再次购买者(对户籍而言),首付7成,利率最多1.1倍(政策无变化);离婚不足一年的购房者,限购及贷款政策按照离婚前的家庭情况处理。   前几天,随着新一轮调控传言不断被放大,上海不仅出现一大拨集中买房者,离婚买房的人也不断出现。按照现行政策,上海户籍单身人士可以购买一套住宅,非单身人士可以购买两套住宅,但第二套需按照二套房政策来执行(二套房普通住宅首付5成,非普通住宅首付7成)。一般情况下,有些投机者通过先离婚将名下房产划归至夫妻一方,另一方则以单身无房身份购买房产,利用首套房三成首付政策,并且享受支持刚需购房的利率优惠。   突击离婚只为买房   登记中心闭门谢客   按照传闻,9月起离婚不足一年的购房者,限购及贷款政策按照离婚前的家庭情况处理。受此传闻影响,上海各地民政局出现一波离婚高潮。据悉,处理能力强的区可以实现上午离婚下午买房;处理能力弱的区可能每天要限号离婚,或周五办理下周一才能办妥。   昨天,有网友称,上海徐汇区民政局离婚窗口,一大早就有多位市民排队办理离婚手续。随后,徐汇区等地婚姻登记中心均贴出通知表示,由于办理离婚登记人数众多,已超出业务接待能力,只能采取临时“封闭”的措施,要求需办理离婚登记的当事人改日再办。   据悉,继8月28日上海新房卖掉1267套后,8月29日截至15时50分,上海新房成交1066套,连续3天超过1000套。过去5天,上海新房成交量突破5000套,相当于平日的2倍,交易中心的登记系统更在26日出现死机。   上海官方出面辟谣   没有研究此类政策   昨天,据上海官方微信号“上海发布”公布消息称,(上海)市住建委表示,近期本市房地产市场交易量虽有上升,但交易秩序正常。同时,上海市住建委回应了市场上有关购房信贷新政传言,称未研究过此类政策,将继续严格执行3月25日发布的房地产调控政策。   今年3月,上海公布最新的房地产调控政策,主要包括两方面内容,一是社保2年改为5年,另一方面非普通二套房首付提高到7成。其中,自购房之日起计算的前3年内在该市累计缴纳社保2年以上,调整为自购房之日前连续缴纳社保满5年及以上。对拥有1套住房的居民家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通自住房的,首付款比例不低于50%;购买非普通自住房的,首付款比例不低于70%。购房人在申请贷款时还应承诺首付款为自有资金,违反承诺则作为失信行为信息纳入上海市公共信用信息服务平台。   据《现代快报》 (责编:乔雪峰、杨曦)相关的主题文章:

尽管美指继续维持高位 挽红楼之潇湘怡情

Copper bull market outlook still variable counter rally hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks on diagnosis of the latest rating Trading Client reporter Ye Siqi – Simulation of continuous decline in early January, mid January, copper hair from the counter. Traders’ positions on the London Metal Exchange (LME) released on Tuesday showed that the number of net copper futures held by the fund increased from 1600 to 12789 in the previous week as of last Friday. This offensive helped to touch the bottom and regain the $4500 mark. Analysts pointed out that the current point of long and short game fierce, the market stalemate, but in the short term, due to the metal demand is still stable, and in terms of supply, production cuts, shortages, so the future copper prices are expected to continue to rebound. The plot is always so similar. Similar to the market at the beginning of last year, this year’s opening, copper copper also ushered in a slump. Since January 4th, LME copper in March has gone down from $4700 per ton, and after the breakdown of $4500, the minimum drop to $4318 per ton, the cumulative decline of 7.75% in 10 trading days. However, the bulls were not defeated, but began to rally after a slight adjustment. LME’s recent dealer positions report showed that as of January 29th, the number of net copper futures held by the fund increased from 1600 to 12789 hands from the previous week. Under the surge of more troops, Lun copper started bottoming out in mid January. At present, LME copper March $4500 mark has been recovered, both long and short in the current point of stalemate. As of 17:00 February 3rd Beijing time, the contract reported $4588, rebounded more than 4%. Nanhua futures analyst Fang Senyu in an China metal Securities Daily reporter said, this round of price bottomed out mainly the following reasons: first, the trend of the RMB market to stabilize, China economic growth concerns about the decline slowed, prices did not decline further power, the power market is short covering. Secondly, the economic data recently released by the United States is relatively weak, 3 month fed once again raising the interest rate is not the probability, although the United States that continue to remain high, but rising space temporarily blocked to the copper market to bring respite. Third, from the time point of view, before the arrival of the lunar year demand empty window period has not been left a few days, although not optimistic about the trend of copper prices throughout the year, but the rise in demand in the first half of the year is still worth looking forward to, which has support for copper prices. The copper market is expected to fill the market after the market, and the Fed rate hike will be slower, because the recent U.S. economic data is not satisfactory, which makes copper prices get breathing opportunity." COFCO futures research institute director Zeng Ning said. David Wilson, head of Citigroup’s metals research and strategy, also said that the Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, which may prompt some funds to liquidate part of their positions. It is understood that the funding of institutional funds has been an important bull in copper city, they mainly through passive index investment to do more. theory

伦铜多头集结反攻 后市走向仍存变数 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端    □本报记者 叶斯琦    在1月初连续下挫后,1月中旬开始,伦铜多头发起反攻。伦敦金属交易所(LME)周二发布的交易商持仓报告显示,截至上周五,基金持有的期铜净多仓数量从之前一周的1600手增至12789手。这波攻势帮助伦铜触底反弹,重新收复4500美元关口。分析人士指出,当前点位多空博弈激烈,行情胶着,不过短期来看,由于金属需求仍稳固,且在供应方面产量削减、出现短缺,因此未来铜价仍有望继续反弹。    伦铜多头集结反攻    剧情总是如此相似。与去年年初的行情如出一辙,今年开局,伦铜也迎来一轮暴跌。1月4日起,LME 3月期铜从每吨4700美元上方一路下行,击穿4500美元之后,最低下探至每吨4318美元,10个交易日内累计跌幅达7.75%。    不过,这次多头并没有溃败,而是稍作调整后开始集结反攻。LME最近的交易商持仓报告显示,截至1月29日,基金持有的期铜净多仓数量从之前一周的1600手增至12789手。    在多头增兵之下,伦铜也从1月中旬开始触底反弹。目前,LME 3月期铜的4500美元关口已经失而复得,多空双方在当前点位胶着。截至北京时间2月3日17:00,该合约报4588美元,反弹幅度超过4%。    南华期货金属分析师方森宇在接受中国证券报记者采访时表示,此轮铜价触底反弹主要有以下几方面原因:首先,人民币走势趋稳,前期市场对中国经济增速下滑的担忧减缓,铜价没有进一步下滑的动力,市场也有空头回补的动力。其次,近期美国公布的经济数据相对较弱,3月份美联储再次加息的概率不大,尽管美指继续维持高位,但上升空间暂时受阻,给伦铜市场带来喘息之机。第三,从时间角度来看,在农历年到来之前的需求空窗期已没剩几天,尽管不看好全年铜价走势,但是上半年需求回升还是值得期待的,这对铜价有支撑。    “伦铜走强主要因市场预期节后国内将补库,同时美联储加息进度或将较为缓慢,因近期美国公布的经济数据不尽如人意,这使铜价获得喘息的时机。”中粮期货研究院总监曾宁说。    花旗集团金属研究及策略主管David Wilson也表示,中国春节临近,可能会促使一些基金平掉前期部分头寸。    据了解,资金雄厚的机构资金一直是铜市重要的多头力量,他们主要通过被动指数投资做多。2009年和2010年曾经有一段时间,伦敦交易员都急切地等待每月初基金进入金属市场。然而,持续的低回报使得养老基金对商品市场失去信心,资金流向可能发生逆转。    “中国因素”仍可期待    由于铜在建筑业和工业中有着非常广泛的应用,且中国是铜的第一大消费国,占全世界消费量的45%,国内外对冲基金通常会用铜价来表达自己对中国经济的看法,因此铜赢得了“铜博士”的美誉。    “中国因素”历来是影响铜价走势的主要逻辑。中国海关公布的数据显示,中国去年精炼铜进口量为368万吨,较2014年增加2.5%,创纪录高位,尽管经济成长放缓。    “能拯救商品市场的,只有中国。”国际投行高盛表示,眼下要让铜、铝等市场走向平衡,只能寄希望于中国的金属需求大幅上升。但高盛在详细论述之后不得不表示,由于全球最大买家中国正致力于从投资引导型经济模式转型,其对金属的需求将受到影响,任何寄希望于中国需求重返高位的价格反弹终究是昙花一现。    即便如此,近期不时传出关于中国经济的乐观消息,也在短期内继续利好铜价。周三公布的一项民间调查显示,中国1月服务业扩张速度为六个月最快,帮助抵消了制造业的部分颓势。更值得注意的是,中国央行最新宣布,不限购城市居民首套房贷首付比例最低可降至二成,这将降低居民购房杠杆,扩大购买力,为楼市销售加油添火,此消息也对铜需求的复苏有所帮助。    中国方面的乐观消息促使有色金属延续反弹态势。昨日,有色金属集体走高,其中沪锌更是强势上扬,主力合约盘中触及一个月高位13445元 吨,尾盘收高1.55%,报13415元 吨。    谈及“中国因素”,方森宇表示,自中国加入WTO以来,中国市场逐步成为主导全球大宗商品需求的主要动力,铜当然也不例外。中国开启供给侧改革,特别是房地产市场去库存,对于改善市场的需求有非常重要的作用,有利于拉动包括铜在内的大宗商品的消费,铜价将会获得一定的支撑。不过在此过程中,相关部门也将会掌握一个度,铜价只会得到有限的支撑。    多空博弈料加剧    放眼全球,资本市场的风起云涌令整个大宗商品市场乃至股市都变得更为复杂,“铜博士”自然不能独善其身。随着原油价格持续低迷,与其呈正相关的铜价可能不容乐观。芝商所Erik Norland认为,原油与铜价呈正相关性,其价格已经跌至历年低位,在触底之前甚至可能进一步下跌。他指出,铜需求的增长不会很快,并且增长速度可能落后于供应,因此铜价在2016年或2017年跌回2009年的低位并不令人意外。    对于铜和其他资产的相关性,方森宇表示,从宏观面来说,铜与原油、股市等相关性非常密切。第一条路径,2015年下半年,人民币贬值和中国股市大跌,导致市场对中国经济增速放缓的担忧加剧,从而导致大宗商品价格下跌,目前来看这种逻辑依然有效。第二条路径,美联储加息,使得全球资本回流,导致股市下跌、美元指数上涨,进一步促使铜和原油因此价值重构而下跌,这种逻辑在2016年也将继续。可以说,铜、股市和原油这三者之间存在非常紧密的相关性。不过从基本面来看,又各有各的不同,铜价在2016年仍然关注需求季节性回升和供过于求进一步恶化,原油价格需关注OPEC国家与其他国家之间的博弈,而股市需要更关注全球金融市场的动态。    “目前铜价在阶段性筑底当中,但2016年仍然有可能继续创新低。”方森宇认为,主要原因是年后面临国内下游需求的季节性回升,同时美联储加息节奏的趋缓也给市场带来喘息之机,铜价因而有反弹的基本条件。不过反弹幅度不宜看得过高,因为全球市场需求改善有限,而供应增速继续走高,产能过剩可能会进一步恶化。美联储已经步入加息周期,全球宽松格局已经打破,美指仍有可能继续走高,从而压制整个大宗商品市场。由此来看,铜在2016年或许还会创新低,上半年也许只是一个阶段性的底部。    “短期内伦铜可能继续处于探底反弹的态势,主要受到节后季节性需求复苏的影响,但我们预计在国内需求整体偏弱的背景下,铜价的反弹幅度将比较弱,在季节性补库结束后,铜价将结束反弹回归跌势。”曾宁说。    不过,也有分析师对未来铜价的上涨信心十足,主要原因是金属需求仍稳固,而在供应方面,产量削减且出现短缺。    “尽管近来经济数据疲软,我们仍相信大宗商品整体需求,尤其是基本金属的需求将保持强劲。”德国商业银行称,随着行业内广泛的减产,今年很多基本金属市场将出现供应短缺,这将为金属价格反弹提供动力。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

对于其他货币也具有十分重要的借鉴意义 四川大学蓝色星空站

If you wear, Gu: cup with handle and diamond wear, if the master analysis revealed the ultimate goal of FX168 United States that the guppy (Daryl Guppy) technology news days ago on CNBC (CNBC) website author to predict, for he believes that the outlook for the dollar, the dollar index is expected to rise to at least 105. In his column, he wrote: "will the dollar be strong enough to last?" The most helpful reference for answering this question is the analysis of technical charts. Construction technology need time to form, and in the formation of potential form after a period of time to measure a specific target point, the dollar index has exactly such anticipation opportunity. Since the beginning of January 2015, the shock of the market to build into a symmetrical arc bottom, while the formation of the exchange rate target 103.5 diamond finishing, but the exchange rate in the face of the arc bottom bowl after resistance appears again, the dollar retracement, so the form evolved into a more cup bottom form long-term (with a "handle"). This form in the weekly pattern observed most clearly, contains two elements, the first is the round bottom constitute the bottom of the cup, the form from January 2015 until November. In 2015 the dollar index trend is decided by the low, low to support these lower arc surfaced, the cup body will determine the depth of the theory point after the outlook breakthrough. Then the market goes into the forming stage of the cup handle, which will be built when the arc bottom can not be formed immediately. First, the exchange rate usually need to build the downward channel, although the United States that the decline trend is obvious, but failed to form a clear decline, but the price is fully meet the elements of the cup handle form. As long as the exchange rate rises upward, the cup handle shape can be established, and the depth of the arc bottom can be used to measure the upward target of the exchange rate — 105. The target position of 105 is also higher than that of diamond after breaking the target 103.5, the two big shape implies that the dollar index will be challenged 103.5 and 105. These points provide clues that the market may touch. The cup handle spent about a year to complete the construction, suggesting that the 1.05 target may also need to take 9-12 months to reach, these long-term forms tend to extend out of the market. These strategic charts help traders develop short-term tactical strategies. The cup shape confirms the possibility of the dollar continuing to rise in the short term, and is of great significance to other currencies. If you wear, the guppy (Daryl Guppy) is known as one of the world’s financial market analysis of the master ten technology; analysis of the master enjoys international reputation of securities investment, Australia full-time Traders Association Analysis and technical analysis of Australia and Singapore Association, member of international technology; by the Singapore Stock Exchange, the Australian Stock Exchange and Malaysia stock exchange occupation brokers and traders respect for the godfather. He is the author of books including "trend trading" (Trend Trading), "financial traders" (The 36 Stra of 36 dollars

戴若・顾比:杯柄形态和菱形透漏美指终极目标位   FX168讯 技术分析大师戴若・顾比(Daryl Guppy)日前在美国全国广播公司财经频道(CNBC)网站上撰文对美元前景作出预判,他认为,美元指数至少有望升至105.0。   他在专栏文章中写道:   美元强势到底能否延续?可能回答这一问题最有帮助的参考就是技术图表的分析。   技术形态的构筑需要时间,而在形成潜在的形态的一段时间后可望测量出特定的目标点位,美元指数恰好有这样的预判机会。   始自2015年1月的震荡行情构筑成了一个对称圆弧底,汇价同时形成了目标指向103.5的菱形整理,不过汇价在遭遇圆弧底碗口阻力后,美元再次出现回撤,如此一来形态演变为更为长期的杯底形态(带有“杯柄”)。   这一形态在周线图格局下观察最为清晰,包含两个元素,首先是圆底构成的“杯底”,该形态形成于2015年1月起直至11月。   2015年美元指数的走势是由低点所决定的,这些低点在圆弧形的支撑带下得以浮出水面,杯身的深度将决定后市突破后的理论点位。   随后市场就进入杯柄的形成阶段,该形态会在圆弧底无法立即形成的时候构筑。首先,汇价通常需构筑向下的通道,虽然美指回落态势较为明显,但未能形成明确的下降通道,不过价格表现还是完全满足杯柄形态的要素。   只要汇价向上突破上升趋势就能确立杯柄形态,而圆弧底的深度用以丈量汇价的上行目标――105.00。   105的目标位也高于菱形上破后的目标103.5,两大形态暗示,美元指数将先后挑战103.5和105.0。这些点位提供了市场可能触及的位置线索。   杯柄形态花了大约一年时间才构筑完成,这暗示1.05的目标可能也需要走上9-12个月才能企及,这些长期形态倾向于走出延长行情。这些战略图表有助交易员制定短期战术策略。杯柄形态确认了美元短线延续涨势的高度可能性,对于其他货币也具有十分重要的借鉴意义。   戴若・顾比(Daryl Guppy)号称是全球金融市场十大技术分析大师之一;是享有国际声誉的证券投资技术分析大师,澳大利亚全职交易商,国际技术分析协会会员及澳大利亚和新加坡技术分析协会会员;被新加坡股票交易所、澳大利亚股票交易所和马来西亚股票交易所职业经纪人及交易者尊为教父级人物。   他著有的书籍包括《趋势交易》(Trend Trading)、《金融交易员36计》(The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders)等。   校对:Tier 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

若有似无 姚晨写在分手后

"The monkey let you see saire" table Chinese years foreigners don’t idle lead: don’t think Spring Festival is Chinese Festival, the Spring Festival, some foreigners also busy! Look at the watchmaker who launched a monkey table in monkey year of China. How long would it be to design and make it earlier?! Just over the years, your gift money to spend on a saire watch? Blancpain Villeret series of Chinese calendar year limited edition Chinese calendar year platinum _ Zodiac monkey window _ limited 36 watch with 45 mm diameter platinum watchcase, crown decorated with cabochon cut ruby, table 5 below the ear hidden adjustment button Blancpain Blancpain patent design, in the adjustment and ensure the side tables are simple and smooth lines of beauty. The table is a collection of Blancpain Villeret series of all the classic Blancpain logo and features, such as double bezel, large fire enamel dial and hollow willow leaf shaped pointer, the standard calendar serpentine blue steel pointer. This year, the Chinese almanac almanac platinum coins limited edition 36, numbered 1 to 50, skip the number of 4. There are also non limited edition gold available. Breguet queen of Naples (Breguet) series of advanced custom twelve zodiac monkey Watch Breguet queen Naples series advanced custom twelve zodiac monkey Watch Breguet watchmakers outline monkey hair lines with extreme slender shell relief process, soft and thick hair monkey people can not help but feel the warmth and reach out and touch. Proficient in such exquisite art master Shell Cameo now very few, and they are writing a legendary breguet. When the eccentric dial, if there seems to be no, a smart and elegant way to show the three-dimensional relief effect in the confusion between the time, static beauty of rhyme. 18K white gold diamond watch case with sapphire crystal mirror like perfect for asylum relief smart monkey. The design of the crystal bottom cover will be engraved by hand and inlaid with the Golden Mount of natural fritillaria. Breguet queen Naples series bespoke Zodiac monkey years watch not only to enjoy a visual sense of great wisdom, but also precious watchmaker Breguet, the beauty of the Fritillaria relief process most incisive. Chopin Japanese lacquer art master manual maki-e Watch Limited Chopin Japanese lacquer art master manual maki-e watch a limited monkey living in fruitful branches, picking peach, sunset glow halo dyed a golden sky. In the background of the Golden Valley showed a warm scene, its color and soft rose gold case perfect match. L.U.C XP monkey picked peach maki-e watch Black Crocodile Leather Watchband collocation, and equipped with a special box to maki-e good decoration process. The external box was black, for internal maki-e gold, the octagonal design has a happy meaning in the Oriental culture. Hublot classic fusion Hublot watch HUBLOT Monkey King Monkey King – China red classic fusion watches Hublot published for the first time Chinese Zodiac watch presents traditional culture in the form of classic fusion not sticking to formalities, the watch will subvert the traditional magic like Sun Wukong with a powerful and unconstrained style, again showing "dare to.

“猴赛雷”猴表 让你看看中国年老外压根没闲着   导语:别以为春节只是中国人的节日,对于春节,有些老外也忙得很!看看那些制表师们,在中国的猴年推出一款猴表,得在多早之前就要开始设计和制作了呢!刚过完年,你的压岁钱准备花在哪款猴赛雷腕表上呢?   宝珀Villeret系列中华年历表猴年限量款 中华年历表铂金款羊年_生肖窗猴_限量36枚   腕表采用45毫米直径铂金表壳,表冠饰以凸圆形切割红宝石,表耳下方采用Blancpain宝珀专利设计的5个隐藏式调校按钮,在调校同时确保了表侧简洁流畅的线条美感。该表集合了Blancpain宝珀Villeret系列所有的经典标识和特色,如双层表圈、大明火珐琅表盘、镂空柳叶型指针、标准日历的蛇形蓝钢指针等。此款猴年中华年历表铂金款限量发行36枚,编号1到50,跳过逢4的编号。亦有非限量版的红金款可供选择。   宝玑(Breguet)那不勒斯王后系列高级定制十二生肖猴年腕表 宝玑那不勒斯王后系列高级定制十二生肖猴年腕表   宝玑制表师采用贝壳浮雕工艺勾勒出极致纤细的顽猴毛发线条,柔软厚实的猴毛让人忍不住伸手抚摸感受其温暖细腻。精通如此精湛的贝壳浮雕技艺的大师如今已寥寥可数,而他们正在为宝玑续写一次次传奇。偏心时分表盘,若有似无,以灵动优雅的方式将立体浮雕效果呈现于方寸之间,静述着时光的美韵。18K白金镶钻表壳与蓝宝石水晶镜面犹如为灵动的浮雕顽猴提供的绝佳庇护。水晶底盖的设计将手工镌刻并镶有天然贝母的金质摆陀展现无疑。宝玑那不勒斯王后系列高级定制生肖猴年腕表不仅是一种视觉上的绝佳享受,也是宝玑制表师无比珍贵的智慧结晶,将贝母浮雕工艺之美展现的淋漓尽致。   萧邦日本漆艺大师手工限量莳绘腕表 萧邦日本漆艺大师手工限量莳绘腕表   一只金猴栖身于结满硕果的树枝上,采摘蜜桃,夕阳的霞光晕染出一片金色的天空。背景中的金色山谷呈现一派暖融融的景象,其色调与柔和的玫瑰金表壳完美配搭。L.U.C XP金猴摘桃莳绘腕表搭配黑色鳄鱼皮表带,同时配备以莳绘工艺悉心装饰的特别表盒。表盒外部呈黑色,内部则为莳绘金色,其八角形设计在东方文化中有着欢愉的寓意。   宇舶表经典融合猴王腕表 HUBLOT宇舶表经典融合猴王腕表-中国红   宇舶表首次发布的中国生肖腕表以不拘一格的形式呈现传统文化,经典融合猴王腕表将颠覆传统的孙悟空施以天马行空的神奇想象,再次彰显出“敢为天下先”的非 凡魄力。表盘以蓝色为背景,亮粉色面孔的孙悟空正在开怀大笑,似乎以夸张的表情传达着不畏权威的乐观自信,而他头戴的明黄色紧箍咒也与颈间的黄色方巾相互 呼应。12点钟位置绘以紧箍咒的月牙立体造型,代表着孙悟空师徒西天取经得到正果。其余共五个数字时标则以不规则的形式出现:4点钟位置的时标则代表“师 徒四人”,7点钟位置和2点钟位置的阿拉伯数字象征“孙悟空七十二变”,而10点钟位置和8点钟位置则更具想象力地代表了“孙悟空师徒四人取经所走过的十 万八千里路”。   斯沃琪猴年特别款“猴呈得意”腕表 斯沃琪猴年特别款“猴呈得意”腕表   本款手表的设计风格源自于中国的剪纸艺术,这项家喻户晓的中国传统民间艺术起源于公元6世纪,至今仍是迎接新年时重要的民俗活动。值得一提的是,灵猴献桃的图案也有着祝福家中长者长命百岁、健康长寿的吉祥寓意。2016猴年特别款腕表“猴呈得意”(SUOZ203)的特别包装延续了手表本身的设计风格。红色的灵猴献桃于白色表盘之上,并配以天蓝色塑料表壳,硅胶表带上印有光芒四射的红白蓝星光图案。该腕表在全球及中国的斯沃琪专卖店都有出售。   海瑞温斯顿卓时Premier系列猴年限量自动腕表 海瑞温斯顿卓时Premier系列猴年限量自动腕表   24K 纯金金箔逐一嵌入粉红色珍珠母贝中,另以精雕细刻的镂空纹样装饰,缔造出金粉辉映、美不胜收的视觉效果。在璀璨耀目的表盘上,镶贴18K 金精雕灵猴形象,猴眼则以钻石点缀。灵猴身形敏健,攀援伸向9 点钟位置的表圈,而猴尾则轻轻缠绕着12 点钟位置一颗重0.09 克拉的祖母绿型切工钻石。猴身以黄金镶件精雕而成,其上镂刻出马眼状纹饰,由此立体感倍增,神形俱真。这种精细的刻镂手法与中国传统剪纸艺术有著异曲同工之妙,剪纸艺术自远古时代起便被中国古人用来表达对繁荣和长寿的祝愿。   伯爵Art & Excellence系列猴年主题腕表 伯爵Art & Excellence系列猴年主题腕表   猴年主题腕表的设计秉承系列的独特风格,以黑白纯色塑造出灵猴,并以无数精巧细节令图案栩栩如生。伯爵更为剔透夺目的珐琅图案搭配18K白金表壳及78颗圆形美钻,透过精湛镶嵌工艺点亮农历新年。细致精美的表盘下搭载伯爵打造的430P手动上链机芯。Altiplano‘Art & Excellence’中国生肖腕表系列全球限量38枚,于伯爵专卖店独家发售。   雅克德罗猴年生肖腕表 金雕猕猴时分小针盘   金雕猕猴时分小针盘以珍珠母贝巧妙搭配漆面表盘,呈现出一簇精致的叶丛,一只金雕猕猴立足于一根桃枝之上的景致。这款凝聚精湛工艺与细致美感的时计臻品备有两个款式。第一款搭配红金表壳,第二款则搭配白金表壳,表圈镶嵌璀璨耀眼的华美钻石。摆陀结合金雕、上色工艺和缟玛瑙材质,镌刻同一图案。缟玛瑙拥有深邃而夺目的黑色,是雅克德罗钟爱的矿物材质,散发深沉而不失光彩色调所特有的神秘迷人气息。每款腕表均配备特别设计的弧形表镜,以呈现此立体画面。 微绘猕猴时分小针盘   微绘猕猴时分小针盘的表盘上,猕猴奔向桃枝,意欲摘桃,画面充满诗意,动感逼真,栩栩如生。工匠大师运用雅克德罗的独特工艺,以亚洲标志性的猕猴形象呈现智慧和长寿的象征。 江诗丹顿艺术大师系列中国十二生肖传奇之猴年腕表 江诗丹顿艺术大师系列中国十二生肖传奇之猴年腕表   表盘上的叶子装饰图案源自经典的中国图案,直接在金质表盘上雕刻而成。图案采用半嵌入式设计,通过深浅不同的浮雕精心组合在一起,营造出深邃的纵深效果。突显的植物彷佛悬浮于表盘之上。之后是大明火珐琅阶段。大明火珐琅工艺起源于日内瓦,至今只有极少数工匠精通。通过采用连续涂抹数层的珐琅釉,珐琅大师进一步突显出蓝色或古铜色表盘的视觉张力。当珐琅表盘经过800到900摄氏度的烧制时,必须严格控制釉料的颜色和烧制产生的反应,这就要求珐琅大师拥有专业推断能力,而这种能力需要花费数年才可完全掌握。手工雕刻而成的铂金或金质猴子图案,则精巧地镶嵌于表盘中央。   GP芝柏表猴年生肖腕表 GP 芝柏表首度推出猴年限量版腕表   GP 芝柏表采用现代油画概念,以不同颜色的细小三角形图案,精心塑造别树一帜的现代猴年生肖腕表,匠心独运的工艺技巧结合了传统珐琅艺术和现代马赛克风格,即保留传统文化的底蕴又增添了现代感。层次丰富的小三角装饰闪闪生光,与大明火珐琅表面相互辉映。表面缀有叶状时分指针,简洁优雅的设计彰显非凡的制表工艺。相关的主题文章:

受害投资人遍布全国31个省市区&hellip 遵义医学院教务处

E rent treasure pretend not bad money: many in luxury shops 1 months wages made 800 million – financial Sohu news, within a year and a half of illegal absorption of funds about 50000000000 yuan, the victim investors all over the country 31 provinces…… In January 14th, 21 people involved in the "e rent treasure" platform were arrested by the Beijing procuratorial organs. Among them, the "e rental treasure" platform actual controller, Yu Cheng Group Executive Board Chairman Ding Ning, suspected of fraud, illegal absorption of public deposits, illegal possession of firearms and other crimes. In addition, a number of suspects related to the case were also arrested by the procuratorial organs. Under the banner of "network finance" illegal fund-raising about 50000000000 "e rent treasure" is "Yu Cheng Department" subordinate Jin Yi Rong (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. operating network platform. In February 2014, Yu Cheng group acquired the company and transformed its operating network platform. In July 2014, Yu Cheng group upgraded the platform named "e rent treasure", and launched online operation under the banner of "network finance". Police handling the case said that the case is complex, the investigation is extremely difficult. "Yu Cheng" branches throughout the country, involving a large number of investors, and the company’s financial management confusion, business transaction data volume is huge, only need to check the storage company related data server more than 200 units. In order to destroy the evidence, the suspect put more than 1200 copies of evidence in more than 80 woven bags, buried in the outskirts of Anhui City, Hefei Province, 6 meters deep underground, the task force used two excavators, more than 20 hours to dig out. Police initially identified, "e rent treasure" the actual absorption of funds more than 500 yuan, involving about 900 thousand investors. A huge amount of money from the Yucheng group was illegally occupied according to the police investigation, "Yucheng" in addition to the part draw funds for debt service, a considerable part is used for personal extravagance, maintain huge operating costs, the company’s investment of non-performing loans and advertising hype. According to a number of suspects confessed, Ding Ning and several group of senior women is closely related to the private life of great extravagance, absorbing funds to launch out. Police initially identified, Ding Ning donated cash, real estate, luxury vehicles, others worth more than 10 yuan. Only one person Aman Chang, Ding Ning in addition to give the value of 130 million to 12 million of the value of the Singapore villas, luxury cars, pink diamond ring, watches and other gifts, she also has "reward" 550 million yuan. One of the big expenses of Yu Cheng system comes from the high salary of employees. In cases of Ding Ning’s brother Ding Dianwei, he had a monthly salary of 18 thousand yuan, but later transferred to Beijing, has soared to 1 million yuan monthly salary. According to Aman Chang account, the whole group took millions of annual salary of executives as many as 80 people, only in November 2015, Yu Cheng group need to pay the wages of employees have 800 million yuan. A number of company executives said, in order to give the public the impression left "deep pockets", Ding Ning asked the office of the Secretary General to wear dozens of luxury brand uniforms and jewelry showcase the company’s image, even once had a luxury shop all long.

e租宝假装不差钱:多次买空奢侈品店 1个月发8亿工资-搜狐财经  新华网消息,一年半内非法吸收资金500多亿元,受害投资人遍布全国31个省市区……1月14日,备受关注的“e租宝”平台的21名涉案人员被北京检察机关批准逮捕。其中,“e租宝”平台实际控制人、钰诚集团董事会执行局主席丁宁,涉嫌集资诈骗、非法吸收公众存款、非法持有枪支罪及其他犯罪。此外,与此案相关的一批犯罪嫌疑人也被各地检察机关批准逮捕。   打着“网络金融”旗号非法集资500多亿   “e租宝”是“钰诚系”下属的金易融(北京)网络科技有限公司运营的网络平台。2014年2月,钰诚集团收购了这家公司,并对其运营的网络平台进行改造。2014年7月,钰诚集团将改造后的平台命名为“e租宝”,打着“网络金融”的旗号上线运营。   办案民警表示,此案案情复杂,侦查难度极大。“钰诚系”的分支机构遍布全国,涉及投资人众多,且公司财务管理混乱,经营交易数据量庞大,仅需要清查的存储公司相关数据的服务器就有200余台。为了毁灭证据,犯罪嫌疑人将1200余册证据材料装入80余个编织袋,埋藏在安徽省合肥市郊外某处6米深的地下,专案组动用两台挖掘机,历时20余个小时才将其挖出。   警方初步查明,“e租宝”实际吸收资金500余亿元,涉及投资人约90万名。   非法吸取的巨额资金被钰诚集团自用   据警方调查,“钰诚系”除了将一部分吸取的资金用于还本付息外,相当一部分被用于个人挥霍、维持公司的巨额运行成本、投资不良债权以及广告炒作。   据多个犯罪嫌疑人供述,丁宁与数名集团女高管关系密切,其私生活极其奢侈,大肆挥霍吸来的资金。警方初步查明,丁宁赠与他人的现金、房产、车辆、奢侈品的价值达10余亿元。仅对张敏一人,丁宁除了向其赠送价值1.3亿的新加坡别墅、价值1200万的粉钻戒指、豪华轿车、名表等礼物,还先后“奖励”她5.5亿元人民币。   “钰诚系”的一大开支还来自高昂的员工薪金。以丁宁的弟弟丁甸为例,他原本月薪1.8万元,但调任北京后,月薪就飞涨到100万元。据张敏交代,整个集团拿着百万级年薪的高管多达80人左右,仅2015年11月,钰诚集团需发给员工的工资就有8亿元。   多位公司高管称,为了给公众留下“财大气粗”的印象,丁宁要求办公室几十个秘书全身穿戴奢侈品牌的制服和首饰“展示公司形象”,甚至一次就把一个奢侈品店全部买空。相关的主题文章:

都是影响创业板走低以及暴跌的主要因素在 南京财经大学研究生处

Lunch review: stock index fell 3.61% gem plunged 5.07% hot column capital flows thousands of thousand comment stocks diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to guide Sina Financial News Thursday, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index fell 0.23% low. After the opening of stock index fell to 2900 points, for a period of time after the two cities continue to fall sideways. Late, the two cities to speed up the bottom, all plates all float green, subject shares, heavyweights fell all. On the surface, water, the smallest decline in the banking sector, Ali concept, packaging, advertising Zhaimao concept among the top decliners. Two cities only 10 stocks daily limit, more than 60 shares limit, more than 2400 shares fell. As of midday closing stock index fell 3.61%, down 105.83 points, at 2823.06 points; Shenzhen Component Index fell 4.51%, down 464.38 points, at 9843.25 points; the gem fell 5.07%, down 111.67 points, at 2092.07 points. Volume, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 143 billion 11 million yuan, 218 billion 164 million yuan turnover in Shenzhen, two cities half day total turnover of 361 billion 200 million yuan, compared with yesterday’s volume of about 50 billion yuan. Plate, all two cities turn green, including charging pile, environmental protection, banks and other smaller decline, while cultural and leisure, Ali concept, pension concept and many other topics fell. Expert analysis, sina finance Hot Blog live blogger Ding Dawei said yesterday: "I pointed out that the sign of the funds transfer positions is very obvious, like software, Internet, communication and other emerging industries this week appeared in the continuous sector the main net outflow of funds in the forefront, the impact is still short-term profit taking continued, but a new hot spot in the reform of state-owned enterprises led by the emerging again to gather popularity. Why hasn’t the final gun been finalized? Because the gem trend is very weak, tomorrow will continue to observe the trend of the leading indicators". Today, the gem continues to led the market. The disk, the gem first emerged from the big points, in recent days the trend has been weaker than the market trend, and the decline itself, plus the market rebounded yesterday after the shock of the technology also requires, can be said that today is the result of resonance fell. The morning after the rapid decline, from the gem small, Fanchou request afternoon, if the gem can be stabilized, it also can stimulate the market rebound, the operation on the afternoon of may choose to bargain hunting. Jufeng investment adviser Guo Yiming: in fact, today the risk of stocks in reason, but the stock index fell slightly accident. The bank shares was to support the market, but the other plate with at will is not strong, so the trend of bank shares still need to pay attention to the afternoon. On the other hand, many large loss companies have become the "king of transfer", while some major shareholders have begun to reduce their holdings. This is one of the reasons for the recent high heat transfer. And many companies face delisting, are the main factors affecting the gem decline and slump; in technology, the gem is weaker than the motherboard, stock differentiation is inevitable, short-term transactions can not be effectively released, the shock or will be launched again. On

午评:沪指大跌3.61% 创业板暴跌5.07% 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   新浪财经讯 周四,沪深两市低开,沪指跌0.23%。开盘后沪指走低至2900点,一段时间横盘后,两市继续下跌。尾盘,两市加速赶底,所有板块全部飘绿,题材股、权重股全部下跌。盘面上,水务、银行板块跌幅最小,阿里概念、广告包装、摘帽概念跌幅居前。两市仅10股涨停,60余股跌停,超过2400股下跌。   截至午间收盘,沪指跌3.61%,跌105.83点,报2823.06点;深成指跌4.51%,跌464.38点,报9843.25点;创业板跌5.07%,跌111.67点,报2092.07点。   成交量方面,沪市成交1430.11亿元,深市成交2181.64亿元,两市半日共成交3612亿元,较昨日放量500亿元左右。   板块方面,两市所有板块翻绿,其中充电桩、环境保护、银行等跌幅较小,而文教休闲、阿里概念、养老概念等多题材大跌。   专家分析   新浪财经名博、直播博主丁大卫表示,昨天我指出:“大资金调仓的迹象非常明显,像软件、互联网、通信等新兴产业本周连续出现在板块主力资金净流出的前列,短期获利回吐盘的冲击还在延续,不过以国企改革为首的一批新热点的涌现又重新凝聚起了人气。多方炮为什么还没最后确定呢?因为创业板走势很弱,明天还要继续观察这个先行指标的动向”。   今天创业板继续领跌大盘。盘面上看,由于创业板率先出现了大分时的背离,近几个交易日走势上一直弱于大盘的走势,本身就还有走低的要求,再加上大盘昨日反弹之后技术上也出现了震荡的要求,可以说今日的下跌是共振的结果。经过上午快速下跌之后,创业板出现小分时背离,下午有反抽的要求,如果创业板能够止跌,也能够带动大盘的回升,操作上下午可择机低吸。   巨丰投顾郭一鸣:实际上,今日个股风险在情理之中,但股指大跌稍有意外。其中银行股一度护盘,但其他板块跟随意愿不强,因此,午后仍需留意银行股的动向。消息面,众多亏损较大的公司成为送转王,而部分大股东却开始减持。这也就是近期高送转热度骤减的原因之一。而前期多家公司面临退市,都是影响创业板走低以及暴跌的主要因素在;技术上,创业板连续弱于主板,个股分化难免,短期成交不能有效释放,震荡或将再次展开。对于当下市场,巨丰投顾郭一鸣认为,政策支撑下的流动性得到保证,连续反弹后整理需求升温,整理后3000点还是短期反弹目标。机会方面,两会渐行渐近,相关概念持续发酵,可继续关注供给侧改革标的以及刚刚表现的农业板块相关标的。   新浪财经app直播功能上线了!目前徐小明、王亚光、空空道人等近百位知名博主已经入驻,抄底被套?卖股就飙?没抓到过妖股?这都不是事,有了博主一对一的指导你还怕什么?   我们还会邀请博主每天盘中、盘后为大家答疑解惑,快来新浪财经APP与他们面对面的提问吧。新浪财经app下载猛戳 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

服务合同为期五年 强上邪性老公

The Macao originwater sewage treatment station upgrade project – Beijing originwater bid Macao sewage treatment plant upgrade project to speed up the pace into the international market in the new network on 31 August, the day before, China environmental technology company originwater successfully take overseas sewage treatment station upgrade project, the company intends to move is a step to expand overseas business, also is China innovative technology companies will reflect a spotlight on the international stage of momentum. In August, Beijing originwater company and WATERLEAU of Belgium, the Commonwealth, the "Macao cross-border industrial zone of the sewage treatment station upgrades, operation and maintenance project, bid amount of about one hundred and nine million (Macao), a service contract for a period of five years, after upgrading the sewage treatment station will use originwater MBR hollow fiber microfiltration membrane. Macao cross-border industrial area sewage treatment station was built in 2006, put into operation in 2009, using MBR membrane bioreactor process, the design scale of 12000 tons of sewage treatment. It is understood that the project in July in Macao Environmental Protection Bureau of public bidding, received a total of three bids, respectively, is a consortium of the Belgian WATERLEAU company and Beijing originwater company (WATERLEAU-ORIGINWATER), the Commonwealth of Beijing, Chengdu drainage drainage and well-being of the company and the composition of the new Macao, Huambo science and Technology Co., Ltd. and China Environmental Technology (Guangzhou) Consortium Limited to participate in the bidding. Bid evaluation results were announced in August, and eventually WATERLEAU-ORIGINWATER stood out and won the bid successfully. Compared with the past two years as the general service contract, the service contract is for a period of five years, the company in addition to the daily operation and protection for building, and films on the MBR membrane group is replaced, but also need to build a pretreatment facility within 24 months, mud Qingzhou wastewater treatment plant tap water. To further optimize the processing capacity of the sewage station. Originwater technology is one of the innovative enterprises in the field of environmental protection Chinese representatives also invited to attend the May this year held in Beijing National Science and Technology Innovation Conference, the General Assembly sounded China construction of scientific and technological power in the world. In the past ten years of development, the domestic sewage treatment plant mentioned standard transformation and new rural construction of rural sewage treatment market is huge, there has been no substantive originwater force on expanding overseas business, more focus on the global forefront of technology and research institutions in the top water field of international joint research and development. With the The Belt and Road national strategic opportunities for the keen sense of smell, and accumulate their own talent reserves plan for success and experience in international cooperation, originwater is clearly to accelerate the pace of entering the international water market, including the July signed a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan in Punjab Province, and the August bid Macao Cross-Border Industrial Zone sewage treatment plant upgrade project, in addition recently, in Guangxi and the local leading enterprises to set up a joint venture company PPP water movement, is also the industry as its overseas development strategy will help pave the way to clean water source in Guangxi as the supporting point, to enter the ASEAN countries.

碧水源中标澳门污水处理站升级项目-中新网   碧水源中标澳门污水处理站升级项目 加快进军国际水务市场步伐   中新网8月31日电 日前,中国环保科技公司碧水源成功揽下境外污水处理站升级项目,此举既是该公司意欲扩张海外业务的其中一步,亦是中国创新型科技公司将目光对准国际舞台的一种势头的体现。   8月,北京碧水源公司与比利时WATERLEAU公司组成联合体,中标“澳门跨境工业区污水处理站的升级、营运及保养”项目,中标金额约一亿九百万(澳门元),服务合同为期五年,升级后的污水处理站将使用碧水源MBR中空纤维微滤膜。   澳门跨境工业区污水处理站始建于2006年,于2009年投入运作,采用MBR膜生物反应器工艺,设计规模为日处理污水12,000吨。   据了解,该项目于7月在澳门环境保护局公开招标,共收到三份标书,分别是由比利时WATERLEAU公司和北京碧水源公司组成的联合体(WATERLEAU-ORIGINWATER)、北京排水、成都排水与安乐公司组成的联合体,以及澳门新大陆万博科技有限公司与中信环境技术 (广州)有限公司组成的联合体参与投标。评标结果于8月揭晓,最终由WATERLEAU-ORIGINWATER脱颖而出,成功中标。   与过去一般为两年的服务合同相比,此次服务合同共为期五年,中标公司除了负责厂房的日常营运和保护,以及对MBR膜组器的膜片进行更换外,还需在24个月内建造一个预处理设施,处理青洲自来水厂的排泥废水,进一步优化该污水站的处理能力。   碧水源是中国科技创新型企业在环保领域的代表之一,还受邀出席了今年5月在北京召开的全国科技创新大会,该大会吹响中国建设世界科技强国的号角。   在过去的十几年发展过程中,由于国内污水处理厂提标改造及新农村建设下农村污水治理市场巨大,碧水源一直没有在海外业务的扩张方面实质性发力,更多的将精力集中在与国际顶尖水领域研究机构联合研发全球前沿技术上。   随着对“一带一路”国家战略机遇的敏锐嗅觉,以及自身人才储备计划的成功实施和国际合作经验的积累,碧水源正在明显地加快步伐进军国际水务市场,包括7月与巴基斯坦旁遮普省签订谅解备忘录,以及8月中标澳门跨境工业区污水处理站升级项目,此外,近日在广西与当地龙头水务企业成立PPP合资公司的动作,也被业内人士视为其海外发展战略的铺垫之举,将有利于碧水源以广西为支撑点,进军东盟国家。相关的主题文章:

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Drexler Releases New Website By 王妃真丑

Qualities Of The Best Workers Compensation Attorney Los Angeles By: Eric White | Apr 5th 2016 – Here get the reference of reliable workers compensation attorney los angeles that is- Accidentlawyerlosangeles and get ready to have a peaceful life. Tags: Why To Hire Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney? By: Eric White | Apr 5th 2016 – Los angeles personal injury attorney knows everything and has already encountered with lots of complex cases in which they just got great success. Tags: The Work Of Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney By: ailawatson | Mar 2nd 2013 – This article describes the basic working and all the major tasks of the Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney. Tags: What You Should Always Be Looking For In A Lawyer To Represent You By: Bessie Coffey | Jan 14th 2013 – Things to take into consideration when looking at all of the available lawyers in your area. Tags: Finding A Suitable Personal Injury Attorney In Los Angeles By: Gerald Cooper | Dec 29th 2012 – In case someone is planning to hire a personal injury attorney, it is very important to choose a competent and experienced attorney over an inexperienced one. Tags: Call In A Reputable Motorcycle Accident Attorney To Avoid Many Legal Issues By: Dava Rlaw | Dec 13th 2012 – There could be no denying to fact that any motorcycle accident attorney is the person who will be able to tell you horror story after horror story involving their clients. Tags: Understanding Torts Along With Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney By: Louie Doherty | May 11th 2012 – There are several ways that people may get injuries. The trouble happens when other people caused it. Pretty much any Los Angeles personal injury attorney will explain that neglect is not excusable, so you ought to have payment for injuries you suffered due to someone’s actions or inaction. Tags: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney For Saving Your Rights By: BERENJI ASSOCIATES | Apr 19th 2012 – Contact to the best and experienced lawyers for your case representation because it will enhance your probabilities of winning. You can search over the web where you will get some free consultation from the experts regarding your case. Tags: The Way A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Your Case By: KarinaOrtiz | Apr 4th 2012 – Do you really need the help of a personal injury attorney? In Los Angeles, Ca, personal injury cases are definitely the most commonly seen legal battles citizens face every single day. Get a firm centered on your distinct situation to get a favorable result. Tags: A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Helps Make Healing Less Complicated By: KarinaOrtiz | Mar 12th 2012 – Accidents can bring about severe injuries, a number of which can be terminal. The consequences of those may also last for many years, even forever. Restoration will be challenging and high-priced. Finding a Los Angeles personal injury attorney may help you acquire justice in addition to highest possible payment. Tags: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney – Fighting Legal Battles For Your Benefit By: KarinaOrtiz | Jan 31st 2012 – Traffic accidents, exposure to chemicals, and medical malpractice are cases where you need a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. If you have been hurt physically or emotionally, your lawyer can make things right for you. Keep reading to learn more. Tags: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys – A Quick Manual On This Legal Scenario For Long Term Referenc By: KarinaOrtiz | Nov 15th 2011 – Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are some of the most committed specialists when it comes to bringing settlement for men and women who underwent physical, psychological, and psychological distress. The article is a simple discussion relating to the support given by these lawyers. Tags: The Right Ways In Filing For Your Auto Insurance Claim By: madisonlawgroup | Sep 5th 2011 – As long as you have a vehicle or you"��re riding in one, you will always be prone to auto accidents. The good news is that you can file a claim. You will be paid for the car repair costs and even hospital care expenses if you got injured because of the accident. By consulting with an Accident Lawyer Los Angeles victims of a … Tags: Establishing The Reasonableness Of Slip And Fall Injury By: madisonlawgroup | Jul 14th 2011 – Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles slip and fall victims can receive professional help in receiving reparations the emotional and financial costs of injury. Tags: Hire A San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyer You Need Him By: Simon Caly | Apr 17th 2011 – "You really need to hire a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer for getting appropriate claim against your lawsuit." Tags: Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles : Finding An Attorney To Handle Your Personal Injury Case By: madisonlawgroup | Apr 12th 2011 – In Los Angeles PersonalInjuryLawyer services are highly sought after,due to many victims ofpersonalinjurysearching for justice and reparations for damages that have been incurred whether financialoremotional Tags: Los Angeles Law Firm Obtains Million-dollar Awards Of Behalf Of Clients By: Alfalfa Media | Jan 5th 2011 – Edmond El Dabe is the one of the best Los Angeles personal injury attorney today. Call us on our hotline at (800) 790-2915 to get your free legal consultation. Tags: The Perks And Dangers Of Owning A Motorized Scooter By: Los Angeles Expert Lawyer | Nov 23rd 2010 – Scooters are becoming more popular than ever in the United States as an alternative mode of transportation. And as the number of people who buy this type of motorcycle rises, the number of motorized scooter injuries increase as well. Tags: Helpful Tips In Case Of A Slip And Fall Involvement By: Los Angeles Expert Lawyer | Nov 5th 2010 – The most recent federal statistics shows that slip and fall occurrences cover 15% of the total number of accidental fatalities. Thus, if a person incurred injuries or died due to the hazardous condition of another party"��s premises, he or she may demand for damages against the owner of the property where he or she was harm … Tags: Taking Legal Action After A Slip And Fall Accident By: Los Angeles Expert Lawyer | Oct 28th 2010 – Slip and fall is one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries and deaths in the United States. Records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that more than one million people are injured while more than 17,000 others are killed each year due to slip, trip, and fall accidents. Tags: Personal Injury Accidents: How To Deal With Them By: Los Angeles Expert Lawyer | Oct 26th 2010 – Different kinds of accidents happen, but all of them have one thing in common "�" they all cause personal injury. Personal injury accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries "�" from scratches and bruises, to traumatic injuries and disability. What is important in these kinds of situation is that the victim knows how t … Tags: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys For Your Legal Fight By: Adam Raj | Jul 9th 2010 – The victims of personal injuries generally have no idea where and whom to claim for compensation. After occurring the accident, insurance companies and police are also likely to start asking question immediately. In such scenario, your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will handle those questions for you. Tags: Auto Accident Attorney In Los Angeles By: David D. Danialpour | Feb 21st 2010 – We understand the physical pain and suffering an accident victim has to endure. We understand the emotional pain, agony and strain on families as a result of such accidents. Our personal injury attorneys at Danialpour & Associates take a serious approach to the total financial impact of the injury, including lost of earning … Tags: What Do I Do After A Car Accident? By: DarvishLaw | Dec 17th 2009 – If you have been involved in an auto accident, slip and fall, or injured by a defective product, you may need the representation of an experienced accident attorney. Los Angeles Accident Attorney Alon Darvish provides clients with legal expertise in personal injury accident law. Get the compensation you deserve. Contact … Tags: Finding A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney By: DarvishLaw | Dec 4th 2009 – If you have been involved in an auto accident, slip and fall, or injured by a defective product, you may need the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney. Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Alon Darvish provides clients with legal experitense in personal injury law. Get the compensation you deserve. C … Tags: When To Look For An Effective Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney By: DarvishLaw | Dec 4th 2009 – If you have been involved in an auto accident, slip and fall, or injured by a defective product, you may need the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney. Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Alon Darvish provides clients with legal experitense in personal injury law. Get the compensation you deserve. C … Tags: Do I Need An Attorney? By: madisonlawgroup | Nov 16th 2009 – If the accident has caused injuries you may want to contact a qualified and experienced Los Angeles Automobile Accident Injury Lawyer. Your number one concern should be to protect yourself from the other driver"��s insurance company that may attempt to distort the facts of the accident and do everything possible to minimize … Tags: Los Angeles Dental Malpractice Attorney – When To Hire One By: DietrichElliot | Oct 2nd 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Michael Leff Joins Drexler Firm By: DietrichElliot | Sep 25th 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Drexler Releases New Website By: DietrichElliot | Sep 25th 2009 – David Drexler, a preeminent personal injury attorney in Los Angeles who specializes in both medical and legal malpractice cases, has released a state-of-the-art website that reflects his law firm’s values. Tags: When To Hire A Los Angeles Defamation Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Jul 12th 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: When To Hire A Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Jul 9th 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: When To Hire A Los Angeles Libel Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Jun 22nd 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: When To Hire A Los Angeles Slander Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Jun 19th 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: Los Angeles Spinal Cord Injury Attorney – When You Need One By: DietrichElliot | Mar 16th 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: Los Angeles Bike Accident Attorney – When You Need One By: DietrichElliot | Mar 13th 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: When To Hire A Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Feb 3rd 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: When You Need A Los Angeles Train Accident Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Jan 20th 2009 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: Elder Abuse, Los Angeles And The Law By: DietrichElliot | Dec 7th 2008 – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys are expert Trial Attorneys have recovered over $100,000,000 on behalf of their clients. Tags: Legal Malpractice In Los Angeles By: DietrichElliot | Nov 6th 2008 – These Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, California are your best lawyers to win personal injury claims! Tags: Premises Liability: Who Is To Blame? By: DietrichElliot | Oct 14th 2008 – Premises Liability is a complicated issue and covers a wide range accidents that Personal Injury Attorneys often categorize as the �"’˜sticky wickets’ of law. Why? Because at its core, Premises Liability is all about figuring out who is to blame for an accident. Tags: When You Need A Product Liability Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Sep 4th 2008 – These Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, California are your best lawyers to win personal injury claims! Tags: Construction Accident Attorney "�" When You Need One By: DietrichElliot | Aug 15th 2008 – These Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, California are your best lawyers to win personal injury claims! Tags: Truck Accidents In Los Angeles "�" When You Need A Personal Injury Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Jul 10th 2008 – These Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, California are your best lawyers to win personal injury claims! Tags: Dog Bites In Los Angeles "�" When You Need A Dog Bite Attorney By: DietrichElliot | Jun 5th 2008 – Successful cases require the expertise of an attorney who limits his practice to personal injury matters. This Personal Injury lawyers in Los angles, California are your best Attorney – David Drexler. Tags: How You Can Keep From Buying A Lemon By: Barry Edzant | Oct 2nd 2007 – Buyers of lemons, new or used vehicles that are far less valuable than the buyer expected, make up a large share of the calls to our office. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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