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In September, the securities investment trust raised nearly 10 billion yuan, an increase of two time 星斗盘之约

In September the securities investment trust fund-raising nearly 10 billion yuan an increase of two times Sina App: Live on-line blogger after a pair of a guiding team you earn you always can let you falls in September securities investment trust fund nearly 10 billion yuan an increase of two times – trainee newspaper reporter Xing Meng in August the trust account you increase the number of securities investment, September trust financing scale up had increased obviously. Usufruct trust statistics show that in September this year, set up a total of 443 trust products, raised 96 billion 593 million yuan, set up a small scale growth year on year, with an average yield of 6.44%, continue to wander at low levels. But the stock investment trust changed before the decline, the scale grew two times more than the same period, reaching 9 billion 677 million yuan. The research fellow of the trust research group told the Securities Daily reporters that the stock investment trust was warmer, on the one hand because of the stock market concussion, and the result was dismal last year. On the other hand, trust in the two tier market investment, as well as frequent asset acquisitions, restructuring, fixed increase and other aspects of development opportunities. Industry optimistic about the development of investment trust trust investment trust statistics show that in September this year, set up a total of 443 trust products, raising funds 96 billion 593 million yuan, the average yield of 6.44%. In September the securities investment trust products collection was founded in 44, to raise the scale of 9 billion 677 million yuan, an increase of 225.39%; in this regard, the trust researcher Shuai Guorang believes that on the one hand is due to the same period last year the securities investment trust financing is bleak, because clean up regulators of the OTC information with the second half of last year, investor risk appetite decreased in order to prevent and control risks, a reduction in the number of trust companies, securities investment products issued; on the other hand, trust there is still room for development in the year two level in the market, especially in the frequent mergers and acquisitions of assets and increase such as the existence of opportunities. The securities investment trust has fallen into a "cold winter" since last year, and has been in general since the second half of last year. Lattice financial researcher Wang Yanyu said, by the stock market crash and the effects of last year to clean up the umbrella trust event, trust this business had been relatively large, and last year the trust company in this type of business is really too radical, since this year gradually slow down. According to the data of the usufruct trust, the raising scale of the securities investment trust reached its peak in July, reaching 12 billion 600 million yuan, followed by September. In the securities investment trust established this year, the private placement, mergers and acquisitions and other types of products have increased, which is one of the driving forces for the increase of investment products of trust companies. Wind data show that as of now, this year set up to focus on the number set by the trust products only 38 over the same period last year; only 12; Sichuan trust research department wrote that the private placement of stock pledged repo, buyout funds, holdings of major shareholders, the new board investment business model to provide the whole industry the chain of funds for listed companies and non listed enterprise solutions will become the main line of the trust company’s future business upgrade. Huarong theory

9月份证券投资信托募资近百亿元 同比增两倍 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你参赛你赚你拿 总能让你过把瘾   9月份证券投资信托募资近百亿元同比增两倍   ■本报见习记者 邢 萌   在8月份信托开户数量大增之后,9月份证券投资信托融资规模同比也有明显的增长。   用益信托统计数据显示,今年9月份集合信托共成立443款产品,募集资金965.93亿元,成立规模同比有小幅增长,平均收益率为6.44%,继续在低位徘徊。但证券投资信托一改之前颓势,成立规模同比增长两倍有余,达96.77亿元。   用益信托研究员帅国让对《证券日报》记者表示,证券投资信托回暖,一方面是因为股市震荡,去年同期成绩惨淡。另一方面,信托在今年二级市场的投资以及频繁的资产并购重组、定增等方面存在发展机遇。   业内看好   证券投资信托发展   用益信托统计的数据显示,今年9月份集合信托共成立443款产品,募集资金965.93亿元,平均收益率为6.44%。   其中9月份证券投资类集合信托产品成立44款,募集规模为96.77亿元,同比上涨225.39%;对此,用益信托研究员帅国让认为,一方面是由于去年同期证券投资信托融资规模惨淡,原因在于去年下半年监管层对场外配资的清理,投资者的风险偏好随之降低,为了防控风险,信托公司减少了在证券投资类产品的发行数量;另一方面,信托在今年二级市场中仍存在发展空间,尤其是在频繁的资产并购重组和定增等方面存在着机遇。   证券投资信托自去年大起大落后进入了“寒冬”期,去年下半年以来一直表现一般。格上理财研究员王燕娱曾表示,受到去年股灾以及清理伞形信托事件的影响,信托公司这块业务受到的创伤比较大,而且去年信托公司在这类业务方面也确实过于激进,今年以来逐渐放慢脚步。   根据用益信托的数据,今年以来各月证券投资信托的募集规模,7月份达到顶点,达126亿元,9月份次之。   在今年成立的证券投资信托中,定向增发、并购重组等类型的产品有所增多,是信托公司证券投资产品增多的推动力之一。Wind数据显示,截止到目前,今年以来成立的专注于定增的信托产品数量为38只;而去年同期仅12只;   四川信托研发部曾撰文称,定向增发、股票质押式回购、并购基金、大股东增持、新三板投资等业务模式为上市公司及非上市企业提供全产业链的资金解决方案将成为信托公司未来业务升级的主线。   华融信托袁吉伟也曾表示,资本市场业务领域,信托公司可以在二级市场投资业务,资产并购重组、定增等上市公司金融综合服务,以及开拓新兴资本市场业务、国际资本市场业务方面寻找机遇。   帅国让认为,针对目前楼市政策收紧,资金将会部分回流至二级市场,二级市场投资增长也将带动更多资金投向证券投资信托,证券投资信托规模或将持续走高。   除证券投资信托外,9月份其他投资类信托产品成立137款,募集规模达289.23亿元,同比增长62.23%,平均收益率为6.02%;贷款类集合信托产品成立85款,募集规模达223.35亿元,同比增长7.47%,平均收益率为7.02%;股权投资类集合信托产品成立14款,募集规模为41.46亿元,基本与去年同期持平,平均收益率为6.50%;权益投资类产品成立135款,募集规模达267.27亿元,同比下降21.30%,平均收益率为6.31%;组合运用类信托产品成立29款,募集规模达47.85亿元,同比下降41.25%,平均收益率为6.43%。   房地产信托稳中有增   平均收益居首   用益信托数据显示,9月份房地产信托共成立46款产品,募集资金150.92亿元,同比增长25.61%,平均收益率与工商企业信托并列最高,为6.99%。用益信托分析认为,与其他实体经济部门相比,房地产业具有很长的产业链,对其他经济部门的复苏和增长有紧密的相关性。预计随着中国经济增速的逐渐企稳,在房地产业风险可控的前提下,资金信托对房地产业的配置仍将保持一个稳定的占比。   有分析人士认为,相对其他行业来讲,信托公司在房地产市场仍存结构性机会,信托公司注重与大型房地产企业的合作以规避风险,是房地产信托逆势上扬的主要原因。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Accuphase revenue 370 million yuan in the first half gross profit of 258 million yuan 神鬼八卦图

Accuphase revenue 370 million yuan in the first half gross profit of 258 million yuan a thousand thousand shares hot column capital flows on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. In August 29th, (06896) announced the first half of 2016 concise financial report (not audited), the indicators continued to grow, of which revenue grew 6.3% to 370 million 600 thousand yuan, gross profit grew 2.3% to 258 million 400 thousand yuan. During the reporting period, Jin Sangzi tablet revenue growth to 3.267 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of more than 2015 slightly; Jin Sangzi throat treasure series products revenue increased to 2090 million yuan, representing a growth of 19.4% 2015 in the same period; herb beverage and ginkgo leaf and other income increased to 2300 million yuan, representing a growth of 411.1% 2015 in the same period. At present, Accuphase established a comprehensive distribution network, through a combination of online and offline, covering all the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. At the same time, continue to expand overseas markets. For example, the introduction of an American agent with a sound and large distribution network and Internet channels in North America has reached the intention of cooperation with the famous India pharmaceutical company with over 600 thousand retail pharmacies at all levels. At present, Accuphase group products have been involved in a number of overseas markets including the United States, Canada, EU, Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. As a leading manufacturer of lozenges, since the 1994 launch of Accuphase tablet, with marketing ability and strong distribution network, become known to every family of well-known brands. Report of the third party authority Euromonitor International, Jin Sangzi Runhou tablet products (including Jin Sangzi and Jin Sangzi throat throat treasure Series) occupy the largest market share in China, about 25.8%. At the beginning of this year, and entered the field of food beverage and the introduction of Accuphase herb beverage caused widespread concern in the market and consumers. Future Ltd will continue to seek to consolidate its leading position in Runhou tablet market, continues to expand its China in medicine and food market. Most importantly, the company will strive to enhance capacity, expand product portfolio and enhance R & D capabilities, strengthen its food and other pharmaceutical business, and promote synergies between different product segments. Enhance brand awareness through effective targeted marketing, and continue to expand its distribution network, upgrade related infrastructure and use its existing distribution network to promote different products. The industry believes that, as the China Runhou tablet enterprises, Accuphase’s golden throat tablets and golden throat products by the market and consumers. On the introduction of new herbal beverage products

金嗓子上半年营收3.7亿元 毛利润2.58亿元 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   8月29日,金嗓子(06896)公布2016年上半年简明财务报告(未经审核),各项指标均保持持续增长,其中收入同比增长6.3%至3.706亿元,毛利润同比增长2.3%至2.584亿元。   报告期内,金嗓子喉片的收入增长至3.267亿元,比2015年同期稍有增长;金嗓子喉宝系列产品的收入增长至2090万元,较2015年同期增长19.4%;草本植物饮料及银杏叶片等其他收入增长至2300万元,较2015年同期增长411.1%。   目前,金嗓子建立了全面的分销网络,通过线上线下结合,覆盖了国内所有省市、自治区及直辖市。与此同时,不断扩展海外市场。如在北美地区引入拥有健全而庞大的经销网络及互联网渠道的美国代理商,与拥有超过60万间各级零售药店的著名印度医药公司达成合作意向。目前,金嗓子集团产品已涉足包括美国、加拿大、欧盟、澳洲、东南亚及中东等地区在内的多个海外市场。   作为国内领先的润喉片制造商,自1994年推出金嗓子喉片,通过强大的市场推广能力及分销网络,成为家喻户晓的知名品牌。第三方权威机构欧睿国际的报告显示,金嗓子润喉片产品(包括金嗓子喉片和金嗓子喉宝系列产品)在国内占据最大的市场份额,约为25.8%。今年年初,又进入食品饮料领域并推出金嗓子草本植物饮料引发市场与消费者的广泛关注。   未来公司将继续寻求巩固其于润喉片市场的领先地位,继续扩大其于中国药品及食品市场的市场份额。最重要的是,公司将致力提升产能、扩大产品组合及增强研发能力,加强其食品及其他药品业务并促进不同产品分部间的协同作用。透过有效的定向市场推广提高品牌知名度,及继续扩大其分销网络、提升相关基础设施及利用其现有分销网络以推广不同产品。   业内人士认为,作为中国润喉片的龙头企业,金嗓子的金嗓子喉片及金嗓子喉宝系列产品备受市场及消费者的喜爱。而草本植物饮料新产品的推出,更是让经典的金嗓子再添新光彩。凭借金嗓子长久以来的品牌资本积累,新产品推出元年的良好契机,配合深耕国内市场、推广国际化布局的市场布局策略,金嗓子未来发展必会有新的飞跃。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The trend of trading recommendations in February 16th – the trend is going to start, and the price o 呼伦贝尔学院学报

The trend of trading in February 16th recommended by tracking the trend line under the fruit being oil prices turn to fear "wait" for the February 16th FX168 trading recommendation: recommended operation: temporary Nymex consolidation trend recommended reason: try the key breakthrough in the downlink channel failure results from the overnight Nymex crude oil futures prices to $26, in line to find true the bottom is still owed a certain level of attainment. On the daily chart, the market is correcting the technical divergence of MACD, but the multilateral still can not overcome the great resistance of the last November 4th high to the January 4th high line extension line. (Nymex crude oil futures daily chart source: FX168 financial network) so that the downward trend in oil prices continue to maintain, but the market is not easy to go out of the rebound, and many will not easily submit, investors can continue to observe the trend line contention. There are three shortages in oil price trends: the breakthrough of the trend line; the multiple arrangement of the short line average system; the formation of a higher bottom and top; the rise of the normal. Disclaimer: the above analysis focuses on short-term operation, for reference only. The risk of foreign exchange market, investment need to be cautious. A group of FX168 decision. Proofing: TIER goes into Sina Finance shares

2月16日交易推荐之趋势追踪——趋势线下果现原形 油价转势恐需“再等等”   以下为2月16日FX168交易推荐:   推荐操作:暂观Nymex整固态势   推荐理由:   从隔夜Nymex原油期货尝试突破关键下行通道失利的结果来看,油价若欲在26美元一线寻获真正底部仍欠一定火候。   日线图上,市场正在修正macd的技术性底背离,但多方依然无法逾越去年11月4日高点至1月4日高点连线的延长线这一重大阻力。   (Nymex原油期货日线图 来源:FX168财经网)   如此一来,油价下行趋势仍继续保持,然而市场好不容易走出反弹,多方也未必就会轻易就范,投资者可继续观察趋势线的争夺情况。   油价转势目前欠缺的还是以下三点:   趋势线的突破;   短线均线系统的多头排列;   形成更高的底和顶构成上升常态。   免责声明:以上分析侧重于短线操作,仅供参考。汇市有风险,投资需谨慎。   FX168决策小组敬上。   校对:TIER 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Are the BRICs living up to expectations 运城狼帮

Are the BRICs living up to expectations? The sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) agency column Project Syndicate author Jim? O’neal, former chairman of Asset Management Co, the British Chancellor of the exchequer business assistant, is a professor of economics at the University College Chester’s honor, think-tank Pieter Brueghel the elder visiting fellow at the British government, antibiotic resistance problem review Commission Chairman of the BRIC countries the growth and development of the potential barrier in many ways, including antibiotic resistance of this kind of health threat, education challenges, lack of representation and some short-term cyclical problems in global governance mechanism. And the global policy makers must be committed to dismantling these barriers so that the BRICs will eventually be able to play their true potential. Are the BRICs living up to expectations? 15 years ago, I created the word "BRICs" to refer to several major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India and China (after 2010, South Africa was added). After my recent independent review of Antimicrobial Resistance, my short term in the British government was over. And when I think about what to do next, I can’t help thinking about the 15th Anniversary Theme so far. Are these big and promising emerging economies failing to live up to expectations? Perhaps the easiest way to answer this question is with my antibiotic resistance review, which was launched by David Cameron, a former British Prime Minister, in 2014. In September 21st the same year, we made a major progress: the United Nations signed a high-level agreement on the issue. After the agreement was reached, a German television crew, who had been tracking from time to time in my team and myself, has been asking me in a live broadcast whether the outcome of the project was more important than the BRIC concept. And I didn’t even come and answer, and they gave me the positive answer first. They are right: whether emerging or any other economy, it is impossible to achieve prosperity if it continues to be under such severe and uncontrollable health threats as antibiotic resistance. But the story of BRICs is not limited to this: the importance of BRICs in dealing with antibiotic resistance is equivalent to the importance of resistance to these five countries. South Africa is the UK’s main supporter of drug resistance issues at the recent G20 summit in Hangzhou, and even without the support of the country, the issue may not even have a chance to appear in the communique of the meeting. And that’s the problem. Today’s BRICs, like those of 2001, play a vital role in addressing the most pressing international challenges. In fact, the reason why I came up with the acronym BRICS is not only because of the coincidence of the first names of countries, but also because of the real meaning of the word: in my 2001 article, these emerging economies should be building new global gold

金砖国家辜负人们的期望了?   文 新浪财经意见领袖(微信公众号kopleader)机构专栏 Project Syndicate 作者吉姆?奥尼尔,曾任高盛资产管理公司主席,英国财政大臣商务助理,现为曼切斯特大学经济学荣誉教授,智库机构布勒哲尔访问研究员,英国政府抗菌素耐药性问题审查委员会主席   金砖国家的成长和发展的潜在障碍是多方面的,包括抗菌素耐药性这类健康威胁,教育方面的挑战,在全球治理机构中代表性不足以及一些短期的周期性问题。而全球政策制定者必须致力于拆除这些壁垒,以令金砖国家最终能发挥出其真正的潜力。 金砖国家辜负人们的期望了?   在15年前,我创设了“金砖四国(BRICs)”一词来指代几个主要新兴经济体:巴西,俄罗斯,印度和中国(后于2010年增添了南非)。在主持的针对抗菌素耐药性(Antimicrobial Resistance)的独立审查工作于近期完成之后,我在英国政府的短暂任期也结束了。而在思考下一步该投身哪些事业的时候,我不禁回想到了这个迄今15周年的主题。这些庞大且让人寄予厚望的新兴经济体到底有没有辜负人们的期望?   也许回答这个问题的最简单方法与我的抗菌素耐药性审查工作有关,这是由前英国首相戴维?卡梅伦于2014年启动的项目。同年9月21日我们就取得了一项重大进展:联合国针对该议题签署了一份高级别协议。   在协议达成后,一个在我的团队和我本人在各界广泛树立耐药性意识期间不时跟踪拍摄的德国电视摄制组曾经在直播中问我,这个项目的结果是否比金砖四国的概念更重要。而我甚至都没来及回答,他们就抢先给出了肯定的答案。他们是对的:不管是新兴还是其他什么经济体,如果持续处于抗菌素耐药性这类严重且无法控制的卫生威胁之下的话,都是不可能实现繁荣的。   但是金砖五国的故事可不仅限于此:金砖五国在应对抗菌素耐药性议题上的重要性跟应对耐药性对于这五国的重要性是等同的。其中南非就是英国在近期在杭州G20峰会上耐药性议题的主要支持者,如果缺少了该国的支持,该议题甚至可能没机会出现在会议的公报上。   而这就是问题所在。当今的金砖五国跟2001年时一样,在解决那些最为紧迫的国际性挑战方面发挥着至关重要的作用。事实上我之所以想出BRICS这个缩写,不仅是因为各国名称首字母的巧合,也是因为这个词的真实含义:在我2001年发表的文章中,这些新兴经济体应该是构筑新全球金融和治理体系的基石。   然而在正在召开的国际货币基金组织和世界银行的秋季会议上,金砖国家在这些关键机构中的代表性依旧不足。如果这一情况无法扭转的话,随着各项改革远远超出当前的范围,我们很快就会发现所谓的“全球治理”已经跟全球性不沾边了。   诚然金砖国家近年的日子也不太好过。巴西和俄罗斯近十年间的经济表现尤其是令人失望,以致许多人如今都觉得应该把这两个国家从缩写中剔除。   但这种认为金砖国家重要性被夸大了的想法其实是相当幼稚的。四个金砖起始国如今的经济总量其实与我多年前作出的预测保持了一致。   俄罗斯和巴西两国占全球GDP的比重和2001年基本一致。虽然根据我的简单计算,俄罗斯可能已经跌出了世界十大经济体之外。而巴西即便有着相当多的问题,但全球排名甚至比我当初的设想要高。   印度依然沿着与15年前大致相同的路径不断前进。有了合理的结构性改革,它甚至可以在一段时期内持续实现中国式的两位数经济增长。   而最大的金砖国家成功故事仍然是中国。尽管近期经济有所放缓,但中国的发展远远超过了预期。如果中国经济能在2020年前保持6%左右的年增长率,那么我的20年预测就将应验。   这可不是在回避中国所面临的挑战。但如果它能设法解决其中最为紧迫的问题――下行通货紧缩风险――其备受争议的债务挑战就将变得更加易于管理。   但中国的幸运之处在于其他国家希望――或者应该希望――它走向成功。毕竟一个充满活力的中国经济符合其他许多国家的利益,特别是那些可以输出一个更现代化且消费拉动型的中国所需的商品和服务的国家。事实上,中国消费者的崛起可能是当前最重要的单一全球经济变化因素――甚至比困扰欧洲和日本的经济问题或者对印度经济与全球的长期关联性的质疑这类问题更加重要。   金砖国家的成长和发展的潜在障碍是多方面的,包括抗菌素耐药性这类健康威胁,教育方面的挑战,在全球治理机构中代表性不足以及一些短期的周期性问题。而全球政策制定者必须致力于拆除这些壁垒,以令金砖国家最终能发挥出其真正的潜力。   Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2016.?      (本文作者介绍:报业辛迪加(Project Syndicate)被称为“世界上最具智慧的专栏”,作者来自全球顶级经济学者、诺奖得主、政界领袖,主题包括全球政治、经济、科学与文化塑造者的观点,为全球读者提供来自全球最高端的原创文章、最具深度的评论,为解读“变动中的世界”提供帮助。)相关的主题文章:

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Renaissance package where: O2O industry purely online game flow O2O 2014 is the first year of entrepreneurship, after 2015’s hot and cold, merger or strategic cooperation, the 58 giant drops fast market, Beauty Group reviews and other as keywords, so many people predict that 2016 will be the integration of O2O. Prior to this, on Internet plus and O2O package where the mentioned 6 problems, may be worth your attention. The Internet industry to enter the third stage we believe that the Internet has gone through three stages: the first stage is to solve the problem of abundant information, so that we have more choices of information; the second stage is the so-called Internet 2, is to solve the problem of commodity rich, let us have more choice of goods; third one is that the Internet plus 3 times, that is to solve the problem of service, let us have more choice of services, and enjoy better service. The real Internet plus company is to solve the pain points of consumers as a Internet plus enterprise, the core problem to be solved is: for consumers, the company to create value, the value that can really solve the pain points of consumption. In fact, in the absence of Internet plus before, enterprises also do these services, but after Internet plus, can let the service do better, to allow enterprises to solve some things do not enjoy the service in the past. The value of O2O is whether it provides efficiency. In many cases, what we call improving efficiency is actually changing the way things were done before. We have said a lot of so-called shared economic, is said before many resources are wasted, but now through an information service mode, put a lot of previously did not make full use of resources to make full use of, and improve the efficiency. Or use some ways, let the user on the service to the pain point to new satisfaction. If the first did not give the user to solve the pain points, second does not really solve the efficiency, such as O2O are false, are piled up a short-term hot money phenomenon. The Internet 3 era, enterprise online and offline integration see special a obvious trend in 3, enterprises with online and offline businesses are integration of online business is supposed to go with the next line of business combination to get more service scene. Through this service scenario, you can better serve this client and get more data. Traditional enterprises cooperate with online enterprises to reconstruct service process. So we clearly see that in the Internet 3, both online and offline are actively integrated. Four hot 3 times the development of the Internet – Platform: a combination of "powerful alliances" – the transformation of information platform trading services platform – Internet Co jointly traditional industries "A" upsurge of online and offline, the high importance of the line online in the Internet business, O2O in the real estate industry as an example, must pay attention to four question: the first is on the Internet 3, everyone is indeed from the information service to the transaction from.

华兴资本包凡:O2O行业纯粹靠做线上流量没戏   2014是O2O的创业元年,在经历了2015年的大热和寒冬之后,滴滴快的、58赶集、美团点评等巨头的合并或战略合作成为关键词,因此不少人预测2016年将是O2O的整合期。   在此之前,关于互联网+和O2O,包凡提到了6个问题,或许值得你关注一下。   互联网行业进入第三个阶段   我们认为互联网经过了三个阶段:   第一个阶段是解决了信息丰富性的问题,让大家对信息有更多的选择;   第二个阶段是所谓的互联网2.0,是解决了商品丰富性的问题,让大家对商品有更多的选择;   第三个阶段是到了所谓互联网+的3.0时代,即解决服务的问题,让我们对服务有更多的选择,以及享受更好的服务。   真正的互联网+公司是要解决消费者的痛点   作为一个互联网+企业,要解决的核心问题是: 对于消费者来说,公司要创造价值,这个价值在于能否真正解决消费的痛点。实际上在没有互联网+之前,企业也在做这些服务,但是在互联网+发生以后,能够让服务做的更好,能够让企业解决以前的服务里享受不到的一些东西。   O2O公司的价值在于是否提供了效率   很多时候我们所说的提高效率,实际上是要改变以前的做事方式。我们现在说了很多所谓的共享经济,其实是说以前很多资源是浪费的,但是现在通过一种信息服务的方式,把很多以前没有充分利用的资源给充分使用,而且提高了效率。或者运用一些方式,让用户在服务上到的痛点得到新的满足。如果第一没有给用户解决痛点,第二并没有真正解决效率,这样的O2O就都是假的,都是一个短时的热钱堆起来的现象而已。   互联网3.0时代,线上、线下企业融合   在3.0里面看到特别明显的一个趋势,线上企业跟线下的企业都在融合,本来线上的企业要去跟线下企业结合以获取更多服务场景。通过这个服务的场景才能更好地服务这个客户,获取更多数据。传统企业和线上企业合作,以重构服务流程。所以我们很明显得看到,在互联3.0里面,线上和线下都在积极融合。   3.0时代互联网发展的四大热点:   ● 平台间“强强联合”   ● 信息平台转型交易服务平台   ● 互联网公司联手传统行业   ● “回A”热潮   线上、线下结合时,线下的重要性高过线上   在互联网企业里,以房地产O2O行业为例,要关注四个问题:   第一是在互联网3.0,大家的确是从信息服务转向从交易,但是在房地产行业,交易的商品价值极高,通常以百万人民币计;   第二是购买频次相对较低;   第三是二手房是一个非标的产品;   第四是房屋委托方式是多家委托,对服务的要求非常高。   这些综合考虑在一起,其实当线上跟线下结合的时候,其实线下这个重要性某种程度上可以说高过这个线上。因为没有线下网络,没有线下的重服务很难获取最靠谱的房源和提供高质量的服务。   O2O行业标准的筛选和商业价值在于线上、线下都过硬   投资机构的观点:   ● 烧钱补贴换交易量没有意义,投资人更关注单位经济效益   ● 在交易的基础上植入更多增值服务,才具有更大的想象空间   ● 什么样的公司能够最终胜出?线上线下两手都要强   根据我们对O2O行业标准的筛选和本身的商业价值去做一个深度地考量的话,很多企业的商业模式是不存在,尤其在互联网行业里面,纯粹靠做线上流量的经营,实际上形不成一个护城河。而且从服务角度来说,并没有真正花工夫重构整个流程,也没有给用户带来价值。其实这个行业里真正能够做到这一点,需要真的做到线上跟线下两个拳头都硬,线上有核心竞争力,流量推广,线下提高整个运营的效率,而且要有线上线下综合的管理能力。   本文由华兴资本授权创业邦发布,转载请注明作者信息及来源,违者必究相关的主题文章:

the downward pressure or increase of soybean meal is facing. Although in recent months 尼罗河水怪

Lunch review: most agricultural products plummeted once again rose gold hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Financial News News February 24th, Saudi oil overnight long Naimi ruled out any possibility of production, international oil prices plummeted again. In early trading commodity pressure sharply lower, varieties rose more or less, the majority of agricultural products fell, palm oil fell 2.19% asphalt fell 2.19%, soybean fell 2.17%, rapeseed fell 1.87%, Shanghai zinc fell 1.83%, cotton fell 1.48%, copper fell 1.38%, soybean oil, corn fell down 1.36%, 1.22%. Gold rose again, rose to 1.35%, coking coal rose 1.26%, sugar rose 1.19%. The production possibility explicitly excluded NYMEX in the United States in April crude oil futures prices on Tuesday (February 23rd) fell $1.52, or 4.6%, at $31.87 a barrel, Saudi oil Naimi ruled out the possibility of any cut, reiterated Saudi output unchanged reason, demand will drag prices fall to absorb excess supply in the past 20 april. Iran is not expected to agree to limit production. According to the student news agency ISNA, the Iran oil chief said the freeze was "ridiculous" (because), because if frozen production, Iran will not regain the market share lost during the sanctions period. Warmer demand still takes time, and the space above the soybean meal is limited. At present, with the pressure of South American soybean market gradually enlarged, the downward pressure or increase of soybean meal is facing. Although in recent months, soybean imports to Hong Kong less, after the Lantern Festival and a feed mill Lunbu library is expected, but the number of pigs and other data did not show substantial improvement, soybean rose lack of motivation. In the supply of poor demand environment, soybean meal upside space is limited. The spot market, the overall price of soybean meal showed a steady weakening trend running. At present, the Lantern Festival and a feed mill Lunbu Library in recent months and expected soybean imports to Hong Kong with less, to a certain extent, boosted the soybean market trend, but in the common effect of South America is expected to yield during the Spring Festival, livestock and poultry slaughter concentrated need not other factors, supply and demand will not appear too nervous phenomenon, so on the price of soybean meal to boost the amplitude or will be limited. Data show that the coastal area of ordinary protein soybean meal prices in the 2530-2600 yuan per ton line, compared with the previous day fell 20-80 tons. The relatively weak spot price of soybean meal, to some extent, is not conducive to boost the market trend of its futures price. "Short" nap, gold speculation, the new bull panic has become the gold market "healing drugs", the beginning of the financial turmoil triggered gold prices skyrocketing, investors significantly increased gold ETF (trading type open index funds). According to the relevant institutions monitoring, as of February 22, 2016, the world’s 8 largest gold ETFs total holdings of 1271.821 tons. On the day before the German commercial bank said in a report this year, gold ETF Holdings has exceeded the sum of inflow outflow in 2015. Gold shines all over the world. From 2016 to now, the international price of gold is discussed

午评:农产品多数暴跌 黄金再度大涨 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   新浪财经讯 2月24日消息,隔夜沙特油长纳伊米排除了任何减产的可能性,国际油价再度暴跌。早盘商品承压大幅走低,品种跌多涨少,农产品多数重挫,棕榈油大跌2.19%,沥青大跌2.19%,豆粕跌2.17%,菜粕跌1.87%,沪锌跌1.83%,棉花跌1.48%,沪铜跌1.38%,豆油跌1.36%,玉米跌1.22%。黄金再度大涨,涨幅为1.35%,焦煤涨1.26%,白糖涨1.19%。   沙特明确排除减产可能性   美国NYMEX 4月原油期货价格周二(2月23日)收盘下跌1.52美元,跌幅4.6%,报31.87美元 桶,沙特油长纳伊米排除了任何减产的可能性,重申沙特保持产量不变的理由时,需求将会吸收在过去20个月拖累油价跌跌不休的过剩供应。   预计伊朗不会同意限产。据该国学生通讯社ISNA报导,伊朗油长表示,冻产是‘很可笑’的(提议),因为如果冻产,伊朗将无法重新夺回制裁期间失去的市场份额。   需求回暖仍需时日 豆粕上方空间有限   当前,随着南美大豆上市压力逐步放大,豆粕面临的下行压力或增大。尽管近月进口大豆到港量偏少以及元宵节过后饲料厂还有一轮补库预期,但生猪存栏量等数据并未出现实质性改善,豆粕上涨缺乏动力。在供应足需求差的大环境下,豆粕上行空间有限。   现货市场来看,当前豆粕价格总体呈稳中趋弱态势运行。目前,元宵节后饲料厂还有一轮补库预期以及近月进口大豆到港量偏少,在一定程度上提振了豆粕行情走 势,但在南美丰产预期、春节期间畜禽集中出栏需求不济等因素的共同影响下,供需面不会出现太紧张的现象,故而对豆粕价格提振幅度或将有限。   数据显示,沿海地区普通蛋白豆粕价格在2530-2600元 吨一线,较节前下跌了20-80元 吨。豆粕现货价格的相对弱势,在一定程度上不利于提振其期价的行情走势。   空头“打盹” 黄金臆想新牛市   恐慌成了黄金市场的“疗伤药”,年初金融市场动荡引发金价暴涨,投资者大幅增持黄金ETF(交易型开放式指数基金)。据相关机构监测,截至 2016年2月22日,全球8大黄金ETFs持仓总量为1271.821吨。德国商业银行于日前发布报告称,今年黄金ETF基金持仓流入已超过2015年 流出的总和。   黄金闪耀全球。2016年至今,国际金价上涨近15%。截至2月23日记者截稿时,纽约黄金期货4月合约价格报每盎司1219.0美元。有观点 认为黄金已经重返牛市。中国证券报记者采访多位专业人士发现,黄金出现大牛市往往伴随着通货膨胀的明显上升,而本轮黄金价格上涨的驱动力自于避险,在美联 储加息背景下,黄金大牛市重现概率小。   亚洲棕榈油现货市场价格下跌   周二(2月23日),亚洲棕榈油现货市场报价下跌。   2016年3月船期毛棕榈油的卖盘报价为2,480令吉 吨,比上一交易日下跌30令吉,南马来西亚交货价格。   周二,马来西亚衍生品交易所(BMD)棕榈油期货收盘下跌,这也是连续第四个交易日收低。成交活跃的5月棕榈油期货收报每吨2551令吉,相当于每吨606.7美元,比上一交易日下跌15令吉或者0.6%。盘中最低跌至2542令吉,这也是2月5日以来的最低点。   行业专家预期今年全球棕榈油产量增长放慢,但是近期出现的降雨有可能缓解厄尔尼诺对东南亚地区作物的影响。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

in bright 8 month 临沂大学教务处

High prices stop: the local regulation has not only test the big house hot city continue to rise 8 months 70 big city prices from 8 month 70 big city prices rose expand hot city or regain the purchase credit limit / reporter Liang Min, in bright 8 month, hot tier city housing prices are still "heat reclaim". Among the 70 large and medium-sized cities in the country, most of the new house prices are in the second tier cities, with Zhengzhou rising by 5.6% QoQ, which led the country to ten. Housing prices continue to rise, so local governments have to tighten control policies again. Following Suzhou and Xiamen, Hangzhou has implemented the restriction policy since yesterday. Analysts said that the hot city heat is not refundable, then there will be more cities back to limit the purchase limit loan team, and does not rule out the introduction of policies to further upgrade the city tightening measures. Second tier hot city housing prices led, the National Bureau of Statistics announced on the 19 day, in August, 70 large and medium-sized cities, new houses and second-hand housing prices rose 64 cities and 57, respectively, an increase of 13 and 6 compared with the previous month. From the price point of view, the number of cities in the ring and rising year after year have increased, of which the ring rose more than 2% of the city has 16, an increase of more than 20% of the city has 10. National Bureau of statistics urban division Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei in the interpretation of data, said, from the city point of view, one or two, three line city new houses and second-hand housing prices ring than in July expanded. Among them, the second tier cities are particularly prominent. In 70 large and medium-sized cities, the new house prices in August, whether the ring or year-on-year, most of the top ten are second tier cities, especially Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing and other hot second tier cities continue to heat. From the data chain, Zhengzhou rose 5.6%, becoming the country’s highest new home market in August, followed by Shanghai, Wuxi, Hefei, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Xiamen, Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Tianjin. And the data show that prices rise more ferocious, of which Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing, the three hot second tier cities gainers, year-on-year growth of more than 38%. Shanghai Daily reporter combed the last 6 months of statistical data also found that every month new house prices rose by nearly three of the second tier cities, including Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing, the highest frequency. Enjoysmart Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin Zhengbao in an interview with reporters said, first-tier cities prices high, fund investment and speculation began to withdraw from the first-tier cities into the second tier city, which makes some second tier city prices begin to go beyond first-tier cities. And now Zhengzhou, Wuxi and other hot two or three line cities began to rise significantly, prices control pressure also began to rise. In fact, the heat of the property market in the second tier cities not only in the sales end of the whole volume and price rise, but also in front of the land market "Wang Wang boom" continued to be staged. In August, Zhengzhou, Zhuhai, Wuxi and other places were born price history king, and part of the new king prices soared earlier than the previous. "Land king" is the biggest risk in the future, the first tier cities property market has begun to slow down, some hot second tier cities clinch a deal fiery, housing prices led by land prices." Zhongyuan Real Estate chief analysis.

挡不住的高房价:地方调控仅试探 大招还没出 热点城市房价继续上涨 8月70大中城市房价出炉 8月份70个大中城市房价涨幅扩大热点城市或重拾限购限贷⊙记者梁敏、于祥明8月份,热点二三线城市房价仍是“热度不退”。在全国70个大中城市中,新房价格环比、同比涨幅前十位的多数集中在二线城市,其中郑州以5.6%的环比涨幅领涨全国。房价的持续上涨让地方政府不得不再度收紧调控政策。继苏州、厦门之后,杭州自昨日起也在部分区域实施限购政策。分析人士表示,热点城市热度不退,接下来还将有更多城市重回限购限贷队伍,并且不排除已经出台政策的城市进一步升级收紧措施。二线热点城市房价领涨全国国家统计局19日公布数据显示,8月份70个大中城市新房和二手房价格环比上涨的城市分别有64个和57个,分别比上月增加13个和6个。从价格来看,环比和同比上涨的城市数量均较上月有所增加,其中环比涨幅超过2%的城市有16个,同比涨幅超过20%的城市有10个。国家统计局城市司高级统计师刘建伟在解读数据时表示,分城市来看,一、二、三线城市新房和二手房价格环比涨幅均比7月有所扩大。其中,二线城市表现尤为突出。在70个大中城市中,8月份新房价格无论是环比还是同比涨幅前十位的多数是二线城市,尤其是厦门、合肥、南京等热点二线城市持续热度不退。从环比数据来看,郑州上涨5.6%,成为8月全国新房涨幅最高的城市,排在其后的分别是上海、无锡、合肥、福州、南京、厦门、北京、石家庄和天津。而同比数据反映房价涨势更为凶猛,其中厦门、合肥、南京这三个热点二线城市涨幅居前,同比涨幅均超过38%。上证报记者梳理最近6个月统计数据也发现,每个月新房价格环比涨幅前三的几乎都是二线城市,其中厦门、合肥、南京出现频率最高。易居研究院智库中心研究总监严跃进在接受上证报记者采访时表示,一线城市房价偏高,部分投资投机资金开始撤出一线城市进入二线城市,这使得一些二线城市的价格涨幅开始超越一线城市。而现在郑州、无锡等热点二、三线城市开始出现价格明显攀升,房价控制的压力也开始上升。事实上,二线城市楼市的热度不仅表现在销售端整体量价齐升,还表现在前端土地市场的地王热潮持续上演。8月份,郑州、珠海、无锡等地均诞生单价历史地王,且部分新地王价格较前期大幅飙升。“地王是未来最大的风险,一线城市楼市成交已经开始放缓,部分热点二线城市成交火热,房价地价领涨。”中原地产首席分析师张大伟预计,下半年房地产调控将升级到“一城一策”,一旦信贷政策宽松不能持续,四季度房地产市场的风险可能进一步上升。地方加码收紧楼市调控政策“目前房地产市场两极分化严重,调控政策也不可能‘一刀切’,只能是‘谁家的孩子谁抱走’。”住建部政策研究中心原副主任王珏林19日对上证报记者如是说。国土部一位专家也向记者表示,虽然地王频出,但土地市场的分化也是非常严重,三、四线城市的土地市场少人问津,也不适合出台“一刀切”的调控政策。正因为如此,面对不断高企的房价,部分热点城市再度收紧了楼市政策,重启限购政策。目前已有苏州、厦门和杭州三个热点二线城市重启限购措施,合肥、南京、武汉等多个城市以提高按揭贷款首付比例为主要手段升级了限贷政策。郑州此轮房价上涨是“地王驱动式”的,因此在中秋节前一天深夜,郑州市发布调控措施剑指“地王”:郑州的郑东新区、郑州经济开发区土地出让时,网挂报价超过50%溢价率时,网挂报价中止,采取“限地价,竞房价”,即地价确定,参与网挂的竞买人现场竞综合房价,综合房价报价低者为竞得人。市内五区及郑州高新区土地出让时,网挂报价超过50%溢价率时,网挂报价中止,参与网挂的竞买人进行最后一次现场报价,依据挂牌须知等相关规定,确定竞得人。对此,中国指数研究院常务副院长黄瑜分析认为,在因城施策下,热点城市或通过重启限购、收紧信贷、调整土地公开出让竞价方式等多种手段,抑制房价地价过快上涨。交行金融研究中心高级研究员夏丹在接受上证报记者采访时表示,热点城市热度不退,接下来还将有更多城市重回限购限贷队伍。天津、福州、郑州等近期房价上涨较快的二线城市都可能会跟进收紧政策。并且,一线城市以及上述已经出过政策的城市还有可能升级限制措施。“目前地方出招并不狠,只是象征性的小幅微刺激以引导预期,这种方式也是对市场的试探和观望。如果地价房价上涨过快的情况不缓解,出大招是可能的。”夏丹说。张大伟也表示,包括杭州在内的多个城市出台的限购限贷政策,起到的只是喊话作用。在当下资金潮下,这种力度的政策对市场的影响非常微弱。如果不收紧房地产信贷额度,房价继续出现上涨依然是趋势。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章:

renewable energy distributed power station construction 大唐双龙传之长生诀演员表

The evening of September 20th listed a list of the good news of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my Sina Finance News September 20th news of you, the number of listed companies for the following evening announcement, news summary: Wuhan Steel shares: Baosteel WISCO Wuhan Iron and steel group to be merged with the free transfer of Wuhan 4.9% WISCO shares the major asset restructuring plans for the initial transaction to Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares all shareholders of A shares issued convertible, convertible merger of Wuhan Steel shares, Baosteel merged party and the surviving party, for the Wuhan Steel shares the merged party and non existence, are not expected to result in the final control of the company the right to change, nor a backdoor listing. At the same time, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group intends to transfer 247297606 shares of A shares of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to Beijing Cheng Tong Investment Control Co., Ltd. and 247297606 shares of A shares transferred to new China Investment Co., Ltd. through non gratuitous transfer. Honglu: signed 104 million yuan major business contracts Honglu recently received the Shaanxi Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. of Xianyang rainbow construction steel structure project of steel structure fabrication, transportation contract, tentative contract engineering steel production capacity of 21914 tons, temporary contracts valued at 103965590 yuan. The contract amount of the project accounts for about 3.72% of the main business income of the company audited in 2015. A sea of heavy: solar photovoltaic power plant investment to set up a subsidiary to heavy land and sea and natural persons accounted for far Qing jointly invested 50 million yuan to set up a subsidiary, the company invested 25 million 500 thousand yuan in cash, holds 51% stake; accounting for far Qing invested 24 million 500 thousand yuan in cash, holds a 49% stake. After the establishment of the company, mainly engaged in solar photovoltaic power station, renewable energy distributed power station construction, etc.. Midea Group Offer: KUKA group of Brazil antitrust review by as Beijing September 17, 2016, Midea Group offer the KUKA Aktiengesellschaft on the Brazil antitrust review of the delivery conditions are satisfied. The tender offer still needs to be reviewed by the European Union and Mexico, as well as by the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) and the National Defense Trade Control Council (DDTC). Tianshun shares: in cooperation with the Lithuania railway company in September 19, 2016, Erik shares with Lithuania railway Limited by Share Ltd signed a "memorandum of cooperation". According to the memorandum signed, the two sides will focus on promoting container transport between Vilnius and Kaunas multimodal transport stations between China and Europe, and cooperation in the field of freight transport. Lithuania railway Limited by Share Ltd is the largest transport enterprise in Lithuania, responsible for the national passenger, freight transport and logistics services. LETV: employee stock ownership plan to complete the holdings of 510 million yuan of shares, as the announcement date, LETV first phase ESOP through two market auction trading cumulative buying company theory

9月20日晚间上市公司利好消息一览 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你参赛你赚你拿 总能让你过把瘾   新浪财经讯 9月20日消息,多家上市公司晚间发布公告,以下为利好消息汇总:   武钢股份:宝钢拟吸收合并武钢 武钢集团无偿划转武钢4.9%股份   武钢股份本次重大资产重组初步交易方案拟为宝钢股份向武钢股份全体换股股东发行A股股票,换股吸收合并武钢股份,宝钢股份为合并方暨存续方,武钢股份为被合并方暨非存续方,预计不会导致公司最终控制权发生变更,也不会构成借壳上市。同时,武钢集团拟通过无偿划转方式将持有的武钢股份247,297,606股A股股票划转给北京诚通金控投资有限公司、247,297,606股A股股票划转给国新投资有限公司。   鸿路钢构:签1.04亿元重大经营合同   鸿路钢构于近日收到陕西建工机械施工集团有限公司关于咸阳彩虹钢结构项目钢结构制作、运输合同,合同暂定钢结构制作工程量为21914吨,合同暂估价为103,965,590元人民币。该项目合同金额约占公司2015年度经审计的主营业务收入的3.72%。   海陆重工:投资设立太阳能光伏电站子公司   海陆重工拟与自然人占远清共同出资5000万元设立子公司,其中公司以现金方式出资2550万元,持有51%股权;占远清以现金方式出资2450万元,持有49%的股权。该公司设立后主要从事太阳能光伏电站、可再生能源分布式发电站的建设等。   美的集团:要约收购库卡集团获巴西反垄断审查通过   截至北京时间2016年9月17日,美的集团本次要约收购KUKA Aktiengesellschaft关于巴西反垄断审查的交割条件已经获得满足。本次要约收购尚需通过欧盟、墨西哥的反垄断审查,以及美国外资投资委员会(CFIUS)和国防贸易管制理事会(DDTC)审查。   天顺股份:与立陶宛铁路公司合作   2016年9月19日,天顺股份与立陶宛铁路股份有限公司签署了《合作备忘录》。根据此次签署的备忘录,双方将重点关注促进经维尔纽斯和考纳斯多式联运场站来往于中国和欧洲之间的集装箱流量,并在货物运输领域开展合作。立陶宛铁路股份有限公司为立陶宛最大的运输企业,负责全国的客运、货运运输及物流服务等。   乐视网:员工持股计划完成增持5.1亿元股份   截至公告披露日,乐视网第一期员工持股计划通过二级市场竞价交易方式累计买入公司股票10,953,541股,占总股本0.55%,成交金额为人民币509,998,510.27元,成交均价为人民币46.61元。公司第一期员工持股计划股票购买顺利完成。本次员工持股计划增持5.1亿元股份,加之2015年9月份公司三位高管梁军、高飞、吴亚洲合计增持的近1000万元人民币股份,公司5亿增持计划超额完成。   茂硕电源:拟2000万元认购平衡车制造企业骑客智能5%股权   茂硕电源拟以人民币2000万元认购杭州骑客智能科技有限公司新增注册资本人民币48.95万元,出资后取得骑客智能5%的股权。杭州骑客智能科技有限公司是一家集研发、生产、销售、运营于一体的智能平衡车制造企业。   全筑股份:与上海大学合作研制建筑装饰施工机器人   全筑股份与上海大学签订共同研制建筑装饰施工机器人合作协议。此举标志着公司正式地、实际地开启了建筑装饰智能施工设备的研发及制造,在未来可以预见的时间内将逐步使用智能机器人替代传统作业工人。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

卖保险成为其赚钱的另一桩生意 神雕之颠鸾倒凤txt

140 companies lined up to apply for a license of insurance industry into the external cycle in the golden period of development of the insurance industry to attract capital from various quarters of the chase. After the lunar new year, China Zhongche shares of the insurance application is approved, silver Jie seven companies such as the Internet insurance firms to an insurance also allowed to open. According to the Beijing Daily reporter latest statistics found that since last year, there are more than 140 enterprises to apply for the establishment of insurance companies and 32 companies, nearly 30 listed companies involved in the layout of the insurance industry in mind, the insurance industry has evolved into a profit driven capital arena. The shareholders are out when the international insurance giant into Chinese market silently business, domestic capital is very active, to compete for the insurance license. Since last year, in the establishment of an insurance company involved in more than 140 enterprises, private capital accounted for the vast advantage, accounting for more than 90%. Since 2015, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved the insurance, an insurance, Jiulong, insurance and insurance at Mount Everest Strait Bridge insurance 5 insurance companies, a total of 38 private listed insurance shareholders camp, including 6 private enterprises from the real estate industry, 8 companies from the technology industry, 6 companies from the financial sector. Specific view, each capital is in accordance with its strategy of wishful thinking, can be divided into four categories: Science and technology enterprises covering big data, cloud computing, Internet application services such as a total of 25 companies, such as Tencent jointly established CITIC Guoan and life insurance, Baidu jointly founded Hillhouse capital Bai’an insurance, in addition, Neusoft group also wants to to enter the insurance industry with big data advantage. 20 real estate companies are eager to eat, such as the sea holding under the three insurance license, in the next disc and renamed the Asia Pacific Property Insurance insurance service, still wait for the Asia Pacific Internet Asia Pacific Life Insurance and reinsurance two licenses, in the life of large shareholders city transit investment also by a subsidiary of Guiyang holdings in Bai’an Internet insurance and reinsurance companies Huayu licence application indirectly through mergers and acquisitions to become. Optimistic about the development of the health industry, health care enterprises to enter the insurance industry blowout, a total of 12 companies, such as health, beauty and great health, Guilin sanjin. More about insurance license capital from the financial sector. There are 34 financial institutions involved in the insurance license, which are listed in Hong Kong Han holdings, Hillhouse capital, financial capital investment Jiuding star impressively. In addition to Jiuding investment initiated the establishment of life-insurance company, also joined the Yongtai energy, Xianfeng investment 4 enterprises such as the establishment of equity mutual insurance company property public benefits. In addition to the direct participation initiated the establishment of insurance companies, but also part of the capital through equity transfer among the insurance industry, such as Wanda Group, Hengda Real estate, the central business district of Wuhan construction investment, shares the same side, and the Zhenjiang real estate, financial, financial and other ant Winbond holding 9 companies were holding hundreds of years of life, Hengda life, Sino French life and with the global life insurance, CAS, Philip Kang Renshou Insurance, Pacific Insurance, Huanong different stake. While the local consortium influx, the other side is a lot of enterprises have experienced years of hard business failed to profit but leave. The CAS Theory

140家企业排队申请牌照 保险业进入外来者周期   处于黄金发展期的保险业吸引了各路资本的追逐。新春之后,中国中车入股中华保险获批,银之杰等七家公司申请的互联网险企易安保险也获准开业。另据北京商报记者最新统计发现,去年以来就有140余家企业申请设立险企32家,而有近30家上市公司参与其中,布局保险业各怀心思,保险业已演变为资本逐利的竞技场。   股东有进有出   当国际保险巨头挤进中国市场默默经营的时候,国内的各路资本变得异常活跃,群起争夺保险牌照。去年以来,在计参与设立保险公司的140余家企业中,民营资本占据了绝大优势,占比超过九成。   2015年至今,在保监会批复的久隆财险、易安保险、安心保险、珠峰财险和海峡金桥财险5家保险公司中,共有38家民企入围保险股东阵营,其中6家民企来自房地产行业,8家企业来自科技行业,6家来自金融领域。   具体看来,各路资本正在按照自身的战略打着如意算盘,大体分为四类:   涵盖大数据、云计算、互联网技术应用等业务的科技类企业共有25家,如腾讯联手中信国安成立和泰人寿、百度联手高瓴资本成立百安保险,此外,东软集团也欲借助大数据优势进军保险业。   20家房地产企业更是跃跃欲试,如泛海控股欲吃下三张保险牌照,在接盘民安保险并更名亚太财险后,还在排队申请亚太互联网人寿保险和亚太再保险两张牌照,通过并购方式间接成为中融人寿大股东的中天城投也借着旗下子公司贵阳金控参与百安互联网保险和华宇再保险两家公司的牌照申请。   看好大健康产业的发展,健康医疗企业进军保险业也出现井喷,共有12家,如汤臣倍健、美年大健康、桂林三金等。   更多热衷保险牌照的资本则来自于金融领域。有34家金融机构参与保险牌照的申请,其中不乏赴港上市的瀚华金控,高瓴资本、九鼎投资等明星金融资本赫然在列。九鼎投资除了发起设立人寿保险公司外,还联手永泰能源、先峰投资等4家企业参股设立众惠财产相互保险总社。   除了直接参与发起设立保险公司外,部分资本还通过股权转让方式跻身保险业,如万达集团、恒大地产、武汉中央商务区建设投资、同方股份、镇江和融房地产、华邦控股、蚂蚁金融等9家企业分别持有百年人寿、恒大人寿、中法人寿、民安财险、同方全球人寿、弘康人寿、华农财险、国泰财险等不同份额的股权。   一边是地方财团不断涌入,另一边却是不少企业经历了多年苦苦经营仍未能盈利而无奈离去。民安保险原有的6家股东悉数退出,泛海控股旗下的武汉中央商务区建设投资公司接手成为控股股东;利安人寿二股东江苏凤凰出版传媒集团将持有的3.26亿股股份分别转让给雨润控股集团、远东控股集团和红豆集团,原始股东汇鸿国际也将持有利安人寿的2.5亿股股份转让给江苏苏汇资产;信泰人寿三家股东湖州万国汽车维修有限公司、杭州供销五交化有限公司和杭州商宇房地产开发有限公司同时转让股份离场。   “地方财团退出的主要原因就是前期对保险业并不了解,都以为保险市场是一片淘金的蓝海,但没有预料到较长的盈利周期。”一位保险专家指出,险企要发展业务、增设机构都需要不断增资,这也对股东的实力提出较高的要求。   逐利场各怀心思   数据显示,在西方成熟的金融市场,银、证、保的市场占比应该趋于均衡。货币市场、资本市场、保险市场三分天下。其中保险的占比还要略强于前两者,占35%-40%的比重。   然而,在国内显然还没有实现均衡发展,保险业仍占比较小。华安财险董事长李光荣曾介绍,目前中国保险业资产占整个金融资产不到5%。正因如此,保险业未来发展给各路资本留下了无限想象空间。尤其2004年“新国十条”出台,鼓励资本参与发起设立各类保险机构,以及加大推动健康产业养老产业发展,也让实力雄厚的企业从中嗅到了商机,各路资本群起蜂拥,不过在拥有保险牌照方面却各怀心思。   如万达、恒大、蚂蚁金服、京东金融都在打造大金融平台,争夺保险牌照成为其必然的选择。另有一些企业则试图将股东优势与保险业结合,向养老、健康产业挺进,还有一大部分科技企业则试图对积累的大数据资源进行再开发,卖保险成为其赚钱的另一桩生意。   如参与设立融盛财险的东软集团就表示,将充分发挥公司在汽车电子 车联网、医疗健康等领域积累的海量数据与行业优势,加速商业模式创新,充分释放东软在互联网、大数据、云计算等领域的积累,与东软原有优势业务形成互动,并推动原有业务的价值实现。   更多的资本则将保险视为融资的平台,通过关联交易行为,将收入的保费曲线进入股东关联公司的某些领域。据不完全统计,目前险企通过关联交易进入股东相关经营领域的资金达到数千亿元,往往是险企通过债权计划、信托计划等形式进入股东相关联公司的投资项目。   首都经贸大学劳动经济学院教授朱俊生表示,基于产业链的角度,房地产、健康医疗、互联网与保险业有直接和间接的联系,已经积累了大量的相关资源,便于今后成立保险公司后业务的相互整合。也就是说,大数据科技可以发展互联网保险,健康医疗可以与健康保险业务结合起来。房地产企业可以借收取来的大量保费来稳定现金流,也可以与养老及养老产业的发展结合起来。   经营实力受考验   尽管保险业被视为掘金之地,但在经营过程中还是有一些企业黯然离去。“保险业的盈利周期较长,作为特殊的金融行业,这对股东的实力提出了很高的要求。”一位保险企业负责人如是解释。   对此,朱俊生也表示,收取保费获得大量现金流对实体经济具有很大的诱惑,但是经营保险公司对股东的要求很多,需要前期有很大的投入,如寿险公司一般要7-8年的盈利周期,需要股东具有持续增资的能力。   此外,如果险企只看规模效应,通过理财型保险积聚资金将不可避免会面临现金流风险、资产负债错配风险、利差损风险等。正因如此,此前曾出现一批公司经营长达十年还没有盈利的窘境,只能通过股东直接增资。这也是不少保险公司股东离场的主要原因。   保监会机构在审批股东资质时,也会考虑其出资能力。去年2月初,保监会便一连否决两家保险公司的筹建,其中天伦人寿由苏宁电器、芜湖建设等公司筹建,而国开财险拟由成都国腾电子、华纳中国投资等筹建。   看似实力派的股东恰恰因为出资能力不足被保监会叫停筹建,天伦人寿发起人芜湖运泰汽车运输集团的长期股权投资金额已经超过净资产,不具备充足的出资能力;国开财险主要发起人国腾电子和瑞德创业本级报表的净资产均不足2亿元,不符合具有较强资金实力的要求。   此外,险企通过关联交易曲线回流股东业务范围,也存在风险传递的可能性。为此,保监会要求险企加强信披,防范险企与股东方等不正当关联交易进行利益输送。   北京商报记者 崔启斌 陈婷婷 文 宋媛媛 漫画 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

黄金短线受到良好的买盘支撑或延续涨势至1136 奥斯汀格里芬

AETOS: a number of favorable factors, gold short-term bullish, the client to see the latest market XAUUSD Wednesday (February 3rd) Asian market in early trading, spot gold narrow shocks, trading in the vicinity of $1128 ounce. Overnight international spot gold market in the United States pulled sharply, almost smooth down all day decline, and once touched 1130.60 dollars ounce, refresh a new high since last November 3rd. Manufacturing weakness in major countries, especially China, has intensified concerns about slowing global economic growth, stimulating demand for gold hedging. The U.S. ADP employment data released the latest better than market expectations, but the data on the dollar to boost the role of limited, mainly because the Fed officials spoke at the same time pigeons, the United States subsequently published services and manufacturing PMI (PMI) both weakness, the dollar index fell, gold action can remain strong. Gold is expected to rise in January because the Fed is expected to be more worried about the global economy and will be more relaxed in raising interest rates. At the same time, gold also benefited from low interest rates, which reduced the cost of holding gold. The next step in the market will focus on U.S. payrolls data released on Friday to see if the U.S. economy is stronger. Scotiabank said in its report that gold was well supported by short-term buying or continued to rise to 1136 (61.8% retracement). As long as gold stays stable above the bottom of the key pivot 1110, it is expected that the short-term gold will achieve the above objectives. The price of gold breaks through 1136 or opens up the upside of the uplink test 1157 (76.4% retracement of the 1191-1048 downtrend). Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense.

AETOS艾拓思:多项有利因素 黄金短线看涨 客户端 查看最新行情   XAUUSD   周三(2月3日)亚市早盘,现货黄金窄幅震荡,交投于1128美元 盎司附近。隔夜国际现货黄金美市盘中大幅拉升,几乎抹平全部日内跌幅,并一度触及1130.60美元 盎司,刷新了去年11月3日以来新高。全球主要国家制造业疲软,尤其是中国,强化全球经济增长放缓担忧,刺激黄金避险需求。而最新公布的美国ADP就业数据好于市场预期,但该数据对美元提振作用有限,主要因为美联储官员发表鸽派讲话,同时随后公布的美国服务业和制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)双双表现疲软,美元指数重挫,黄金上行动能保持强劲。由于预期美联储处于对全球经济的忧虑在升息方面将更加宽松,助力黄金在1月份上涨。同时金价也受益于低利率,这减少了持有黄金的成本。市场下一步将聚焦在周五发布的美国非农数据,从中观察美国是否经济走强。加拿大丰业银行(Scotiabank)在报告中表示,黄金短线受到良好的买盘支撑或延续涨势至1136(61.8%回撤位)。只要黄金守稳前期关键枢轴1110底部上方,则预期黄金短线将达成上述目标。金价突破1136或打开上行测试1157(1191-1048跌势的76.4%回撤位)的上行空间。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

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