Can the "comrade" call for a clean official relationship? – Henan Channel – People’s original title: comrades call can purify the official relationship? Recently, Xinxiang city on the standardized national staff called a "crowd", the news hit the city in accordance with the notice requirements for national staff, both leading cadres, and ordinary staff are not official said, will be called "comrade". Means that in Xinxiang, comrade this call will replace the former Secretary, mayor, secretary, director, chief and other duties. This is due to the "call" comrade "reform" is a positive response to the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee "party will call comrade", but also the "Ching comradeship" theory. Have to say, improving inner party relations, from improving the call start practice, let Xinxiang got an approval of the sound. Only a short while ago, the words "bribery" became the focus for his words, is called the object many people Tucao, preceded by the name of call to post a convention, and it is this Convention, become a lot of people trying or "over" object. The official title of the topic has become a number of media reports, the emergence of a prefecture level city director everywhere phenomenon. And read the history, gay era is just the interpretation of the refreshing relationship. During the war, a "comrade" is a call to the belief, can get the ideal resonance; during the construction period, no matter where they go, a "comrade" can stimulate a sense of friendship revolutionary friendship. Similarly, the reform of Xinxiang city government directly to the red head document published titles, is on the fine tradition of the party. The construction of a refreshing relationship between the party, from the title changed, it is necessary to change the usual. At the same time, we must also see that the address is only a "surface" of the small. Strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, not only to improve the address so simple. "Advocate refreshing cool gay relationships, well behaved subordinate relationship", also need more real. According to the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed the "six in one" inner-party supervision system, strengthen supervision strictly from the construction of the party, create a positive political environment delicate gas. But you can start from the point of this small improvement, close the distance, change in the past due to alienation caused by job isolation, and gradually strengthen the relationship between the upper and lower rules. (commissioning editor Hou Linlin and Yang Xiaona)相关的主题文章: