Can gene scissors cure cancer? People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: genetic scissors can cure cancer? Not long ago, "natural" magazine website issued a heavy message, China scientists are expected to carry out the world’s first CRISPR gene editing clinical trials for treatment of lung cancer, the test will be carried out by West China Hospital of Sichuan University oncologist Lu uranium professor and his research team, this clinical trial has been approved by the hospital ethics review committee approval. The leader of the CRISPR technology in the United States, the main focus of CRISPR biotechnology company in the United States, more than two months ago, the biggest news is the U.S. government support for the first CRISPR related clinical trials, is expected to end will really start. When scientists in the United States for when the world first eager for a fight, do not want to grab a gold ", Chinese scientists say:" sorry, we start filling fast." Fast is good, but there are risks? What is the story behind this? CRISPR what is it? CRISPR is one of the most popular "gene editing" biotechnology in recent years, and the Nobel prize is only a matter of time. It is derived from bacteria, and later modified by scientists, can be applied to various species of cells, including people. It is very powerful, almost free to change the cell’s DNA, you can knock out genes, add genes, modify genes. CRISPR is not the first gene editing technology, before it has a few, such as zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) and TALEN, but CRISPR turned out, the "elder" almost instantly No one shows any interest in. There are many reasons, including CRISPR technology is simple, easy to use, high efficiency, but the most critical reason is: CRISPR cheap! A ZFN average price is tens of thousands of dollars, a TALEN is a few thousand dollars, a CRISPR is…… More than and 10 yuan. Originally, only pharmaceutical companies can play the gene editing technology, suddenly a cheaper than Qingdao shrimp, do not let the scientists excited? A little bit of money, you can experience the feeling of a god of creation, who do not like it? For a time, almost all laboratories in the world began to use this technology for scientific research, just two or three years, made a lot of great progress. West China Hospital to do what? Seen from the report, West China Hospital want to do is cancer cell immunotherapy. The basic idea is to separate the patient’s immune cells (mainly T cells) in vitro using CRISPR technology to completely remove the PD1 gene of the immune cells, and then the cells are amplified and then returned to the patient. Why do you want to remove the PD1 gene? To make immune cells more active. There is a class called PD1 inhibitors, the immune drugs, which is currently well deserved anti-cancer star drug". At present, there are hundreds of PD1 inhibitors in clinical trials at the same time, but also on the part of melanoma, lymphoma, non small cell lung cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, head and neck cancer, ovarian cancer and showed good curative effect. There is no doubt that more and more patients will be treated with these drugs. )相关的主题文章: