Boiling big promotion, the whole family hi buy! Good night Home Furnishing double 11 zoom trick?? once a year 11 universal shopping Carnival again this year come, chop the hand funds ready? Sina home decoration Carnival Guangzhou branch of the field for you to send a carnival in advance – good night to promote a large family home, the whole family to buy 91, large-scale promotions Carnival activities. Activity theme: boiling big promotion, the whole family hey buy? Activity time: October 28, 2016 -11 month 13?? activity place: the home of the house of the square of the home of the good evening of home of the group of good name of the home of the group of the night on the island of the sun is good, sign up for an official to sign up for a gift, immediately participate in three! Activity content:? 1, the whole people boiling, courtesy of the code, during the event, into the shop sweep code, attention to the official micro, you can get a beautiful gift gift. ?? 2, the factory boiling million subsidy?? November 10th, pay 99 yuan, you can get 700 yuan and 228 yuan worth of subsidies to plant ecological pillow of Cassia seed. 900 yuan subsidy =1 Zhang Yuan coupon +1 Zhang 500 yuan coupons, the whole audience (except special) (). Prepaid payment is non refundable payment. Coupon use rules: the purchase price of the product is full of 3000 yuan can be used to the value of $200 coupon, the purchase price of the product is full of 8000 yuan can use a coupon of $500. Coupons can be donated, use up to 2. ?? 3, the whole network to double boiling, 11?? during the event, select the same type of mattress, solid wood bed, bedroom, dining room, meal packages, online sales with price, price of products available in the stores, Tmall official flagship store, the Jingdong official flagship store, buy expensive up to 5 times the difference. ?? 4, the explosion of boiling, the classic sales exceeded 50 upgrade?? Zhang classic 998 mattresses, classic upgrade, prerelease price of 3280 yuan. During the event, to buy this kind of mattress, can also buy 99 yuan 688 yuan worth of beanbag. ?? 5, Hao Li boiling, lucky gold?? activities during the purchase of 3000 yuan can get a chance to hit the golden egg, gift stores custom, recommend the use of three sets, goodnight textile towel beloved care pillow, goodnight goodnight textile textile four piece, or home appliances. ?? Good night three sets, Tong Dawei textile towel, pillow pillow, goodnight goodnight textile love care textile four piece, you can order directly in the plan of the Ministry of commerce.相关的主题文章: